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Full Version: Good Goddess LOL
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I love the people of PT and I always will but I can hardly read half the threads in there lately without cringing. Most of the long time members are quiet right now and the advice on Phermones that is being handed out is so off and atrocious I feel bad for the new people just starting out. I notice more and more new people are saying this doesn't work and its a reflection of lack of experienced guidance. I am not talking about every member there, some do know what they are doing and do give good pheromone information but its so out of hand now they can't keep up with it.

Not only that but you have the lab techs who know how to mix but dont know what each molecule does. They read all this misinformation and make mixes from it and well they just dont work.

The last set I bought and used that no one is reporting on did nothing. I am afraid it will just get worse if Michael and Jasmin dont go back to giving some Pheromone guidance instead of carrying on about things that have nothing to do with pheromones.

I miss SteveO

Its truly sad to see. Sad

I tried the new text mix pack for women they gave me to try and I only got subtle social effects (nothing special for me to report) from them all so I gave it away to a friend.

I miss SteveO too... I feel so bad for him, he's been trying to put it together, but it seems like nobody wants to cooperate with him.
Sadly, I think things are following my theory of a forum "going nova".Sad
The place is in a downward spiral. I can barely stand to read more than a few posts. It breaks my heart to see what's going on there. Sad

I haven't bought the new test pack. It's been in the store for awhile and I noticed no one has reported on it....not a good sign. For the time being, I'm gonna stick with what I know works...or what has worked in the past. If I stop getting results from their products, I'll no longer buy them. Loyalty is good when there's something/someone to be loyal to. That means they have to hold up their end. I'm not going to lie about my findings to keep up a facade of what use to be.

I miss SteveO too, and feel sorry for the treatment he's recieved from people who profess to love him. Rolleyes He's terrific at his job, if only they'd let him do it.

People like our SteveO don't grow on trees. You know the old adage..."You don't know what you've got till it's gone."

It's getting bad. The latest poll is "How do You Wipe". The technique you use to wipe after taking a dump!Eek
(09-01-2009 5:21 PM)Mtnjim Wrote: [ -> ]It's getting bad. The latest poll is "How do You Wipe". The technique you use to wipe after taking a dump!Eek

Holy mary mother of god!!! Eek

I almost cried laughing at the poll... good grief - too much info from some people. It must have been instant honesty at the highest dose.

you're last comment was hilarious though. lol!
Thanks, but more drama over there. Michael was posting about a shopping cart problem then...

MHarris;275480 Wrote:Guys, today I post this, about a weak spot we're in, and I find out that Jasmin and her children are attacked AGAIN within the past hour.
(09-01-2009 6:55 PM)Mtnjim Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks, but more drama over there. Michael was posting about a shopping cart problem then...

I dont even know what to say about this new development. Frankly they should keep this whole situation in house until its concluded. I cant believe the "FBI" or their lawyers for that matter would condone speaking about it on the open forum in any capacity. It does more damage to their business and their reputation then the "sociopath" is doing.

I am saddened to see whats happening to them personally and to the forum. I know this must be a tremendously stressful situation for them.

My love and heart go's out to them. I have worked for a lot of companies and although I never officially worked for them I dont think any other company has gained my affection more then Androtics. Cry

I wish then the very best and hope they find peace.

Yeah, I noticed too. I guess the meltdown was pretty catastrophic. After being off work all summer, I've gone back to teaching, so my absence has been due to being busy 'n beat when I get home. I drove into a few PheroTalk threads, thinking to inject a wee bit 'o common sense and it's usually been like talking to a blank wall. So, I figured I'd putt around elsewhere. But, yep, the supernova theory seems to make sense. I've seen a lot of great photography forums go south and never recover.

The women's forum has been especially lacking in seasoned advice.
Just out of boredom, I checked their "top 20 posters" and noticed that a lot of them had last post dates of the end of July to the middle of August. Seems the most prolific posters are departing or just not posting.
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