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Full Version: AM NOS 2019 Reviews
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Post all AM NOS 2019 reviews in this thread. Note Am 2019 has been available from AD for a while now but from AF since December 2019 or thereabouts. Keep that in mind when determining which version you possess.
Bump.... is no one playing around with it?

Since I didn’t have a date this weekend I thought I’d take my tester bottle of AM NOS 2019 for a spin. I used only one spray and I believe the dispenser is inconsistent so only a small spray came out.

I’ve tested it over the last several hours. Not making ANY firm conclusions so early in but it seems promising.

Self effects include calmness, confidence...and great verbal speech.

My SO going through menopause hated it. Said everytime i got near her with it she got a headache and her heart started racing. (anxious) . But in a bar I saw great dialogue, hits and flirting from the staff. The male owner too seemed extra hospitable. Women all seemed like they wanted to serve me. Some busted my balls, I teased and busted them back. So easy to be congruent with this one. Men were buddy buddy if they knew me. I also got some passive aggression from some guys. But no one directly challenged me. This was in the daytime... I have yet to try it at night!

And even if the tester becomes promising with fuller sprays coming out, there’s always the discrepancy to the actual large Am 2019 bottles sprays.
Will they cause Androstadienone depression? Will a single spray be none OD?

Seems like a more masculine formula than 2018.

More testing required... Today was just a first run.
Has anyone else ventured out and tried 2019 AM?
Taken AM 2019 out for a few more spins... Overall , everything I said above is true.

However, I'm not seeing great sexual tension with this product. More friendly, sexy , vip , that all men and women love.

Also the Androstadienone may be causing me to feel super drained in subsequent days..... too much Androstadienone may be causing extreme comfort killing the sexual tension.
I thought you have figured AM NOS out earlier dsouza.How is it going?Were those tests with less than a spray dosage?For me it works both on 1 and 2 sprays.I don't see OD effects on 2 sprays.
I may of made my conclusions too fast with 2019 AM.

Note the first time I used it I wasn’t effected by the Androstadienone and the second time I used it was only a few days later. It was at that point I didn’t notice the sexual tension most likely due to Androstadienone od.

I think eventually if I try it out again 1xweek is my max usage.

This same principle seems to hold for Casanova . I noted when reverse imprinting hit me hard like with the NA I was using it 2xweek.

With AM 2019 1xweek like on a sat may be best trial run.

I still have a sample left with about 2-3 doses. I’ll experiment in due time.
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