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Full Version: Shipping Company Reviews (United States)
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#1 - USPS - To my surprise USPS is the most reliable shipper. They are absolutely rock solid. Their tracking system sometimes is really slow to update and their delivery date estimates are often wrong but they always get the package delivered to the correct location. That is what is most important thing.

#2 - Fedex - My sample size is much smaller with this company but I always got my packages. One time when I wasn't home they left the package at the local pharmacy who handled pickups which was nice since it was right down the street. Years ago, they had one driver that was scanning all his packages as delivered before he delivered the package so I got the delivered notification a couple of hours before I received the package. They are not as rock solid as USPS but they are a solid 2nd place.

#3 - UPS - My sample size is much smaller and they messed up one delivery for me. I immediately went down to get the package as soon as I got the email and it wasn't there. There were other packages near the mailboxes so I don't think it was stolen. Sometimes lazy drivers will throw the package between the outer and inner doors instead of bringing the package all the way in near the mailboxes. UPS drivers do this once in a while but not as often as lasership does.

#4 - Lasership - results in the most lost/missing/mis-delivered packages for me even with a small sample size. Their drivers are the most likely to just throw the package between the outer and inner doors without even buzzing the buzzer if they are able to get in. When they do get through both doors they leave the package right in the hallway near the door where it can be seen from the outside.
Thank you for this write up, repped!

I think I should start a shipping company myself, I think I will call it JUSTINTIME469

Woot Woot!!
I DESPISE FedEx!!! I have had 4 packages disappear in the last 1 1/2 years that were sent by FedEx. The excuses ranged from a driver claiming that one package was delivered to apartment 236 instead of 632, which is my apartment. I spoke to the people in apartment 236 and they claimed they did not receive any package. Another package was supposedly delivered to apartment 832. It was not. And the other two packages were supposedly left at my doorstep, which were more outright lies, because I had been home all day on both occasions and was continually checked my doorstep, because FedEx has another bad habit of leaving packages at the door, without even bothered to knock. I have a FedEx package that's supposed to be delivered today, and Id say there's about a 50/50 chance that I actually get it. In the last apartment I lived in the driver would leave packages in the office without even bothering to attempt to deliver them to the apartments or leave notices that packages had been delivered. I had called FedEx repeatedly about it, and they never did anything.

U.S.P.S. fails to delivery the mail about once a month, but at one point a couple of years ago they were missing deliveries about once a week for a period of 6 months or so. Their claim: "We are short staffed, you are on a spit shift and we don't always have enough time to deliver all of the mail. I've also seen update notifications ranging from, business closed unable to deliver, to incorrect address unable to deliver. For the incorrect address one, I called the Post Office and arranged for me to pick up the package, and pointed out that the address was correct. The U.S.P.S. worker just shrugged her shoulders and said that the driver was new.

UPS, they have been rock solid for me, and I haven't had a single issue with them in many, many years.
Seems like different carriers are better or worse in different areas of the country.

All carriers should ring the doorbell or knock when they deliver packages.
FedHex : When it absolutely, positively, needs to be enchanted over night!

In my businesses I tend to use USPS (with tracking) for smaller packages and FedEx for larger and more valuable items. Overall, I've found them both to be equally reliable, or unreliable as the case may be. Either carrier has its own small percentage of mishaps; but FedEx is much more willing to pay out insurance claims when they screw up, or otherwise damage things.

Of course, over the yeare I've learned to photograph and/ or video valuable shipments during packaging to ensure that they don't pull the "you didn't pack it properly" card.

For me, Brown cannot do much, as their rates are considerably higher at the low levels I ship (less than 10K per month).

On the delivery end, UPS seems to be the most accurate for where i live, but they won't bother to go to the door. Thank the gods and goddesses that i live in a safe neighborhood. FedEx is about 100% reliable at my house because the driver for our area has the hots for my wife. He'll wait until he sees her main car in the driveway and then bang on the door until she comes to sign for the package.

Of course, my wife is an even bigger pervert than I am and she adores the attention.

USPS is extremely accurate for us, but they are kind of rough on larger packages. If it happens to be a Sunday Amazon shipment, our local Post Orifice (pun intended) typically handles that and I think they employ previous newspaper delivery persons for those runs as they tend to just hurl the packages onto my lawn without stopping. I swear my next order will be a crate of crackle balls just to mess with them!
Sooo, Fedex did mange to deliver my package today, but as usual the mother fucker left the package at my door without even bothering to knock.
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