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Full Version: alternative non-cologne cover scents
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I really don't like the smell of cologne, and most of the women I have dated don't like it either.

I'm exploring cover scents that don't smell like traditional cologne.

What I have tried so far:

- a fragrance oil that smell like tomato leaves: Don't laugh - this one is a winner. It disguises the stinkiest mone. It's unusual, too and women seem to like to ask me about it and the look of confusion usually turns to "oh, that's so cool". The only draw back is it doesn't seem to be long lasting, at least the version I got.

- a fragrance oil that smells like gasoline: Also covers well, but doesn't last long. Neutral response from women, probably think I spilled gas on me at the pump. lol

- vanilla: got Swoon in vanilla. I hate it. I smell like a vanilla candle factory on fire.

- fragrance oil that smells like incense. Good coverage, though neutral feedback from women. none of my ex's liked incense, so this is probably a non-starter

- a fragrance oil that purports to smell like a "campfire". Sadly this one smelled nothing like a campfire. I suspect if someone could make a fragrance that legit smelled like a campfire, it would be a winner for me.

Others I'm planning on trying: cannabis, chainsaw, volcano, burnt rubber, dirt, coffee
If you don't want to smell like a commercial cologne but still smell great, I highly recommend checking out Love Potion's scents. They use natural ingredients and yeah, I've been told more than once that I smell like some variation of the world's sexiest candle, a sexy bakery, etc. Women dig the scents.

Today I'm wearing Excalibur boosted with the Charisma phero blend. This scent has been described in the past as making me smell like a sexy Bath and Body Works candle, a sexy lumberjack, sex in a forest (which we later accomplished on a tree limb), etc. Cologne that doesn't necessarily smell just like everyone else.
How many colognes have you tried? If not many, maybe you should try some more until you find something you like?
(09-08-2019 7:31 PM)hut Wrote: [ -> ]How many colognes have you tried? If not many, maybe you should try some more until you find something you like?

I've tried everything that had testers out at Macy's, Bloomingdales and Sephora - Probably at least 2 dozen. All the famous/popular ones for sure.

Cologne is still recognizable as cologne whether it is citrusy, woody, ambery, etc.

Based on women from my past, the type of woman I'm attracted to doesn't like cologne, period.

In California, I've rarely encountered a male wearing cologne. Only the people posing as rich people wear it, so it has that reputation
Iso E Super perhaps?
(09-08-2019 10:08 PM)nephil Wrote: [ -> ]Iso E Super perhaps?

I tried that on in a store. I could barely smell it. Will it cover a stinky mone?
The fragranceshop has some good stuff that are natural, frank and myrrh was really good, tabacco vanilla, they also have a lot of fragrance that smell like real vanilla, not the synthetic one. They also make natural copy of every commercial perfume.
If you look into niche fragrance you will also find some good stuff that replicate what you just said in your post, for example though it's a commercial fragrance Fahrenheit is supposed to smell like gasoline.
Your women are probably repulsed by the chemical new stuff, there are still some designer brand that release perfume that are quite natural to my nose, they are called niche like.
Dior homme Intense, Givenchy gentleman eau de parfum (black bottle), Rive gauche Ives saint laurent, Azzaro homme, Pure wood thierry Mugler, Hermes, Cartier, some Tom ford, this is him by zadig & voltaire (incense +vanilla), the expensive things from guerlain are mostly named after natural notes and replicate those.

If you don't want to pay the niche price though I would recommend thefragranceshop, it's cheap and smell natural, last all day and you have a vast choice.
Citronella oil, it repels mosquitos as well.
(09-09-2019 7:53 AM)LoveInSpain Wrote: [ -> ]Citronella oil, it repels mosquitos as well.

great idea. invokes memories of summer nights or camping
Consider an oil-based scent/Oud of some kind - you get a wide range of scents, varieties and price points.
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