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Full Version: Estratetraenol Methyl Ether (Methoxyestratetraenol) MEO-nol
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My curiosity broke its bounds and I purchased the single at 1mg/1ml in DPG.

50mcgs per drop seems like a lot to start, so I will likely decant for testing.

Can anyone offer a dosing range? This molecule isn't spoken of very much. There are 2 MEOs available that I know of. A none and a nol. I purchased the nol version. The molecules are different and I've ferreted out a couple of posts that refer to the use of the nol and that's what I have coming.

SO - Yay! I came home last night and my delivery had arrived!

So shipped 7.25, arrived 7.31. There was no tracking, only an email, and on site link, sent saying it was shipped. I think I'm spoiled to tracking...I like to know where my package is and it's expected arrival. But hey! It's here now!

Came in blue tinted 10ml bottle with euro insert and cap seperate. Packaged well, no damage, no discernable leaking. Bit of oil on the bottle but it could have been residual from fill not really a leak.

I want to decant to 5mcgs in both alcohol and DPG, I may not get to that until tomorrow, so I may have to throw caution to the wind (something I SO never do Blum ) and dose at 50mcgs...for science sake of course...

Basic info.
DPG base
Practically oderless, no pheromone detectable to my nose.

1 drop/50mcgs. Applied to backs of hands.
Environment: indoors, climate controlled.
Did I ghost myself? Not noticing anything outside my norm so far.
Had errends to run but can't say customer service was crazy good because I was asked to complete a survey post service - so of course they were attentive, lol.

Lil Nu is being well behaved and sweet - reaction or good day so far?

Will be putting on a familiar mix for work later, say 3 hours post MEO app. Will be interesting if any MEO residuals will alter it or not...
If I remember correctly (and it's been YEARS), I only ever worked with the ~none version of Methoxyestratetraenone from Androtics but for me, I found that anywhere from 50mcg to 150mcg was happy sauce for women. I am going to assume that the ~nol you have will be at least slightly different but you never know 'till you try it how adding more will react with people/yourself.
Day 2
50mcgs, backs of hands.
Environment: home
Again, lil Nu was calm and happy. In a good mood, pleasant, singing and not hyper, A++
Selfies. Felt like myself. I did have sex on my mind a lot the last couple days, but I'm ovulating so it could be that. Both days, however, I'd noticed when I started to do things around the house to tidy up I had wound up spending more time cleaning, sorting or cleaning out things than I originally intended to. I didn't put it together until the second day. I already had a full schedule but made time to do extra organizing anyway Shok Not normal for me, though beneficial...need to see if that continues.

@Snoopyace 150! Huh. Will have to investigate...
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