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Full Version: Big sale, putatives, rare products
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I'm selling off a sizable chunk of my collection. Most of these products are barely used. All of them comes in their original bottles and have been stored properly. I'll also throw in a few samples with each order. Don't hesitate to make requests and I'll see if I can accomodate you.

Pheromone Treasures:
Swoon unscented 95% - $45
Grail of Affection musk 95% - $25
Alpha Treasures musk 98% - $55

Alpha Dream
Glace unscented 98% (2016) - $30 *SOLD*
L2K Black Spice 95% (2016) - $30 *SOLD*
Alfa Maschio Sandalwood Musk 50% (2016) - $15 *SOLD*
Alfa Maschio NOS unscented 95% - $50

Androtics Direct
P79 neroli 7.5mcg 30ml 80% - $30
P83 neroli 7.5mcg 30ml 80% - $30 *SOLD*
P114 neroli 7.5mcg 30ml 80% - $30
P125 neroli 5mcg 5ml 100% unopened - $20
P109 stealth 5mcg 5ml 100% unopened - $20
Instant Shine neroli 1x strength 5ml 98% - $20

Apex Pheromones
Sex Magnet SM scent 98% - $25 *SOLD*
Manimal 2 unscented 98% - $25 *SOLD*
Houdini 98% - $23
Solomon 98% - $23 *SOLD*

Pheromone XS
Androstadienone unscented 25mcg 10ml spray 80% - $8 *SOLD*

Love Scent
Mistress for women 10ml 100% unopened - $20
New Pheromone Additive blue bottle (love scent version) 10ml 40% - $10 *SOLD*

Edge unscented 95% - $20 *SOLD*

Shipping is $6 in Europe and $12 rest of the world. All packages will be shipped discreetly and securely. Payment by Paypal or Bitcoin.

Shoot me a PM if you'd like to place an order or have any questions.

PM sent.
Pm sent
I received my order yesterday. 7 days from Norway to Ohio is pretty good. Everything as expected and packaged nicely. Thanks!
I'm glad to hear that. Cheers
Top guy to deal with and with a rocket fast delivery!!
Thank you, Juan! Enjoy the stash.
I'm a new member but have been on this site for over 3years, frustratingly I can't pm you till i post 5 times or email you. Any advice guys?
Sent you a pm, try to reply.
Got your pm mate, but it still won't allow me to reply unless I make 5 posts
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