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Full Version: Passion Pheromone Attractant for Women (PPA/w)
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I always forget I own this. This product showed me what pheromones can do. I bought it years ago from a Dutch company but at that time I had no idea what to look for as hits and kinda expected men would fall at my feet, or something. This changed when one day I put it on just for the feel of it and one of my friends started to act out of character. After that I began my search for knowledge. I reviewed the product several times on PT and when I read over my journal (I should reopen a journal here actually...) it's one of the few products that gave me obvious hits. At the moment it's available at Liquid Alchemy Labs. I'll copy a few of my journal posts for you:

Sunday, april 26

Used product: Passion Pheromone Attractant for women

Cover scent: Lush Silky Underwear (powder and solid perfume)

Dosage: 5 "dabs" (finger on bottle, bottle turned upside down)

Locations: Behind ears, in clevage, wrists

Environment: Inside pool (as lifeguards, so we're seldom in the water during work)

Temperature: 29 degrees celcius

My mood: Relaxed, cheerful

Self effects: None noticed

Effects to others: Co-worker made a big deal out of telling me he went out for like 5 minutes and stroking my shoulder while doing that. He's never very touchy feely so I was highly surprised... After work we had a drink with all the people there and he was standing tall over me at very close range being all relaxed and talkative (he's not a very talkative person), peacocking and teasing.


Saturday, July 4th

Used product: PPA For Women (0,015% Androstenol 0,015% cops )

Cover scent: MMU Alkaline

Dosage: 4 sprays

Locations: Neck, hair, back of neck, between wrists

Environment: Outside (no wind), pool

Temperature: 24/29 degrees

My mood: Uhm... neutral? I was ok, but not very chatty

Self effects: None

Effects to others: When coworker arrived he was chatty as he seems to be with me lately (under the influence of phero's hehe), standing next to me leaning against the wall on one arm, peacocking. Once in the pool I asked him for his keys to get access to a small office and he walked with me so close our shoulders were touching all the way there. When I got out of the office, his keys still in my hand I got stopped by a coworker for a chat. He took the keys out of my hand without talking, but instead of just pulling the keycord he took my hand taking the keys out of them, which is very out of character for him. In between lessons I got a text message from my date for the evening calling it off for the hundreth time and it really annoyed me. I sat down alongside the pool somewhat annoyed. I wasn't looking very angry but he came up to me making a sad face and I asked him what was wrong. "Nothing wrong with me but you look sad." He sat down closely right next to me (I was on a very small bench) and I told him I got ditched, that I wanted to send my date an ugly message but decided to calm down first. "I guess that didn't happen then, you still look angry." Not really a deep conversation but again, the concern, the sitting down, very out of character for him.
Hey thanks for posting that, ToJ. I saw Liquid Alchemy had it and was thinking of getting myself a bottle to amp up some perfumes with.

Stone's old proven combo of Alpha Androstenol & cops really is a workhorse - I have an old bottle of the sort Love Scents used to sell - I can't remember the name, the label fell off long ago - is it The Edge, maybe? It's less concentrated, but it still stinks! But a few dabs will usually get you noticed.

The more I try some of the complex blends, the more I appreciate that it might just be a few select molecules that really get the results. Hmmm...

I use LP's Like A Magnet quite a bit, as it smells nice as well. Scent of Eros is the same combo too, and you never hear a bad word about it!
Very true Willow! This would be a great choice to amp perfumes with, it has a really nice and clean scent. You don't smell the cops at all but there's a really small amount. I have no experience with The Edge but I'm totally with you. A-nol + cops is always a winner. Maybe that's because it's really hard to get problems with congruence with a-nol, unless you're very shy and look like you don't want to interact at all. But when you are, it just works, whether I'm in a suit and heels for a business meeting or in jeans and flipflops on week ends. It's like a little black dress Mrgreen
I hope the men's version works as well as the women's... :good3:
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