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Full Version: Human Pheromones, DHEA and WHR
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Rice et al (2010) address the role that DHEA appears to play in the determination of visceral and subcutaneous fat distribution, which is associated with the waist-to-hip ratio (WHR). So far as I know, no one else has offered any explanation for the evolved development of WHR preferences. (Evolved development requires an animal model for its basis, and other animals respond to olfactory/pheromonal input (i.e., not visual input), which is responsible for the development of their preferences for the physical features of other animals.)

Metabolites of DHEA that are associated with the WHR might convey the olfactory/pheromonal information that elicits hormonal changes associated with visual input and the WHR during the development of WHR preferences. My co-authors and I proposed this explanation in Kohl et al (2001): .....

James V. Kohl
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