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Full Version: Back To Basics With Original Editor
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Hey folks, due to the posting problems that some of you were having we have switched back to the original editor. It is not a WYSIWYG editor and a great deal of functionality is lost with this editor, but at least your posts won't be.

I believe most of the people that were having problems were using either Firefox or Safari, but there were enough people having problems that we made the decision to switch back.

This editor does not provide for the ability to paste images into posts, but links and text can still be pasted in. To place an image in your post you will need to click on the little picture of the mountains with the sun above it, allow scripts to run and type or copy the picture URL into the address bar. To get the URL you can right click on the picture you want to include, then left click on Properties and copy the link, then paste it in.

Another downside to this editor is that you cannot see live previews of what the post will look like as you're typing, but still can by clicking the "Preview Post" button below the editor

It's a bit of a pain, but unless and until a WYSIWYG editor is created that works with myBB, our only options are to have basic posting functionality or deal with the problems that come with the WYSIWYG editors that are available.
Thank you Mark! I know you're busy, this helps a lot.
Hey Mark - I did not have a preference - but I did want to thank you for all the unpaid effort you put into this and keeping up with it with as much diligence as you do.
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