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Full Version: Some Information on Their Products
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I emailed Garry Nelson at Liquid Alchemy to ask about his products. He responded with a nice email and I'll post it here for those curious for more information.

Based on his response I ordered WOLF for the DH and Maui Kiss for myself. Soon as we try them I'll post reviews.

Looks like he has some good things in store for the Womenfolk!

Garry writes:

First off, feel free to try anything, and if you don't like it for any reason send us an email and we will refund your money.
For your husband I would say POSSESS or NUDE for men, as both have a devout following of salesmen, a group that I never could have anticipated forming.  Though, it does make sense as I originally created POSSESS for myself based on a desire to encourage people to like and trust me, not to just get laid. At that time in my life I was fascinated by charisma and how easy life is when people like you. NUDE is almost the same formula just concentrated. You have almost the same amount of pheromone in 1/3rd oz of NUDE as you would in an ounce of POSSESS, almost. If your husband is on the softer side then I would use the alpha of either product to give him a little more oomph.
WOLF has the goal of creating more of an elite leader type vibe. I wanted something that made people not only like and trust you, but also look up to you with admiration and respect. The following is a clip from an email I wrote about WOLF: We are trying to create a pheromone mix that will put the wearer in the position of leader. Inspire trust, lust, and the desire to obey,  and yet keep the wearer above and separate from others. We hope to create the feeling in people that they are privileged if the wearer of WOLF decides to talk with them, or give them attention. Users of WOLF should be considered elite, I think that would be a good word for it. We are not going for the lone wolf thing here. We are going for the wise powerful leader that everyone wants to be, or be with. WOLF contains 8 human pheromones or pheromones like substances.
As far as POSSESS for women. We have not tested any of our female pheromone scents as much as we did POSSES for women. I know it is strange to say, though it is very popular, it is not my favorite. My favorite at this point is Maui Kiss.
We have new women's products in the pipeline that I'm very proud of. Hypnotica, Fate, Gaia, Fertile etc. I have actually given these newer products a great deal of my attention.
Do to the way that I came into the pheromone business I have focused heavily on the men's products, as I was creating scents for myself, making pheromone and scent mixtures I always wanted, and no one made. However, it should be noted that my entire life even to this day, I have been the nose for my mother. My mother had, and has, no sense of smell. My father was not considered reliable for picking perfumes. I was brutally honest and always have been. So I picked all scented products for my mother from the time I was 4 or 5 years old. My grandmother also came to trust me heavily for picking her scents, and because of my honesty I was also consulted with by many of the other women in the family as well. I'm approaching our pheromone products with that same sense of responsibility that I have with the women in my family. When I'm making a formula I consider the scents the oils the pheromones the intended purpose and make it exactly the same as if I were making it for someone that I love, or loves and trusts me.
Whew, believe it or not, I talk even more in person.
Thank you,
Garry Nelson

Very cool! Thanks for sharing that. So far, I've been very impressed with the reactions I've been seeing from Nude Alpha. I'm looking forward to trying out more of their products.
Thank you for posting that Willow, Garry's letter peaked my interest and I wrote him to elaborate on some points that he addressed in your letter. I have not yet ordered anything, but just based on his exceptional customer service in addressing questions I have a great feeling about Liquid Alchemy Labs. Here is what he had to say:

I apologize for taking so long. Things are going at light speed around here and yet it feels like things get done so painfully slow.

I am happy to hear that the forum conversations have us in a good light. I know there are many amazing people who buy from us. Some are like wine connoisseurs, only they are pheromone connoisseurs and their abilities to detect and understand reactions from pheromones, or detect which pheromones may be in a pheromone mix are nothing short of astounding. With people like that using our products we had better keep things top notch, or it would be curtains for us quite quickly. With that in mind, If you ever have any problems you should contact us immediately and we will do everything in our power to make things right for you. I don't ever want my company to take from anyone. I want to make products that people desire and are happy to exchange their money for. I myself in the old days would save up my money for this or that pheromone product because my hopes were high, and then when it arrived would be so disappointed, and out my money. I don't want that to ever happen to anyone who has trusted us enough to buy our products.

As far as POSSESS and NUDE. Yes, each POSSESS and the corresponding NUDE are basically the same formulas. With the NUDEs Being more concentrated with no added scent, and a different suspension. Of course the pheromone formula is different for each sexual taste. It should be noted that POSSESS was our very first line of products and we used the same scent across the board. If a women would be the end user no matter her sexual taste then the scent was the same. This was also done with the POSSESS line for men. An example would be POSSESS for Gay Men would have the same scent as POSSESS for Men, though the pheromone formula is of course different.

So, new products are where I get to be creative, and the next batch that is coming, is for women. We have body lotions that match the scent of each perfume and also have pheromones. This will give a fast and broad air born release and body scent trail from the perfume, as well as a close slow release from the lotions. (without conflicting scents) A woman could even incorporate the cream perfumes for isolated doses of pheromones at different points on a her body depending on how far she allowed a man to progress with her as they become intimate. It could even be used to encourage a man towards the points on the body that the woman desires him to go.

One male product that will be out soon is T150 and will be sort of like a ChapStick or lip balm type tube that will contain female pheromones that a man could use before sports events, weightlifting, or sex, that would up his energy and testosterone levels when needed. Increasing performance and speeding recovery. It will be in a solid, so it can be carried with you, it can't spill and the pheromones are isolated close to you so they don't affect others, and they will last a good long time. I, and many testers have been using it for around 6 months now and we are very happy with it.

I think people often times overlook the benefits of having certain strong pheromones of the opposite sex around. I have my own unproven theories on this.

When I was in Peru I met with different Amazonian shamans as I was interested in their different love potions, in particular the air born ones. I took samples when I could and utilized some of the plant extracts that actually demonstrated what I feel is pheromone like behavior. I have incorporated very light amounts of this in some of the POSSESS products but I feel that we have greatly improved on what we can do with the Peruvian discoveries and I have incorporated them into some of the new perfumes that are in the pipeline. We only have so many pheromones we can play with, and this is giving me new options, and reactions. It will keep me creatively entertained until we have enough money to start trying to isolate new pheromones. I hope to be going back to Peru for more field research soon.

How soon will the new products be out? I don't know. There is a huge amount of testing that must be done Things just move slower than I like. It has always been that way for me. I thought WOLF would be out ages ago.

We have multiple pheromone products for women on the way as well as therapeutic products for both sexes. I'm not really ready to talk too much about what to expect from the women's products. Because I have to make sure that what I want them to do, and what I expect them to do, actually happens. Things that go well in theory don't always do the same thing in practice. So, there has to be a lot of field testing, before I can comfortably say anything.

I should give a little credit. I have been working quite closely with Dr. Bobbie Kelley, Owner of Paragon Perfumes and Author of the Rogue Perfumer, and she is amazing. She makes custom perfumes for the rich and famous (I believe she works only by referral) I'm trying to get her to allow me to pheromonize some of her hard core high quality perfumes and sell them through the website. Don't know if it will happen but I'm trying. I still appreciate the collaboration on my various scents that I have been working on. She is a very sensual person and that is exactly the mindset that I want for our products for women.

I am so tired that I'm delirious, I hope that I have made sense, not made to many misspellings, and at least answered some of your questions.

Thank you,

Garry Nelson
Thanks so much to both of you for sharing that information. Garry Nelson's company is looking more and more interesting everyday. He has a very nice assortment of raw pheromones as well. He has put a lot of thought and research into his products and just doesnt bang them out one after the other which I find impressive in this growing comnpetative market,

I think my next order is going to be with him.

Awesome thread thank u 4 sharing!!
Wow ... u must really like LA to post in so many of their threads in one sitting

(09-29-2011 3:39 AM)mengster Wrote: [ -> ]Wow ... u must really like LA to post in so many of their threads in one sitting


If this is directed at me, yes, I am currently on a high testing out LA's products. Some months down the road i'll most likely be checking out AD's revamped products, or even True Pheromones, and posting on their forums. That and I also currently have a lot of time on my hands to catch up on things here and meet new people and reconnect with old acquaintences.
that chapstick sounds amazing!
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