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Full Version: Primal for Women test reporting thread
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Ladies, please post your reviews in this thread. Smile

Today was my first day beta testing Primal/Women. It was in the low 90s. I applied one dot to the top of each of my hands and smooshed them together. I instantly got cops, but it didn't last long. Then the fragrance morphed into something perfume like. As time went on I feel like I got a powdery hint of something that may be honey and I also smelled some kind of fruit. The good news is that the fruit didn't turn and it wasn't a prominent note.

I went shopping. At the last minute for mother's day and for Memorial Day. So I went to three stores. My first hit was a woman about 40ish who came over to help me. She was standing about 10 feet away from me originally. She chatted with me for a while and called me sweetie and then laid a bottle of sauce (I was buying) on its side in my cart because she said that it could fall down through one of the slots and the glass may break. The next hit was a guy about 20ish, maybe about 6 feet away. I was in the frozen foods section and he just looked up and said "Hello." all chipper.

Then my final hit, which was my most embarrassing occurred at another grocery store. My mom told me they had a good sale on ribs. Which they did not. I was in the checkout line and I asked the checker about the sale. She was about 20ish. She handed me a sale paper and we started flipping though the sale paper because the box of ribs did not ring up at the sale price. Then a bagger about late teens came over and stood at the end of the register. He was staring at us, overheard what we were looking for, and he started looking through the sale paper too. Then another checker about late teens to early 20s came over and she she just kind of stood there staring at me. Finally, my checker called to the manager who was passing by and asked him whether or not the ribs were on sale. He stopped and grabbed a sale paper and flipped through it. The 2nd checker then asked me "If I had found it." Then the manager asked me something about whether I was confused about the type of ribs that may have been on sale i.e. if they were riblets, country style, rib ends, baby back etc. Was this the one day sale that went off yesterday or the weekly special?" I looked up and my mind went blank. They were all staring at me- the two checkers, the bagger, and the manager waiting for me to answer. I was so confused and embarrassed I just paid for the box I had. Now I can laugh but at the time it tripped me out because they were staring at me so intently and acting like discovering the price of a box of ribs was the most important thing in the world at that moment.
05/10 a.m. from the women's section:
I got a full 10ml bottle!

I don't get a fragrance. I don't get "the aroma" of cops and I never really thought a-nol had much of a smell to begin with. I barely dabbed a bit on, as I plan to shower soon, but once on my skin, all I smell is skin. It will be incredibly easy to cover. My bottle doesn't mention anything about a fragrance - so I'm going with unscented here...

I use a-nol often and have a tolerance now - sadly - but even though the selfies aren't as pronounced on me, I know the a-nol is a pretty good dose because I'm getting that poke/pressure in my sinus' that I do from things with high a-nol. (i.e. - Love Potion Woozy Floozy - DAYUM!) So I'm sure the effects on others will be noticeable rather quickly Mosking

It's in oil - which I LOVE!

1 of my VERY first products was Primal Instinct from Love Scent, and was one of the first products that sold me on the reality that pheromones really DO do something a "little extra". So I am really happy to be trialing this Big Grin The site doesn't offer a suggested dose, just to wear or add to whatever makes you happy Girl in love So I think I will pair it with a nommalicious scent and run with it. I may have to dig back in the beginning of my journal for a dose - but I'll start with 2 or 3 drops and see where things go from there Heart

Did I mention - I love new toys!?! Big Grin

05/10 the day's testing

I'm used to products with multiple molecules, but that doesn't discount the fact that a basic mix like this still garners deference, attention and easily noticeable hits Smile
I WILL say, I was expecting this to be fairly subtle, low key and on the stealthy side...Laugh1 That'll learn me!

3 drops spread between inner elbows and just a smidge to the back of my neck

Environment: Home
Target: Man beast
He was effected rather quickly, very handsy and affectionate before I left for work.
When I came home from work he "tended" me, offering food and drink...then a back rub - which lead to a front rub, which lead to the rubbing and kissing and licking of many other things with much fervor. Er? SCORE! drool
Environment: Work
Target: Random co-workers
Female, 50s, very complimentary, intense eye contact and very interested and focused on our conversations
Male, 50s, came in a bit grumpy but was in a much more jovial mood within half an hour (intermittent exposure)
Male, 30s, we have a semi communication barrier - we each speak very little of the other's language - but just enough to communicate in a randomly poor but fun stutter LOL. He was very set on us having conversation and small talk - I think we did pretty good! He was very big smiles and happy - and did I see? Moon Eyes!? LOL Yup.
Male, 30s, I dare say - peacocking! Not terribly arrogant so much as "look at me, I'm competent" and also buttered me up about how he knows my department is in good hands while I'm there lol.
Other randoms, male and female, 20s-40s, complimentary and smiles and eager to help and happy to see me.

All in all a good day that just got even better after I got back far so good ^_~

Never underestimate ANYTHING. Primal for Women is off to a good start so far Big Grin
The world would be a much better place if there were more people like NuTrix in it - although I don't know you - your post was outstanding!! Thx!
(05-11-2015 1:26 PM)OU812 Wrote: [ -> ]The world would be a much better place if there were more people like NuTrix in it - although I don't know you - your post was outstanding!! Thx!

I agree, she seems pretty awesome doesn't she?
Wednesday May 13th, 2015

I got my bottle of Primal Women yesterday in the mail. Thanks, Mark!!! Big Grin
It is a very full, sealed bottle. Under the product name it states: Pure Androstenol + Copulins... Distributed by

I unscrewed the cap and thereby broke the safety seal. Underneath was a little fixture to dab drops on to the skin.

I'm going to start with one dab today and report back.

I'll be recording observations in a journal and transcribing them here tomorrow morning.

It was very hot today. I wore one dot to the tops of each hand. The two major hits occurred when I went to the mall to pick up some makeup. I forgot what time they opened and I had to wait with several people outside of the doors. I was in a bit of a rush, but I noticed that a woman next to me about 50-60ish could not stop talking to me. We were pretty close to one another maybe 2 feet a part. We exchanged pleasantries at first. Then she went on and told me about how she was retired. Then she talked about the weather here and the weather in Texas. Just small talk. Then she started looking around the parking lot and started commenting on everything she saw - just about. The flowers - the buildings in the distance. It was so funny. She would stop talking and then just start babbling all over again. The same thing happened at the makeup counter. I was kind of upset because I had been waiting for a good while for someone to come to the counter, but when a clerk eventually came over to help me - she was overly apologetic.
Yesterday at about 10:30 I applied one dab of Primal Women to the back of my hand. The amount was about the size of a dime and when I rubbed it around with the back of my other hand it covered a surface area about the size of a half dollar. I then applied a sweet vanilla perfume with light notes of some fruit like peach to the underside of my wrists, got out of my car and proceeded to get a sandwich. I know when I wear a lot of 'nol on an empty stomach I've gotten woozy, but I didn't feel woozy at all walking to the sandwich shop from my car. I felt confident and smooth and sexy. It didn't hurt that I was wearing my favorite dress...

I got to the sandwich shop and it was dead quiet in there except for the song "Killer Queen" playing softly. The sandwich guy seemed shy. So, I didn't get any over the top social hits from him. But, I got my sandwich. Smile I walked over to the pier plaza where there are tables and chairs. It was really windy, so I'd be surprised if the 'mones actually hit anyone, but I did notice that guys were watching me as I sat down at a table and watched the waves as I ate. As I walked back to my car, it seemed guys were intentionally walking closer to me, but more testing is really in order before any correlation can be concluded.

I was driving down residential streets very slowly with the windows down (so as to not pherobomb myself) and as I passed within a few feet of a pedestrian he shouted to me to be aware that there were cops off to the side looking to pull people over. Random and considerate.

I went to a shop to look for a handbag. I found some black vinyl pumps in my size on sale for ten bucks which is a steal. I was rung up by a nice, older Asian lady. She was pleasant. Offered me a discount, so I ended up getting the shoes for 9. She commented that I was very pleasant. I thanked her. I was being very upbeat. Could be the 'nol...

Around 11:15 I went on a call for work. I saw some clients that I see a few times a month. With most clients I drop something off and I'm gone less than five minutes later. These clients are older (a gay man and his lady caretaker) and have always been friendly, so it's hard to gauge if any of this was pheromone related... they were very talkative... as was I. They were exceptionally attentive to every move I made. It was pronounced. If I moved my hands or arms they were asking if I needed to set anything down or needed any help. I set down my things, and we talked for a bit. They wanted to talk quite a bit. They eventually showed me around their lovely home, had me rub their Buddha which was novel, and said I should come over for dinner some time. After I was there about fifteen or twenty minutes I thanked them and said I was going to go, but they were still wanting to talk to me Smile They continued to show me things that they were working on and I continued with the pleasant banter. As I finally was leaving they were asking again about dinner some time and were attentively asking whether I am vegan or just vegetarian and the sorts of food which I like. They are normally pleasant, but this was markedly so.

After that I went and ran a few errands. I didn't reapply. I went on another call for work. The younger guy I had never met before was very smiley and pleasant. Nothing over the top though.

I saw another female client that I've met several times. We are always very chatty though Big Grin

I went home around 6:30, and my husband was busy with his on-line schooling. He works full time and is going to school on-line full time, so during some days he is very busy. I made dinner. No pronounced hits eight hours later.

More testing is in order Smile

I'm trying to decided if I should take days off in between...

Today wouldn't be a bad day for testing...

Tomorrow night I'm going to a rock show Smile
So I guess we can assume the Nol in Primal for Women is Alpha Androstenol?

Did you get upset because that older guy and the caretaker just wanted to keep talking to you? Why would you get upset because somebody was interested in taking to you, I mean really, that shouldn't make you upset and you should be happy that they did want to talk to you. BTW, you did talk back to them didn't you? Because if they were putting forth that much effort in talking to you I hope that you were reciprocating in kind. sideLol
(05-11-2015 1:26 PM)OU812 Wrote: [ -> ]The world would be a much better place if there were more people like NuTrix in it - although I don't know you - your post was outstanding!! Thx!

(05-11-2015 1:29 PM)Snoopyace Wrote: [ -> ]I agree, she seems pretty awesome doesn't she?

Redface Shucks fellas...knock it off - and thanks Kiss2

3 drops, inside elbows
Environment: Home
Target: Man Beast
I got a very good late morning and I thank you very much...
The whole day was light and playful and later that evening he asked for "one of my exceptional hand jobs" which he actually hasn't requested in quite some time - and seeing as he took such good care of me earlier I was only too happy to return the favor Big Grin This is great for home so far...

4 drops (accidently let an extra escape!) inside elbows and between boobs
Environment: Work
Targets: Random co-workers (20s to 50s)
I was thinking - and keep thinking - Do I want to wear something so plain today? I need to STOP that. Maybe I was the extra drop? I can't say for sure without re-trialing, but DAYUM. First off, today was an incredible cluster. Understaffed and overstretched and very reactive, as in, winging it. I was completely calm, oddly. Things have been getting crazier and if you can't manage stress constructively - then this is NOT the work environment for you! Laugh1 I was able to pass that calm vibe onto others so that we could all collectively take a deep breath and "get on with it". I got a profuse apology from my manager for the state of things and I assured him that everything would be taken care of, laid out my plan and told him there were no worries. He kept telling me if I needed anything to call him and then I had to shoo him out to his next appointment so we could get down to business ^_^ Interestingly, everyone was very accommodating and there was no argument or grumbling from anyone. The people I worked most closely with were incredibly attentive and complimentary. A few people that I don't see often were all smiles when I interacted with them. When I requested people form another department for a few hours, the guy was only to happy to offer up volunteers - and when they arrived they were really great - attentive and did exactly what was needed.
Sadly it was a busy day and while I ran into ZERO resistance on all things I didn't get to observe nearly as much as I would have liked.
A good friend who is normally affectionate and flirty was on overdrive when I saw him in the evening, THAT was definitely a hit Laugh1
Now work is over and I'm settled in at home and wondering if there's anything left to effect man beast...hehe...
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