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Full Version: Grail of Affection - not just a boy toy...
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I purchased GoA after John replied to let me know there wasn't anything in there that I needed to be concerned about if I wanted to trail it. My interest is mainly on how it will effect women but if it works out that it's a positive influence on my SO too, then more power to it! Big Grin

GoA arrived sometime Sat. Didn't get it until late that night. I tested Sun and Monday.

Targets: Man Beast and general public
MB was unusually sweet and thoughtful and laid back.
When we arrived at one of our destinations, while we were standing in line to purchase tickets a woman picked me out of the line up and asked if I wanted a free ticket - she didn't want to sell it to me, her group had gotten 1 that they didn't think would be used and just wanted to give it to me Eek THAT was very nice indeed! there were dozens of other people around so why me? Who knows ^_~
I think it had a calming effect on MB because the normal little things that usually irk him (like the human race in general) didn't bother him like on most occasions. He was just in the moment enjoying his surroundings.
It was an all around good day and it continued even after we were home. We just had a very happy/friendly day for of cuddles and sweetness. He was unusually "fascinated" by me - my eyes, my face, my smile - I wasn't expecting this to effect him as strongly as it did, as I thought it was going to be mainly something I would wear for the ladies, but this is a great start!
Selfies: Happy, not giddy, kind of laid back feeling and reciprocal to affection sent my way.

Targets: Random co-workers
OMG. This is where I got to see the effect on the ladies. I have a playmate at work and when we see each other it always brightens our day. When I saw her Mon and went for my usual hugs n snuggles I got a kiss on the lips followed by lots of butterfly kisses - something we've not done AT work before Big Grin When I was in another department another woman I see often was immediately in conversation mode when she saw me. Just wanted to chat me up, very focused on me - she was sitting and turned her entire chair toward me to fully engage me - and I know she was busy and had things that need to get done, but they were all put on temporary hold just to chat with me Mosking
Even my work BFF was really into me.
The guys in my dept. were their normal sweet friendly selves the supervisor above me even spent time chatting me up. Seemed very keen to know how I was doing, work and home, and "how are things?"
Selfies: Same as above

The odd thing that I did not expect was how quickly this seemed to effect people. Some blends hit almost instantly for really receptive people, this seems to be one of those.

Other product honorable mentions:
What a HUGE bottle! This will last FOREVER at a handful of drops a wear Sarcastic
It isn't a stinky product. I got it unscented and it is barely perceptible to me during dry down. I can smell it, but it's not a "stinker". I will likely scent it lightly with a layerable fragrance like Pure Sugar, but it doesn't really need anything - probably not even a cover if you wanted to go au naturel...
I was sent a sample of Eileah, which leaked a bit but was not terribly stinky either, lol, haven't tested that yet - thank you John! Smile

I'm thinking I will wear this again today. There is a female target I want to trial it out on just to see how it effects her specifically. She's not a romantic interest, just want to see how it behaves on someone who is only beginning to get to know me.

So far - over all - so good Girl dance
More to come....

ETA - almost forgot an important bit of info - 3 drops was the dose I used for each day.
That is FANTASTIC! I'm glad it seems to be working as well for you as it has for a few of us guys who've tried it. It would appear that John has created a home run unisex product. Every time I wear this, I am amazed at how quickly it affects people. At first I thought it was my imagination but it is great to see that confirmed. Sounds like you are going to have some fun times with this one. Oh and be mindful, this stuff can create stalkers- I've had women now following me around and contacting me behind my bride's back after they were exposed to GOA.

Happy Hunting! Beer
Yes! I thought I was imagining how quickly it hit too - the excitement of trying out a new product - did that really just happen? Would they have done that any other time? Of course the answer is always - Yes, maybe they would have...but you get to knowing when you have that extra something to give that little "push" in your direction Big Grin It does seem to lower the inhibition level and I can see THIS has incredible potential. Even the straight girls love me Laugh1

3 drops, inside elbows - covered with the scent of freshly baked sugar cookies with cinnamon and cream - who wouldn't love something so gourmand?!
Environment: Work
Targets: Random Co-workers
Curiosities - effects on men and women

WELL. The new girl actually seems start struck by me, lol.

Now, to be fair, I'm already an outgoing person who is usually happy (even when busy), I treat people like family unless they give me a reason to do otherwise and I think that's a real draw for a lot of people even w/o pheromones. I know my stuff and I do a good job and it shows. People aren't often drawn to slackers and pretenders so I already have some good things going for me beside pheromones.

Specific target - new trainee - totally straight to my knowledge:
Now the new girl is usually out going and straight forward, she's a good bit older than me, and I also believe, more experienced in this field than what I am due to the number of years she's been working at other companies. In spite of the generational thing, she thinks I'm "a peach", Hahaha!
Maybe I shouldn't have GoA'd her because she seemed very much in awe of me. Yesterday went very well though, she was incredibly intent on our training and on doing well and taking notes. At the end of the night she kept thanking me and praising me as a person and a trainer. GoA took it over the top a bit I'm sure.
2 night shift girls - both straight - were all giggles and compliments when they came in. The younger (early 20s) I swear gave me moon eyes half a dozen times and smiled HUGELY whenever we engaged in conversation that required eye contact, the other (50s something?) was just plain giddy, lol.
2 ladies in a completely different department - 1 I see often, the other was new, both in their 40s-50s? - I am SO bad with age...the new one was hit right away - hovering near me and staring at me wide eyed. I almost feel bad wearing this at work...almost...
Male co-workers - seemed, hmm, sweeter? softer? thoughtful? It's not that they aren't these things normally but it just seemed like if I needed something, they either jumped right on the task or they were being pro-active by coming to me to see what needed to be done without my asking.

Tbh, I was mostly paying attention to what female reactions were and will have to pay better attention to the guys next time. There is 1 I'm curious about who is usually reserved and I'm curious - with how quickly GoA seems to hit - if this will draw him out of his shell??? But our time is limited as he works on the shift following mine.
I did have one male co-worker on a different shift go sweet on me so I will need to be careful with THAT one. Don't know if I can blame GoA for that though - I don't want too many stalkers! sideLol Thanks for the heads up Snoopyace ^_~

I wish I had more opportunity to test nights out, but our work schedule is loaded and I may not see that opportunity for a while as I work nights. My poor unsuspecting co-workers will have to do for now Mosking
Glad you are having as much fun with this as the rest of us are. And you answered a question I'd asked in your journal. The hits are super fast for this!
The more I read about this, the more I can't wait to have it! I swear, I'm going to wear out their servers with how often I check my order status.
Great reporting NuTrix. Reminds me I have to make a GOA report myself.

I'm glad you are also seeing what us guys are seeing from GOA. The hits are fast and obvious. The self effects are amazing. I love GOA. I'd guess that there is p83 (whatever p83 is) in GOA due to the dis-inhibiting thing too. I also get a bit of sex talk too, which seemed to be a staple of p83.
Selfies - just me being me:
This is interesting to me because I don't get anything terribly blatant buuuut...I do get the elevation in mood. Nothing jittery or crazy, just happy. I have noticed more empathetic behaviors in myself. More likely to go out of my own way to do a little something extra for someone as a nice surprise - don't we need more of that in the world? Smile I also have a love of most things sexually suggestive and when I'm enjoying certain artist's music I feel very slinking and have had my naughty imaginings run away with me at times...but that's not terribly out of the norm. I become "miss social butterfly" out and about with friends, family and co-workers and have been more likely to initiate interactions with all of the afore mentioned.

Work - behavior I've noticed on the job:
I notice when things get hectic at work (happens often) that, even though I keep an even keel, I am more quick to catch the tension early on and let it go. It's often a high paced, reactive environment and you have to be quick, decisive and forward thinking to how what you're doing now will impact things down the road - if your head isn't level, a knee jerk reaction could lead to errors or investigations. This product doesn't "chill" me out, but when things have gotten intense I just noticed I - what? - compartmentalize? - a bit more quickly. An unusual but beneficial effect for sure!

I'm always looking for products that are versatile for work and play as I spend a great deal of time doing both Laugh1

I've got a lot of big changes going on in my personal life right now too that are making things particularly interesting. Very curious little product with LOTS of potential...let's see how far down the rabbit hole goes... Big Grin
Hi Nutrix,

What scent did you get for GOA? How are you liking the scent?
(05-12-2015 12:09 PM)BeautifulEnigma Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Nutrix,

What scent did you get for GOA? How are you liking the scent?

Hi Beautiful! Smile

I got the unscented. It has a barely there scent of mones while wet and dries down to next to nothing. VERY easy to cover and I haven't had any bleed through with anything I've used to cover over time.

(05-12-2015 10:11 PM)NuTrix Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Beautiful! Smile

I got the unscented. It has a barely there scent of mones while wet and dries down to next to nothing. VERY easy to cover and I haven't had any bleed through with anything I've used to cover over time.

Great! Grazie! Smile
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