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Full Version: Worst night ever with Sob oil but great self effect
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So yesterday I was in a club. I felt awesome that night, around 5pm I wash at least 5 times my Bad Wolf application (3 drops), this app was done at around 2pm. At 11h30pm I was in town near the club. Gorgeous woman passing by. One strong hit by a small black woman around 22, she was a little bit afraid, it was like a typical BW hit. I knew I still have some effect from it. I was very confident but not enough to do anything I wanted yet, my body language was very dominant. I felt like a king.

So then went to the club, nothing special happened in there, BW doesn’t seem to fit the dancefloor, but the self effect are awesome. I was very excited with only some music and one beer, even without the beer actually.

Then around 1:30pm seeing nothing particular I add one drop Sob, the first 30 min after application I noticed a black cougar (~40) that was attracted when I was dancing near, I go to another place because she wasn’t attractive. But she followed me and danced near me again, moving her ass in my direction. I hate when they do that, they don’t look at me at all like they don’t care about me but they move their ass near me, the closest possible like it’s perfectly normal to do that.
So this time I acted on it for 30 seconds to see her reaction, she was ok with it. She looked back with a neutral look. By “acted” I mean that I danced with her.

After a while (~45min), I noticed girls smelling a bad odour around me. At this point I was a girl repellent, 80% of girls smelled this bad odour on me. Just when I arrive near a girls group, one or two of them would put one hand on their nose, looking at me with a repulsed look. Not all of them reacted obviously about it. Some where more subtle, they turned their head to another direction. ~60% of them were obvious about it, more obvious you can’t do.
So then I added a bliss spray thinking it would help but did nothing. Then I added another spray but still the same reaction. I added one cohesion spray behind my neck as a desperate move but still the same. So I decided to wash it, I wash it with soap at least 10 times but it didn’t help.
Keep in mind that to me it smell perfectly fine. I asked a friend girl how I smelled, telling her to be honest about it. She told me I smelled sweats. I gave my friend (male) a Sob drop too. I asked her how he smelled to her, she told me he smelled sweats too but less so. I’m a guy who almost don’t perspire at all. I was almost dry while some man (~%20) were completely wet. At one point I bumped into a girl who thought the smell was from a guy completely wet next to me. She reacted when I came next to her (very obviously). I asked her “if this was really bad?” (in french) she answered me by taking my hand on the guy completely wet next to us. At this point I was sure that I was smelling horrible to most girls. I didn’t saw any strange reaction from guys, I talk to at least 20 of them. A lot of them were friendly with me even giving me advice. I watched their reaction closely, I didn’t saw anything out of norm. Only girls smelled that. I was very disappointed from Sob but the self effect were awesome. I was totally fearless, I even touch some girls ass passing by just for fun.

Dosage: I used one drop from my bach flower dropper, which give around the same drop that my BW bulb dropper. When I gave my friend a drop, some residue from the cap was added on my finger.
So I guess it was around ~1.1 drop. Drop was on my wrist, It was the first time I use Sob on my wrist. Usually I used it on my neck.

Detail on Bottle: I removed the original dropper because it is impossible to dose correctly with it.

Cover scent:
Dab from Narciso Rodriguez for him. A perfume that seems close to Nobility scent, at least to me.

Weather: Very hot humid usually but tonight wasn’t hot compared to most of the time, temperature was around 24°C/75°F. To sweat I have to dance for a long time without stopping and even then I’m still fine. Like I said I don’t sweat a lot. I can run for 1 hour in the hottest day and I’m sure I could still smell fine and not repellent like some guys who stink like hell when they sweat. I think I never heard a girl tell me I smell bad from my sweat in my entire life. In clubs I went when the weather was hot I would perspire much more than yesterday and I never saw a girl reaction like that. At least not from my odor.

To me this wasn’t an OD because people were still nice to me. It was the smell alone that did this. The cover scent is FXS. This cover scent on Sob doesn't cover anything at all. It’s very hard to even notice the cover, even at the beginning.

Comparison with Bad Wolf. At one drop I feel more self effect than with Sob and I went to 4.5 drop without any problem. Some people even used 20 drops without overdose on smell or normal overdose when you notice people avoiding you. To me there is a clear problem here and I don’t think this come from the cops.

Strangely I didn’t have this problem the first time I used at one drop. I used 3 time until now and I didn’t notice this stuff. I also tested with my friend 2 times at one drop on his neck. Although I noticed some girl avoiding me but I thought it was just normal for this kind of product at day time. Maybe it was the smell that repelled them.

Background on me:
I don’t care about a little stink but being a girl repellent is different. A body odour that attracts girl is good to me even if there some little stink with it. But an odour that genuinely smell bad to girls is not something I like.

I’m thinking about returning this product.
I’m willing to test it again though but I don’t want that kind of reaction ever again. I wasted a night completely, even though I actually enjoyed it due to the self effect + alcohol. I ordered a desire me oil unscented, I will certainly test that one without any cover around my family to see their reaction. But again I don’t think the cops was the problem.

I still think that sob can really make a woman horny with the right dosage. But after this horrible night I’m not willing to risk it again. This thing is not noob proof and cost a lot for only 6ml. Like I said I get more self effect from Bad wolf at one drop, the same drop with the same dropper. Bad wolf cost 80$ and you get 30ml, Sob cost ~70$ and you get 6ml. They are completely different product even though they might appear close. But you can see here that BW is much more cheaper.

Opinion on XS oil product: They lack scent, the scent is not strong enough in the oil product I own (APi and Sob). I ordered some oil nobility oil fragrance, I will add it to APi and maybe Sob if I dare to use that one again.

Conclusion: Sob oil can be great but I won’t buy that stuff again for the reason I cited above. I think I will use APi more often now or BW.

I post the same thing in the PXS forum but I didn't get any useful feedback yet.
Maybe try half a dose?
I have SOB on the way so can't help with that, but I do have a sample of Desire Me oil - the smell is a LOT stronger than Ascend oil or DP. So if you have either of those that would give you an idea how DM smells.

In fact, DM oil was the first 'mone I have smelt, so far, that had me screwing my face up!! I can't really smell much on Ascend or DP but DM really has a strong/unpleasant smell! Maybe I can smell cops after all??
After reading a Sob thread here it appears that this problem was already mentioned

But Steve didn't correct the problem. It's major disappointment for me to find such a thing in a consumer product. I feel like I have been lied about the merchandise, over hype product, no enough testing done, etc. Bad

I feel bad for recommending this product to my friends. I think I will return this product if nothing new come up. Until now I find no logical explanation to this. Only thing that come up to me is that this product was not tested properly. The cover scent doesn't do his job properly.

I'm now wondering about APi in my nobility scent which seems not effective enough to cover everything. First time I use it I barely notice the scent. The product seems to work though because I had an awesome night with it, at least in term of self effect. The self effect with Sob were great too, I felt no fear at all.

But I thought his product were tested properly including his cover scent. So finding such mistake in a consumer product has seriously affected my trust in the SteveO product line. I was about to buy Xist but I think I'm going to go shopping around LAL.

Conclusion: I'm disappointed Sad
Did you use cologne directly on top of the area of application?
On the side, just near the application point. But this shouldn't be necessary as the product is "supposed" to be scented already.
I was thinking of getting this, not sure if the spray one will be smellier
Just my two cents, if you haven't done so already, contact Steve directly. I know you can contact him through the website. Every pheromone vendor is very busy and he might not have seen the thread on that board.

Also, as far as cover scents go, I've noticed with just about every phero product I've tried (as well as my own homemade ones), when I add a scent to the Pheromones it usually takes a few weeks for the scent and the phero blend to really mix well. Until everything gets to know each other, the scent hardly ever lasts very long and is usually very faint. This process takes longer for oils than sprays and for me, it usually takes a few weeks before I can REALLY make the scent stick.

Having said all that, sometimes a product just doesn't work as well with our chemistry. I hope that Steve is able to help with your issues.
Anyone knows if the cops smell is stronger than the DP one?
I have sob unscented and ascend as well. Both have the strong cops smell. I also have Androstadienone and evolve in sultan oud. It covers very well. Unsure if it would be enough for the cops though. Try the return or get an oil oud to try and cover. The smell issue with xs cops is well known in here especially with fxs. Testing and trying are the only real ways to really learn though. Good luck
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