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Full Version: Uber "Sledgehammer" : Mixes Wanted
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Not sure how much longer I'm going to be driving for Uber (got all the stories I can handle), so I'm putting out a call for any "Sledgehammer" mixes to test.

Here is the criteria :

+ Mix must work with no initial escalation (think bomb not sniper)

+ Must stay effective over 6-8hrs or be able to be reapplied for same effectiveness (no changing molecules like Evolve-gives uneven results)

+ Not too intimidating or Aggressive (remember sometimes people are drunk)

+ No subtlety (nothing like NA - most of these tests are at night with no face-to-face interactions as I am driving)

+ Hits quickly (5 min max)

Mixes already Tested :

Evolve + Cohesion
Evolve + Cohesion + SOB (spray and Oil)
Bliss + Cohesion + Evolve
Xist + Cohesion
Xist + Cohesion + Evolve
Xist + SOB
The Hookup
AM + Cohesion
LIIK (version 2)
AM + Glace
XS129B (PSE)
Xist (Spray)
Taboo (Spray)
Xist + Taboo (spray)
Dancing Joker's Mix

On Deck :

Desire Me (oil)
MX353 + ??? (or MX297 + ???)
- social punch of 297-like effects + Sexual
(New w/dionone) AM/LIIK/Corpo
Dionone-based colognes
Some mix from Thunder (may email him for suggestion)-not sure that Core will hit heavy enough without escalation

Looking for Suggestions if you have 'em..............remember....."Sledgehammer"!!!Bomb

***Please note that these tests are not designed to fully vet a mix/product, but to just look at one specific use for those mixes***
What age group are you going for?
How about which ones have already worked for you?

Like as in... your driving a chick and she instead wants to go to your place or... bj as your driving... any of those??
Please tell us more about the age group of most of these women? That will help make matter a lot more concrete. If there mostly one type of race state that two. If its a mixture of ages and races state that three.

(05-02-2015 3:02 PM)SeekingSuccess Wrote: [ -> ]What age group are you going for?

Targets :20-30yrs old

College or late 20s - Predominantly caucasion
(05-02-2015 4:07 PM)jjs1234 Wrote: [ -> ]How about which ones have already worked for you?

Like as in... your driving a chick and she instead wants to go to your place or... bj as your driving... any of those??

For details, please check my other posts.

Successful mixes include the following products so far :

(spray only)
I haven't tested it yet, but it sounds like Titan is what you're looking for from Apex.

Personally, I'd recommend Desire Me Plus Spray with either S.O.B. or Primitive, and to top it off, 25mcg P83 (Steve sells what is supposedly P83). Normally I'd recommend P103, but it does in fact stop working after a certain amount of time - probably some sort of tolerance build-up. Granted, it is *very* intense as a disinhibitor during initial contact. At what point it stops working I can't be too sure, and even if I were, it may not be precisely the same for you.
Seems most people would suggest p83 over p103 simply because of that build up factor. However, 103 may hit right away but if nothing is done with the opportunity, it may actually work against you. Has anyone noticed a build up effect with p83 where it stops working After so long? And i think i found out a little something about latinas, and i have a feeling based on some reactions at the store about high Androstenone, where even younger than 20 like around 12ish or 13ish can notice it too. They all turned my way and held gaze. This is what im looking for in the 20-30 range lol Laugh1. This was using 2 drops Ascend behind each ear and smeared across jawline, 1 drop Cohesion on the back of my neck around 9am, and 4 sprays SOB (sample bottle), at about 10:30am. Then another 2 sample sprays SOB at about 2:30, and its true, younger targets eat up that Androstenone up! Almost seems like the ones going into their fertile parts of their menstrual cycle, but before i can actually claim that as a statement i will have to do more testing. I can only imaginr what will happen if i use SOB+Turn Up The Heat+p75... also anyone know which is actually better Between Turn Up The Heat and SOB?
(05-02-2015 5:17 PM)theLaw Wrote: [ -> ]For details, please check my other posts.

Successful mixes include the following products so far :

(spray only)

Quick note about the success, or lack thereof for some of my previous tests :

All tests done before 04/24/15 had possible application errors. I was applying multiple oils/sprays in the same spot without allowing drying time.facepalm

My current process is to apply each oil or spray in a different pulse-point location including all "cover" scents (cologne) with zero overlapping or layering allowing as much coverage as possible for each product. This should produce maximum diffusion, and protect against any contamination.

Given the success of some of my previous tests, I still consider those tests valid, but dosages may need to be adjusted. This may also explain some of my inconsistent results when using sprays vs oils for a particular product.

Many more tests coming soon! Smile
Yeah, leave certain app points to a solo item, like vohesion always sits on the back of my neck, npt sure if i still have the chance to suffer dienone depression but I don't want to chance it. Ascend under the nose on upper lip for self effects, ear lobes, and jawline, and then SOB on the neck. Since doing this i avoid cross contamination of molecules and each works individually on its own to create a team play effect. My results appear consistent, im just now working with dosages. Ive tried 2 samples sprays SOB, 2 drops Ascend, and 1 drops cohesion, and 4+2+2 in the same order. Ive also tried 2+3+2 and seemed to standoffish. Mh sweet spot for Ascend appears to be two sample bottle drops, and SOB seems to be 4 sample bottle sprays. Ive figured that cohesion by itself works with two drops but with this kind of mix, it may be best at 1 drop.

Im just curious to test out this Turn Up The Heat everyone has been in an uproar about. Hopefully it comes in tomorrow. As for my samples they are near gone and so i may have to go SOBless for a bit until i get some more, unless i put in an order for SOB and Ascend. But im still torn between SOB as oil or spray. I have yet to try the oil but i read it has 7x the potency and that sounds appealing. As for Ascend, Steve was nice enough to send me a spray sample of Ascend which i am curious to try out. Im more privy to oils because of how long they last, but i hate that it takes an hour more or less dependong on the environment before it actively starts working, and yet i hate sprays because they may work right away, but in this environment, once it starts getting hot it will burn off way too quick. If possible it would be nice to have oil and spray of everything but that would leave my pocket pretty empty lol i dknt think i need to Dead Horse on that one since im sure most of you out there are familiar with that Mrgreen
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