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Finally I get an XXX sample to play with.

3 sprays around neck from the get go, unscented.
I can smell something similar to Imprint with a mone smell, but nothing sticks out and it should be easy to cover.
As usual my first test is casual so I just go to do some grocery shopping at night.
First 5 mins don't notice anything.
I come across a staff girl, bit overweight but cute face under 25. I make eye contact for a count of 3, say something as i pass her stocking shelves.
2 isles later I pass her again.... a few minutes later, there she is again.... i go to the checkout and as I'm going through I look back and there she is making a purchase for herself.
I remember a similar effect with my first Core test. This is a good sign.

Next day 3 sprays scented lightly with Creed Virgin island water.
I go see some friends, I speak to some males who are want to talk endlessly until I extract myself.
Then see some other friends who offer a hello hug. Every female wants a hug.
One young woman in particular stays close, often making contact, hand body, hip leg etc.
After 20min she starts kino, touching my neck, hair, arm. We banter a bit and tease and it's a fun interaction.
This was just a social interaction with known friends, but still another good sign.
All hugs when i leave, and they keep talking until i extricate myself.

Compared to Core it doesnt seem as bright, happy and celebrity.
But has a more mellow comfort kino and human velcro effect.

This is a similar effect to my Core mixes like Core + Imprint + NA or NNPA so cant wait to try this in a club and see how far it I can take it.

When XXX hits flies, you become like fly paper or a bulb to moths. This stuff is sticky.
But theres a catch. I dont get obvious hits like those other mixes, or core but instead its a very smooth flowing interaction.
There is a chance that some users may not see this and take it as not working.
But like fire, you gotta light the match if you want heat.

I'm amazed at how some dude can come out with these great products from nowhere that are as good or better than those with over 10 yrs in the phromone industry.

A first testings XXX seems very promising. Great work Mr Thundr.
Love that report Pheroman! I'm definitely optimistic with Thundr's mixes and I have a sample bottle of XXX as well! Will test soon. Keep it up my friend!
Used this solo a 2 more days in work environment.
Only 1 spray spread on neck.
This is the most magnetic product I have used. And I have a big list.
Previously I mentioned 4-6 sprays of Certo made people just talk my ears off, with XXX they will talk, engage, exchange opinions but not just say any dumb thing to keep the convo going which is what seems to often happen with Glace or Certo at 4-6 sprays. Well not yet anyway.
This seems to need a little less steering than Core which has potential to fall in a downward spiral of negativity when people speak their mind.
But everybody is entrapped in the phero cloud. Male female young old.
If you can initiate and lead this may be better than anything.
This may turn out to be one hell of a fun product.
Another aspect is after 3 showers I can still smell mones and its a similar smell to New Pheromone Additive.
And I also get nice next day social effects as well.

Maybe half spray might be better for work enviros but i would not recommend this for work after using ot for 3 days.
People are just like caught in the cloud and cant get away, nothing gets done.
Everybody is too nice, too helpful there's work to be done.

Still have not used it in hunting grounds but that will be the weekend at latest.
Very excited to be testing XXX this is like Core on steroids.
Yeah Pheroman, I don't know what Thundr's up to... But, oh my... He's making me nervous over here... In a good way!!

Started my sample XXX last week, 2 sprays...

Went to the gym in the morning. Not much girlies on my floor. By the time I'm done, I run into the manager. She's a chubby Puerto Rican woman, 40's, nice face. I tell her "mira, Como estas" She says "Mira?? " Don't You know my name? (I had forgotten). But she reminds me. So we chat for a few, then I flirt and surprisingly, she flirts back! I'm telling her she's got the right stuff in the right places, as she agreed that she just has to trim down some. And she's telling me how she doesn't believe my age, that I look 19 or 20....And HEEERE comes the kino!!!! It was definitely unexpected since she NEVER gives me that type of feedback, while trying to be professional on the job.

Later, while shopping with my girl. I picked out some packaging tape and headed to the register while my girl was still shopping. The young woman cashier was Indian. And if you know Indian women, they can be very very pretty in the face and attractive! This one was no exception...
Someone who had just checked-out, left a heavy smell of cigarettes behind. I talked to her about how terrible it was, and she said I didn't think you would mind, being a man. I told her I don't like it, and not every man smokes. She says "that's good that you don't, I like that". She is now flirting and smiling with me HEAVY.. Very unusual in my experience for Indian women. Then my girl comes to the register and the cashier says out loud, "OHH... You're with her!" (priceless, was the disappointment in her face) All the while still smiling with me.
When we left, my girl tells me," that girl seemed really into you."..

Now fast forward into today, I seen the lady at the gym again, and I asked her why she was leaving so soon. She replies, "I'll stay if you work out with me..".. Hmmm. Definitely caught me off guard with that one. It's significant, because I tell you this lady never used to give me this type of play.

Gonna try more so I can be more definitive. But I'm really liking XXX thus far...
I'm looking forward to finding out how XXX works for you in clubs compared to core solo and compared to NNPA solo.
3X, 2 sample sprays (Last week)
I was able to slap one of the female employees on her nice round booty, when she said to me, "I won't tell"...

Had 3 women around me including a pregnant employee. The preggo gives me kino, and not just touching folks, but RUBBING my arm, as all three women kept giving me compliments. They were saying they like a man with my build and not too buffed, as they gave reason after reason. Lots of flirting going on and Woah, I'm getting WAY too much attention right now... But I love it!

Today, (3 sample sprays)

on my way back from the gym. I see this BEAUTIFUL Dominican girl. Omg! Her eyes were AMAZING! hazel?gray?green?... All in one? .. I don't know! Very nice slender body, nice ass! Omg. She noticed me looking at her of course (I just couldn't stop). And the flirt game began!!.. as she would keep making eye contact with me, and I, at her. To see that pretty face looking at me was seriously giving me an erection! After she kept taking my breath away, I eventually got the courage to let her know how pretty she was and if she has a boyfriend, as we exited the train (I spoke in Spanish since her English was VERY limited) Off the train, she told me yes, she did and was actually waiting for him.
But she was very thankful for all the compliments and made my day, with our brief flirt affair. Very beautiful smile!
Damm! I'm in a relationship, with a very attractive Dominican girl myself, and can't help but think, "men... can we ever be satisfied?"

Later in the supermarket, I compliment a nice looking Latina and she even declined her phone call, just to keep hearing my compliments!
Lol! Women are such strange creatures, but they are really very Easy!

*Opening... easy!
*The attraction... evident...
*Women dare, and don't care
Like Core, when you take action, OH my, my, my...

Can you push it to the limit? Or IS there a limit??(I remember Pheroman's bold statement of it being Core on steroids) maybe that's just it! Maybe you CAN push push push...

3X looks to be doing some wonderful things so far... This was only a sample!
That sounds promising.. So that's what thundr does when he puts the full time gear on , hehe
Looking forward to reading more reports

Wow. XXX seriously sounds promising! Sounds like it has at least a little disinhibiting
Does anyone have the inside scoop of when this will be available in the Apex store?
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