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Full Version: What animal are you ????
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Here is a fun test to take to see which animal you are.

I ended up being a otter.  Dang I was hoping for the Swan.  :blush:

Contrary to my user name, I ended up being a Fox!
I'm a Wild Cat. No specific species, evidently. Just Wild Cat.

Nearly as good as being a Cool Cat, I suppose.
I got Zebra, with Bear and Wolf as my other possibilities. I've always identified with wolves, so I'm inclined to say that I'm a wolf, but Zebras are cool too. Smile I just didn't agree with their assessment of a black and white perspective. The wolf profile seemed to match a lot better.
I'm a Porcupine. :/

(02-03-2010 3:52 PM)mikotorocks714 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm a Porcupine. :/

S'okay. That was one of my alternates!

A penguin!

Either that or a Bison or an Owl apparently. Not the most similar of animals.

Edit: The description is pretty spot on though. Always loved words, dabbled with writing and do have a tendency to be my own harshest critic.

I'm a


I'm a Bat! Undecided
Bella Wrote:I'm a

:laugh4 Hey thats funny, looks like you and your hubby were made for each other. Make him do the test later and see what he is.

My husband was a wolf to. He is such a smart ass when we did the test he grinned at me and said Wolf's eat otters dont they.

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