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Xist+Love Boat
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Randy Savage
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Xist+Love Boat
11-05-2013 12:38 PM

Ok, so this weekend I did 1 shot of each before hanging out with my lady friend. Xist to the neck, Love Boat to the back of the neck. First thing I noticed was some motormouth from her and unusually animated body language. This is pretty typical, but was not as pronounced as when I used A4NA with the Xist. She calmed down after a while, and we watched a comedy. I had brought along my Odyssey tester to kick the fun vibe up a notch. When she went to the bathroom I did a couple of shots to my neck. Watching the comedy, I laughed my ass off. I actually felt like I was tripping for about 5 minutes. Her reaction was "It's not that funny!". Clary Sage funk was undetected by her(whew!). I guess the Oud smell overpowered it. When we finished the movie the tone really changed. Things didn't get sexual, they got really emotional. I take it this is the Long Term Relationship payoff that people talk about with Xist. I have been using it with her for about a month now. She really opened up to me about some deep issues concerning her girlfriends(yawn!). She was sharing some things with me that were really important to her. It was really the first time she opened up this much. I really understand the whole Long Term Relationship vibe that Xist has now. We went to a party and she was INSANELY loud. Much louder than usual, to the point of screaming her conversation at people when she was having a good time. I actually had to tell her she needed to chill a little bit. I suspected this was possibly my doing, but couldn't be sure. I'm not sure how Love Boat contributed to the night, but it didn't detract any. I think it kicked her social vibe up a few notches so that she was more outgoing. Good times!

Went out the next day with one shot of Love Boat and got some very obvious hits from younger women. I go in Journeys to check out the shoes, and if you've ever been to Journeys, you know they often hire emo/indie types(you older guys probably don't know what I'm talking about at this point). But I got a massive hit from the 2 alterna-babes that were working there to the point where they were following me around and bugging me a little too much. There were other customers that they were ignoring. When I talked to them, I watched carefully as their eyes dilated. Hit two other teens hard too. Got a Deer in the headlights from a teen and then rubbernecking and a grin from another. I think this stuff must work pretty well on younger gals, so if you are in your 20's or something, you might want to give it a shot.
(This post was last modified: 11-05-2013 1:13 PM by Randy Savage.)
11-05-2013 12:38 PM
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