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XiST for girls
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XiST for girls
10-28-2013 11:55 PM

Ive has 3 hours sleep so bear with me. Ok. I have ordered many products from Androtics, and a few from Pheromone XS.
I need to explain my situation first. I am female. I live with my best friend and roommate of 11 years. Lately we have become estranged. It has gotten to the point where she does not like to come home just so that she can stay away from me. I anoint and irritate her, without doing anything. Just breathing.
We are talking about two people who used to be so close they could tell each other everything, and now they say nothing to each other. Our situation is not as bad as some others, but it is bad, and it is getting worse. Soon she will move out, she will move in with her boyfriend, and she will no longer talk to me.
I have purchased pheromone products specifically to try and gain my best friend back. I have purchased pheromone products and an attempt to make her happy around me, calm around me, honest to me and trusting of me, I have even purchase products that are supposed to be flirtatious in an attempt to make her feel something that might cause her to be less bitchy to me. I had ordered products specifically made for women, unisex products, and men products. She is extraordinarily sensitive in the nose area to smells. She can smell when I am wearing pheromones, even if it is not Androstenone, or Androstadienone . She says they smell horrible. Like old stale urine. Even Flirt and Connections.
In the beginning the only things that she could smell were products ith heavy none and Androstadienone . That was when I was using Androtics. But now I am using pheromone XS. She can smell everything. Cohesion, Bliss, Flirt, Desire, Connections. The other day I made a last ditch effort to wear some around her. I was in a bad mood and she was being irritable and I just was trying to put myself in a good mood by knowing I was wearing SOMETHING that could possibly help in any way.
I put on XiST. In Sultans Oud. Now the Sultans Oud was not a problem for me like it would be for some women. I love everything about fragrances. Because of this I often wear smells that were even made for men just because they smell so good to me. She is used to that so it wasn't suspicious that I smelled like a nice powdery Oud. The amazing factor is that she did not smell anything this time except for the Oud itself. No urine smell. She ALWAYS smells the urine smell. I have worn XiST around her before and she complained.
But The even more amazing factor is that she started being friendly towards me.
Her boyfriend was staying the night. I normally hate this and cannot stand him. I find him obnoxious and irritating. She could do much better than him. She knows I feel this way, though I do not say it to her often. Normally when he is here she ignores me. Or she focuses mainly on him and even if I talk its like I said nothing or like I said something extremely annoying even if its simply "You want some Tea?"
I really didn't think it would affect her because honestly nothing has so far. But then I noticed that she was being friendly. She would bring me things to drink. She made my dinner and brought it to me. She talked to me about video games and laughed at my jokes. She squeezed my foot under the coffee table with her hand 3 times. We even did the cinnamon challenge together. She seemed almost reluctant to go back in her bedroom with her boyfriend when it was 4 o'clock in the morning. I had to get to bed because I had to be up at seven, and she seemed reluctant to let me go in my room.
She has known me since high school. She used to come over and spend the night and we would never sleep. We would stay awake and talk. About any and everything. Me and her also used to have..... A thing. For a while.
I do not know what is in XiST that is causing this to work when no other pheromone seems to work so far. I can't even wear connections around her. She can smell it and she just seems to be more irritable with me. I love the idea behind connections though. I loved the idea behind XiST even more which is why I bought it. I have only worn it and it seemed to work around around her once. Ive worn it twice in total but nothing was noticed or happened the first time except her commenting on the urine smell.
It was two sprays one to my neck and one to my chest. Part of me thinks that it might not even be the pheromone. Maybe she was just in a good mood. Maybe she was just having a good day. All I know is that it seemed to work that one time. I will try again tomorrow.
10-28-2013 11:55 PM
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Getting comfortable

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RE: XiST for girls
10-29-2013 3:44 PM

Well this was interesting as I never thought that girls would be try to wear Xist. But then again, some of these molecules have the same effect on both guys and girls so maybe it makes sense that the reset effect would work if a girl wore it too.

I wish you luck in the rekindling what was a great relationship in the past. But know that often friends come and go as we change as people. The change happens automatically, but it is the difficulty in accepting the change that leads to difficulty in life and friendships. Especially when someone has been your best friend for 11 years! Whatever happens, I urge you to make it a goal to accept the things that are important to your friend. If you're not sure then you can still ask. I think accepting (and even celebrating) what our friends value is the essence of being a good friend, which in itself is half of what is required for good friendships. Again, I hope it works out and thank you for the female-female perspective on Xist.
10-29-2013 3:44 PM
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