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10-11-2018 3:05 AM

PXS have a new experimental mix out, coded 193.

SteveO announced it as follows:

Well they said it couldn't be done, but I did it. A monster blend based off XiSt. Its called boyfriend and believe me when I say this fella's this one is damn interesting. I think I might have overdone it actually so testing is important. I call it boyfriend because just like your favorite hoodie that she now refuses to return she's going to want to wrap herself up in you and keep you all for herself. Take all this stuff with a grain of salt because I might be insane!

As to components there is absolutely no copulins. I don't want to get much more into what else is in there just yet. There is a single molecule that seems to really bring out the best in it. Its tough to improve on XiSt but its always fun to try. I can't say I ever got that wrap up feeling from Androstadienone - comfort, touch, but this hoodie thing is unique.

So I take it they are using a new, previously unused molecule.
10-11-2018 3:05 AM
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