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XS177 – Brute
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Androcles - Banned

Joined: Jun 2016
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XS177 – Brute
07-01-2016 12:17 PM

XS177 – Brute
Nuances: very stinky
Self-Effects: Good. Felt confident. My jaw muscles feel an almost clenching sensation but not full contraction after about an hour. It lasts for 3 or 4 hours. I like it. No headaches, shock sensation, or dizziness.

I opened the 10ml bottle and used a womens eye shadow brush to paint this on my forearms. I’d say the estimation equivalent amount to just less than 1 spray.

It’s really pungent.

I then painted YSL La’Nuit L’Homme around it like an oblong circular fashion, but not running over the app points.

No other mones added. Truly wanted to test this.

After 30 minutes, the smell is not noticeable and La’Nuit takes control..mostly.

This is write-up 1 of 2. Lunch observations are interesting.

General pros:
1. I feel great, I feel alpha. I don’t mind the partial jaw muscle activation.
2. The women I noticed affected this day, like to be really close. Close proximity.
3. It gets Asian attention. I really think this works great.
4. Women affected better than men. For men, it appears status worthy.
5. Women are spell bound affected.
6. It does something with kids. If you guys try this out, let me know what you observe.
7. My girl is Asian and she responds very well. Very touchy, very sexual.
8. It hooks women in and makes them come close. They are like in the verge of talking or saying something.
9. What is up with women grinning???!!…..fascinating for me. Great word.
10. This brute makes women fascinated! ***the cure song—fascination street plays***
11. Not sure if gay guys like this from a strange observation. (observation noted at lunch). I’m not trying to attract a gay dude, so I don’t care.
12. I will re-order this so long as XS has this.
13. This may inspire me to try SOB.
14. I recommend you guys get a sample!

Morning Coffee Observations:

Starbucks - Before even entering, I got a stunned look, then smiles from a 7 brunette, caucasian, exiting her car just as I approached the door. Perfect timing, in addition, a nice 7 blonde, caucasian was leaving the store, so I can now make the viable excuse to:
1. Look like a gentleman and hold the door open
2. Let them both sniff my stank. Get an IOI, which happened. (the moment I liked this juice)
3. Make last minute personal reconnaissance of a full body check-down like the pervert I am.

I open the door, hold it open like I got all the time in the world…. Big smiles I have.

Blonde in high pitched, bubbly, cheerleader voice: “Oh, THANK YOU!!!!” big smiles.
Brunette small smiles, and responds with an “I’m cooler, lower voice, seductive” with a simple: “Thanks!”- walks with swagger, but is wearing a business long skirt, slit and 4 inch heels. Oh yeah.. Nice calves, the girl has. Probably early 20s. The blonde was wearing short summer dress exposing her legs with these wedge wooden heel sandals. I don’t care, she looks hot to me. She’s gone. In her car and away.

The Brunette is in line in front of me looking ahead. Asian chic 6 comes right in. Not behind me. Blatantly comes to my left side. Very close. I’m like near the pastries display windowed cabinet. She acts like she’s looking for a treat, but being so close, I really think this is the mone. WOW! I like this. She comes closer. If she was a dude, I would be uncomfortable. That is how close she was. I don’t mind.

Hooked. I almost said something to her. I think if the barista didn’t rudely interrupt me for my drink order, she might have said something to me.

The barista 2, black chic, early 20s, takes my order, but was soo happy, so pleasing in nature. She even wanted to spell my name correctly. We spent extra time just so she can get the letters right. Eyes wide open. Smiling. Stunning this juice is.

The brunette struts over to the waiting area with her nice manicured nails and just plays with her phone. When she does look up, she is looking at me. Me. Damn! Not smiling, just a seductive look. Like a curiosity..maybe, like a serious curiosity. Like if she were to say something, the first line would be..”who are you?”, “I want to know about you”. Sorry. Letting my imagination run wild. I still have this stuff on.

I walk straight over to her to wait on drinks, feeling confident. Most people adjust and move to make room. No, she stands there and wants confrontation. Not a bad way. Like she wants to be sexy and knows it, but wants to feel comfortable to have me that close too.

The Asian girl follows suit. Now, I’m standing in between both. They are not moving!!! No uncomfortable adjustments. They just wait for their drinks next to me like I belong to them.

The best thing happened. The brunette comes super close without saying excuse me at all. She brushes beside me reaching for her cup just delivered hot and fresh on the countertop. Her arm and purse bumps me. SEXY. I smell her hair, perfume? Smells nice. As she spins around she has a grin. A Fucking grin! Not a word, just walks away to the exit. No excuse me. If I wasn’t committed I would have said something to start a dating plan. Or at least tried to.

Wow, I really like Brute or Brute likes me.

I was so shocked by all of this, I couldn’t say anything witty. I was stunned silent and horny. No Love Boat or Connections on. LOL

My drink is still not ready. The Asian girl’s drink is ready.

The Asian puts her hand on my elbow and says “excuse me” so soft,mousy, so sweet. I say “Oh, I’m sorry.” I move slightly, She grabs her drink and says “No, no, your fine.”No FOB accent. She is Americanized.

With a grin displaying some teeth. Again, similarly as the brunette before her, even she brushes past me. She’s not wearing perfume but could be residual hair conditioner smell. It's nice. I'm a horn dawg. She’s wearing a T-shirt, short shorts and flip flops. Nice feat. Painted toenails. Bright baby blue. Big tits for her size. She is short.


She walks towards the exit, stops 5 feet. It’s not like anyone is in her way. She is 2 feet from the nearest customer in line. She stops, turns sideways and looks at me, then quickly turns. As she turns back around, I wave my hand like a little kid trying to say bye bye. She didn’t see it, she just exits.
I look like a dofus, the one dude looks at me. Not a pissed look. Not smiling. Just looks at me.

I’m so elated by this juice, I’m not paying too much attention to the outside world. There are several people in here. Not all look at me, but those 4 girls were affected. I know it!

I get my coffee…no other notes from starbucks. I know there was more than this that happened, it’s just too much to cover and just cared about the “two chics” encounter. I’m in a great mood and love this Brute.

I will post notes about lunch soon. The lunch observations reinforces my thoughts on the morning experience.

The reason I post Morning and Lunch is because I'm working from home. No other opportunities to interact with women.

4th of July weekend is coming up and so is BRUTE!
(This post was last modified: 07-01-2016 1:49 PM by Androcles.)
07-01-2016 12:17 PM
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Androcles - Banned

Joined: Jun 2016
Sex: Male
Posts: 344

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RE: XS177 – Brute
07-03-2016 4:06 PM

XS177 – Brute
Nuances: Stink really gone by lunch. It has that evolve/taboo smell around lunch time if I sniff closely.
Self-Effects: Good. Felt confident. My jaw muscles still feel an almost clenching sensation still going on at lunchtime. It was less around dinner time. Saw my girl later in the early eveing.

Re-applied/ painted YSL La’Nuit L’Homme around again, but not running over the app points around 12pm, just before heading out to lunch. I felt the scent subsided a bit, I mean the silage. So more should be applied.
No other mones added. No more Brute added.

This is write-up 2 of 2.

General pros reinforced:

1. Still feel great, a little calmer. Could just be hungry. Jaw activation still present.

2. It gets Asian attention. I am sure of it. In fact, Brute gets them to look at you when normally they could have their head buried in college lecture notes, an iPhone, a laptop, or some restaurant menu…seriously. I’ve seen it a lot of times today to compel me to type this out. I say a lot, but I’m guessing a half-dozen Asian-ish women around. So, like: Korean, Phillipines, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese..or mixes of. I bring this up because it is my interest to evaluate this.

3. I don’t want you to think I’m saying Brute is primarily for Asian. I’m just looking at them particularly because of that Asian girl’s response from Starbucks encounter. This gets attention from anyone I’m paying attention to in observation. I can really say women more than men.

4. Women grin if they interact with you somehow. Close proximity and simple one-liners, like “Excuse, me”, “Thank you”, “The ice machine is really slow”, “Sorry, just need some napkins”.

5. With my extreme “betafication” from Exotica and using something heavy like Brute in small amounts, I’m starting to theorize I really could be producing a low none sig naturally.

6. I really need to see how Brute behaves in full conversations and interactions. – This I have yet to do. I will do more reporting on this as I go through the bottle. Below notes, are mostly just visual observations from one lunch.

Notable observations during lunch:

I go to Panera Bread because it’s quick, cheap, not too far, and I can get soup that I like. It’s better than fast food and usually there is a mix of people. I see women there a lot, even married milfs count.

Unlike the morning, I open the door for this black teenager kid with earbuds in his ear. Vans rucksack? Whatever is in there looks like bricks from the protrusions. He says thanks. Nothing more and goes to meet people (more athletic friends) at a table without getting in line.

The line is about 6 deep to the human cashiers. A young girl is the primary cashier. She is wearing a Hijab. Cute face. I can’t fathom where she is from by ethnicity. Take a guess. She nice smiling to folks. I’m not interested in any reaction. She is too busy, but she did look up at the line. Our eyes meet. No hook from my cloud, from the distance of 9-10 feet semi-diagonal-like, I guess. The other cashier is an older woman (40s) (easy 1 of 10) who is real cheesy in her customer service screech.

There are two decent pony tail broads in athletic gear in the front of the line. I’ll have to regroup and have a more detailed inspection and tactical visual after I complete my order. Nice toned figures. Can only see side face. Average? I think they are 30 somethings. Talking about orders with cashier teen. They haven’t noticed me. Notes stoppage….

Next entry….

I decide to go to the side Kiosk because there is only one person using one of 3 active. Blonde fatty, nice makeup, and a cute face, blue eyes. I’d give her a 6 because I feel good. She’s probably 30ish. Let’s call her Kiosk Blonde 6.

Immediately, just as soon as I start tapping the touch display, she says something like “Does it print out a receipt, I think I missed that screen to choose?” Like if as though she knows me and I was paying attention to her life. I know what she is talking about, not sure if I’ve ever seen it. I just reply “Oh, I’m not sure it does that here. It just sends me an email receipt, but I always get a full receipt at the pickup spot”. Side note add: ***Androcles starts thinking Biatch, you just messed up my pick 2 thought process****

She comes closer, we were already close. Mone effect? She taps my forearm softly. “Don’t you just love it?”* …then, suddenly……wait for it…….the famous “XS177 Brute Grin”. Blue eyes are nice with dilated pupils. She has the winged tip eyeliner design expressed just over her eyelids. I like that style. Sexy. Her earrings are stupid seashells though and don’t match her outfit. She’s got a gut. Sexy 5 though, if there can be one. Still, I have no fucking earthly idea what I should love*. I guess she means technology?

I just say “Yeah” and smile. She turns, grabs a large cup from the stacks behind the kiosk.
She scurries off to the coffee station to do her fixins. Half-n-half, Splenda..whatever.. I don’t know. She is wearing tight-fitted slim leg jeans with a giant cellphone protruding out the back pocket and polo shirt.

She has okay natural tits. She joins forces with some Indian dude, 40s, grey hair, dress shirt, slacks with flip flops? Dude has long-hair, hairy toes. I can’t erase that visual. He is already mixing sugar packets and creamery for his coffee. He doesn’t look at me.

I complete my order and prepare for the “XS177 Brute Cloud Effect Evaluation”.
First, I survey the line. The two cute women already left over to the pickup section. I give those two, 7 of 10 because nicely toned bodies, athletic skin-tight, spandex capris. Implants, the whole works. The faces are average. No makeup. Pony tails both. Probably married professionals in the upper class bracket. Yep, I see the big rocks. Probably over full carats. Must be super people. Both blondes. Black spandex. Grey Spandex.

I see in line, an older couple 50s, and the husband and wife tandem in serious decision making discussion - Caucasian. A family of four – Spanish: All older ladies 50s to 60s. Nobody worth seeing interaction here. One of them looks at me, but continues talking to her friend. No retake look.

I see an Asian young girl working for Panera strolling around the tables with orders. Hmmm… She hasn’t noticed me.

Another Asian woman (30s) and her hubby (white, 30s?) just come in to my rear. She is a jack hot looking Korean-ish. They are dressed in business casual attire. No heels, but she is wearing nice bright Cobalt blue flats. Lots of makeup and she looks sexy. 7 out of 10. Nice body, decent tits. The husband looks like a nice successful guy. He looks at me and raises his eyebrows, like a ‘howdy’ or ‘what’s up’ expression. They start talking and I notice she is Americanized. No accent. Since the guy is nice, I don’t focus on her. I don’t want to piss him off, but she did look my way twice with a plain look? No smile.

I move over towards the pickup station. Kiosk blonde 6 looks straight at me. She is zoned or daydreaming? I was taken off guard for a second. This is “Deer in the headlights look”. The two high-society women look at me… one after the other. Not “Deer in the headlights”, but they just want to know who is approaching double-time. I close the distance and try to pile myself in to mingle.

My dumbass wants to see if I can get the same effect as in the morning between the “two-chics” encounter at Starbucks earlier. You know. The one where I can stand there close and they don’t move.

This time, this didn’t happen as blatant. One High Society chic (grey spandex) backs off a step. The other (black spandex) stays put, and awaits her take out order mumbling something to the other.

Kiosk blonde 6 inches closer, then does a running back juke move as her order is brought to the counter-top. She, grabs her to-go order and turns to look at me AGAIN. This grin on her face returns like she is up to something or is pleased she is about to devour lunch.

Kiosk blonde 6 moves close to me and hits my leg with her To-Go bag, ever–so-slightly. Meaning, she could have had room at least another foot to avoid this. “Have a nice day!” she says to me, because I was actually waiting for an “excuse me” that never came out. I deliberately didn’t make adjustments, and she didn’t seem to care. Nice. I still can’t get over those fucking seashell earrings. My OCD.
[Image: crazy.gif]

Note 23 - The Spandex platoon (pony-tail High Society chics) move to sit on the bench and chit chat some more. They are talking about a kid, I think.

The food assembler guy behind the counter (Caucasian, 30s, let’s call him Joe) puts a fast hold my mone experiments, “Sir, you don’t have to wait here.” “You can go sit down, we’ll have someone bring the order to you. Just hang on to your buzzer”.
I reply “Aw thanks, I didn’t know. Is this new?” He says “Yeah, we started this last week”. Makes sense. I dig in the butter containers to get a couple of them to go with my baguette.

I turn to see what the Spandex platoon is doing. Not there. Nope, they moved. I don’t see them. They went somewhere.
I go to fountain drinks to get my drink going. Ice, unsweetened tea, lemonade, Acai Berry.. mix and match.

Very cute young Asian girl Panera worker comes by to clean and re-stock napkins. Her name tag reads Cindy Lee (and a nice bodeeeee). I make an approach to grab napkins. She puts her hand on my right bicep and says, “Here you go”. She has a big smile. Looks straight into my eyes and grins. She quickly hands me some fresh napkins from the restock bundle. I’m too old for her, but man. That feels like a mone response. I walk with my drink to find a seat. I look back at her, but she is heading to the kitchen.

No notes.

Next entries…

I go sit down quickly, not quite surveying or planning for females to sit next to. Just random, but I just wanted my observation frame to be ever-expanding towards the windows. I look around. I spot two gay dudes sitting across from eat other one caressessing the other’s hand outstretched over the table top. Laptop sits between both. I was there not 2 minutes when they grab their gear and move. One mumbles to the other, then they both go sit farther away in a booth so that they are across the room. I can still see them. They both are now sitting together cuddling over the laptop. Very odd to just pick up and go from one booth to another. There are empty spots around. Even this lunch period isn’t super packed. They both look at me at separate times. Nothing remarkable.
I scan the room. Odd couple here, odd couple there, family here, family there. No obvious hotties…wait…

Indian family next to me. Mom, 30s, 3. Not my type. She looks at me seriously. Messing with the kid’s food (preparing, organizing). I look again. She looks again. The 4 boys she has are playing with crayons and paper. Each one keeps looking at me. All 4 boys. They could be no more than 5 or 7. I look away because this whole visual interaction is irrelevant for what I want to discover.

There is a white couple (40s) (wife is an unremarkable 4) directly front of me but further away, just beside them gay dudes. Beside them an Asian girl (20s) solid 7, no tits and her Asian boyfriend (20s). The Asian boyfriend is all decked out with muscles and a tank top and tatoos and looks like a jealous guy. He looks like a douche-bag because his resting face resembles a UFC fighter with a chip on his shoulder. Sorry, judging a book by the cover, he looks like a low-self-esteem punk who still lives with well-off parents. He looks smug and arrogant. He just wants to be feared. Clown. This could just be me being mean. The kid could be a nice.

Anyone looking at his girl, like me for example, he looks back at them with a grim look. Fuck him. I then just look at his girl’s nice feet as she plays floppy with her flip flop. She looks at me, smiles then whispers something to him. They giggle. Fuck them. I’m just an older guy experimenting with Brute pheromone blend. LOL. Fuck me.

Minutes later….

Joe comes over with my order and collects my buzzer…..and I then see the sexy Spandex Platoon, now they are looking for a seat. They are holding plates of food. Where did they get?..how?. when?...whatever.

There are FOUR empty spots close to my position, but they quickly choose and sit adjacently in a booth from my two-seater table. Not more than 4 feet from me! Grey Spandex blonde from the platoon is sitting to my right. I look at her. She smiles. Black Spandex is tapping on her big phone. The light glistens her big ass ring, dramatically. They start talking.

I start eating..slowly. I look to my left. The 4 Indian boys each look at me in succession, like an orchestrated mime group. The Indian mother is eating and has this resting bitch face look at another white couple directly in front of me. I look over to my right to the Spandex Platoon. The one in black spandex looks directly at me, eyes to eyes. She a dirty blonde with green eyes. No makeup, but she doesn’t need much. She doesn’t smile. This is a calm expression or zoned expression. As if her mind is occupied for a second.

Note -Then she tilts her head and smiles. It was creepy looking at first. But then I realized she could be snapping back to reality and now sees a stranger (me) curiously looking at her with interest. She looks down at her food, then grabs the front of her sports shirt to pull on her sports bra to expose more cleavage. I think this is que for me to look at her implants as her intended adjustment can be construed as a flirt action. **look at my tits guy, it costed** -She must know I’m looking at her; she using her peripheral sense. All the meanwhile, the other friend is talking and showing her a receipt or piece of paper to something. The friend then brings out more papers. Are they real-estate agents?

The blonde who just played 'boob stun' with me looks at me again with a smile. She then takes her tennis shoes off to get more comfortable and sits with one leg over the other and one leg and foot dangling off the floor. They go over some papers and eat salad. They are talking a lot.

I’m feeling good about this. I finish my lunch. Get up, and look around to see who notices me prepare to make my way to the trash unit. The young Asian couple is looking at me. The girl is looking at me with a smirk. Her muscle boy bone-head looked then turned away to look out the window. I put my dish away and trash.

As I leave, I see the young hijab cashier. She smiles nicely and has a happy face. She says “Thank you, have a good one!” An old dude coming in for lunch is in a suit holds a door open for me to exit before he enters. I just thanked him.

There is a lot more going on. I only recorded what I felt was enough. I’ll do more Brute notes and post back here when possible.


I still need to test Brute with more and longer conversations with folks other than my girl. She seems very talkative and bubbly with it, and then add touchy feely. But it’s hard to say. She does that with many other mones too. Right now, this is mostly observations from an introverted perspective, if you will.
For self-effects, I did feel social but moderately so.
(This post was last modified: 07-03-2016 5:07 PM by Androcles.)
07-03-2016 4:06 PM
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Contributes Regularly

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RE: XS177 – Brute
07-04-2016 9:15 AM

Nice posts. The details in your observations are appreciated.
07-04-2016 9:15 AM
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Androcles - Banned

Joined: Jun 2016
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RE: XS177 – Brute
07-17-2016 2:51 PM

Outside of testing, I really enjoy this mix as one of my go-tos included in some combos while I still have a bottle. Mind you, I still haven't used SOB yet.

To enhance the mix, I've ran with GOA today.

I put 4 drops of GOA each arm. I paint a small circle on either side of my upper neck, just below the ears. - Equivalent to 1/2 spray of the full bottle (really guessing here, but it doesn't seem like much). I didn't get any jaw clench.

It suits me. It suits my girl.

I feel great. Very social. Slightly more aggressive. An occasional traffic finger to assholes on the road. Normally, I take shit to a degree.

She really changes in a nice direction. She is more upbeat and positive. Very chatty, but with good moments of pause. She is very affectionate, touchy and says crazy things that are not things I usually here from her.

She is asian and she started off conservative early in our relationship, but being around me she has changed dramatically over the years.

But now she's cutting jokes when I wear this mix. GOA + Brute

For Example:

She's eating a bite of Tiramisu from Olive Garden in the car.

I say.."Let me have a bite woman!"

She says "I got something else you can get a bite of. You can eat it thoroughly."

She leans over and licks my ear and then gives me a sniff kiss on the cheek.

When we got home. She wasn't lying! [Image: jumpy.gif]
(This post was last modified: 07-17-2016 2:58 PM by Androcles.)
07-17-2016 2:51 PM
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RE: XS177 – Brute
07-17-2016 6:32 PM

Nice Androcles!

But why is my girl on your avatar??!! Xyxgun
I'll put on Brute, and take her back!

Keep reporting! I'm testing this among other new ones.

"The man that knows he doesn't know, is a wise man."
07-17-2016 6:32 PM
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Androcles - Banned

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RE: XS177 – Brute
07-17-2016 7:57 PM

Thanks V-Nice. You can have Lucy. My girl looks similar, you can't have her.

I have to get something off my chest..........Not to you V-Nice...LOL

Here is my RANT:

Just want to let everyone know, that this Brute thread is not a considered a full REVIEW. These are a collection of hundreds of iphone texted notes from observations, later put together to provide some of my personality into the write-up. This person named Paradox called me out recently on the XS forum evaluating my write-up as a newbie review based on placebo. He could not wait. He started off with writing:

I don't really want to pee all over this report but it looks like a newbie "I was getting looks and smiles" report. It looks like the user has the Newbie Placebo Syndrome (I just coined that phrase). Just because you are wearing pheromones and a woman smiles at you that doesn't mean that she has fallen for you. Women smile. People smile. It's normal.

People (women included) smile, are polite and flirty. Nothing written above demonstrates over the top behavior. people touch when talking. They smile.

It's a detailed report though...



I'm fully aware he's got 20 years experience with mones, and I think he writes up like a Mr. "get-laid" or else, PT celeb, beta-testicle testing and hundreds of forum posts..yadda..yada. Jonathan Goldsmith he is not. The real guy wouldn't have time to be on pheromone forums chasing "newbie" posts. He's probably married at his age to a Barbara.

Respect should be earned. He's lost 100% of mine out the gate.

Paradox, not just because you attempt to hurt my wittle, wittle feelings and my little forum ego, but reading your other responses to new people.

A first rule of thumb in any conversation, including a forum: Don't let your introduction be an under-handed ass-hat insult. You shouldn't even waste your time.

Paradox if my write-up bothered you, don't respond. Don't read anymore that I post. OR, you can write with class, until I give you a reason to be an ass in your response. PM me if you want to debate or test my knowledge or experience. Don't publicly start this crap you always do. You crossed the line. Now, I'm going public.

Don't scuttle to XS forum chomping at the bit to crash my notes because this wasn't about your favorites in AM or M3X. (both I like btw..). I know more folks here versus XS forum, who actually know about me. Unlike you. I'm a grown man, a year younger than you. My resume of life can stack up quite nicely.

Can you be respectful? Hmm...looking at your other responses. I guess you are good at finding links to post to every newbie. They must be grateful to get insulted, made to feel unwelcome, then you unkindly, bi-polar-like try to help them out with the Freudian guilt links.

Even for the little people like me who gave tremendous amount of my time to provide information in the interest and intention of helping. I have nothing personal to gain monetarily by writing Brute is a winner. I have nothing to gain by writing Exotica is a loser.

It's my experience. My money. My honey. My mistakes. My 'subjective' opinion. My truths. Has it come to the point that I need to 'GO-PRO' my experience with Brute or use hidden cameras and an audio? Or is just not the product you were give beta-testicle testing or paid for?

I've posted the write-up here long before the XS forum. You guys should check out the conversation there with Mr. Paradox. Not sure why he didn't reply here as well.

Maybe he's been warned.

I'm a newbie to the forums in that I recently joined. I've been reading PT for years as well as XS forums. I didn't want to join until I had data.
I'm a newbie to Brute, I've only used it less than ten times and it rises to the top. I have plenty of notes on Brute. I only cherry-picked the best information, most of the other notes are repetitive. I can only write "She grins" so many times. But if it happens, it happens.
I've been using mones for 8 years. Even incorrectly. Correctly. Specially. I don't care. It's my money. I make it. I buy. I test. I use. It really is a repetition with occasional spices here and there. Not much Wikipedia research needed and no chemistry set. I like people. Even doodoo ones.

It's simple. I let SteveO's, Thundr's, John's, and Gary's teams do it for me. I take that and add my life.

Brute is a great mix; I say this, because I'm not a chemist or molecule expert, I say this because I made hundreds of observations using this REAL world, real people, real life and I see a drastic difference than when I didn't use it or used something else. Women strangers in StarBucks or anywhere, don't touch me as much with Taboo or Core. M3X maybe, but Brute was good THAT day and the other when I posted these observations. I only added GOA because my girl responds nicely with it in "conversational" and "emotional" level, but more "Sexuallly active" in mental and touch with Brute. I haven't noticed much with strangers due to timing and opportunity.

I'll post more when I can.

I'm testing dozens of mones all this summer. Hopefully someone just likes reading my post. Hopefully some of you become a forum friend. Hopefully some of you trust what I write. I can't win them all. I'll have some seething, bitter, superior, PT forum celebrities to deal with too. If I last that long....

Sorry Mark in Dallas for writing up something like this.

After this rant I'll try not to say more about this dude. But man, I get annoyed by Paradox (and his avatar) and his judgmental, impulsive, overbearing, blaming others, stubbornness, condescending attitude and that fucking superiority complex on full display on other posts. I'm so profoundly annoyed, I'm typing this shit up eating up my time. No other poster is like that.

My posts are either accepted for value or I can stop posting here at PT.

These were observations with an experienced guy with an eye for an IOI (- Hey that rhymes!) Not a Review. When I write a review, I certainly won't write "interest in a bottle".
(This post was last modified: 07-17-2016 11:16 PM by Androcles.)
07-17-2016 7:57 PM
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RE: XS177 – Brute
07-18-2016 12:56 AM

Yeah I really dig your posts, especially the details! Reminds me of some of the posters that dont post much here anymore.
07-18-2016 12:56 AM
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RE: XS177 – Brute
07-18-2016 2:28 AM

I'm not convinced by your review (having been burned by XS beta blends so many times in the past), but the level of detail is something worth respecting. These are just the types of reports I like to see. Keep it up.

Having said that, I still find myself agreeing with Paradox. Though his delivery may not be the most tasteful to some newbies, he gets directly to the point every single time. Write your reviews as you wish, but do keep in mind the importance in remaining skeptical.
07-18-2016 2:28 AM
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RE: XS177 – Brute
07-18-2016 2:49 AM

(07-18-2016 2:28 AM)Ekscentra Wrote:  I'm not convinced by your review (having been burned by XS beta blends so many times in the past), but the level of detail is something worth respecting. These are just the types of reports I like to see. Keep it up.

Having said that, I still find myself agreeing with Paradox. Though his delivery may not be the most tasteful to some newbies, he gets directly to the point every single time. Write your reviews as you wish, but do keep in mind the importance in remaining skeptical.


It's not that I don't like you Androcles, I just didn't care for the review.

You took it personally and attacked me. Yes, there are many reviews that I don't care for and I do comment on them.

I encourage more interaction with women from the posters her. Not just the cashier in Starbucks who smiles at you. So again. Women smile, people smile.

I'm not going to write a long diatribe answering you but you have poor judgement if one paragraph from me set you off like that...
07-18-2016 2:49 AM
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RE: XS177 – Brute
07-18-2016 2:55 AM

Please keep on posting your observations, Androcles. I enjoy reading your details.

The way I see it, if any of us doesn't find his report useful, just move along. The more experienced you are, the better you know what is legit and what is not. It's not like he's shoving his posts in our faces. Don't think it's legit? Move on. Don't click his thread. No need to waste your time to criticize. Of course, if we want to improve the quality of reports for the betterment of the community we can make suggestions on how to make more legit observations, and I always support Paradox's testing methods and scepticism. But let's keep being respectful here Big Grin

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07-18-2016 2:55 AM
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