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Wolf vs C36?
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Wolf vs C36?
06-05-2019 7:14 PM


I'm not a total newb but I want some input on the subtle differences between these two because I'm having a hard time. I got a wolf sample recently and had a traded-wolf years ago, I didn't give it much of a chance and decided to re-trade it.

I'll also paste from my journal from when my gypsy mate smelled some of my pheromones and gave his assessment on them. Unfortunately I didn't have wolf for him to smell. You can read more here: http://pherotruth.com/Thread-Arsenic-s-Journal?page=15

I ran through my wolf sample in about 2 weeks recently. Experimenting with 1 to 4 dabs, I'd say 3 to 4 is my sweet spot, and generally people respect me more, guys want to pal around more, very easy rapport with basically everyone, a general crowd pleaser. Definitely not sexual but it does have a lot of admiration to it. Conversations with my (25) gf (27) seem to go more smoothly and she's generally more receptive to what I say. She looks at me with admiration. The guys at the office (my age) seem to drop all professionalism and bring out the kind of conversation you'd expect when we go out for drinks. Gf's roommate (31) talks more and asks my input more often that usual, she seems a bit disinhibited and conversation flows more freely. The guy shes seeing (mid 30's) is usually intimidated by me but this time around he was very buddy buddy. Girl at whole foods asked if I come in often because I look familiar.

I seem to get a general cool-guy vibe, some celeb vibe maybe, a kind and vip person who has his life together is how I'm treated. I think that sums it up. I haven't tested this sexually.

I've had C36 for awhile and have used it off and on. Back when I got my first office job out of college, the more senior folks in the office started commenting about my masters degree. I sure as shit don't have a masters degree lol. Anyway I'd say the vibe is similar to wolf but C36 is a more mature signature and seems to be more business oriented, managerial almost, and people respond well to a team mindset. I wouldn't call this one sexual either.

-- Gypsy:
Smells like forrest, walking through a forest of pine trees. I feel light but....i'm really happy but amost floating when I walk. I look at the sun and I dont have to look down to know where my feet are stepping. I feel happy and like I have everything I need. Tarot card: "The fool" where you're confident and have everything you need but at the same time you're about to walk over a cliff. The cliff signifies that you are so high up that they do not pay attention to where they are.

Vibe: They are adventurous, caring, they have a force about them to push people to help them succeed. Lighthearted, anything goes. They feel rich in personality.

Let me know your thoughts on these two. Thanks!

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Journey into my mind
06-05-2019 7:14 PM
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