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Why your pheromones aren’t working for you: Top Ten List:
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Why your pheromones aren’t working for you: Top Ten List:
05-19-2020 9:09 AM

Why your pheromones aren’t working for you: Top Ten List:

If you’ve been around here long enough you’ve most definitely seen others proclaim that their pheromones were a dud. Certainly there are some pheromone products out there (Dr. Amend’s, RAW, and others) that are all bark and no bite; but we here know that we can trust our vendors to not shill us snake oil. Usually, when pheromones, for real, don’t work for somebody, it is because pheromones mimic a certain natural body signature. What appeals to one body chemistry, might not necessarily appeal to your own natural physiology.

Certainly though, the majority of the “it doesn’t work” proclamations seem to be externalized. While some members here go to great lengths to state that it didn’t work for them in particular; lots more assume that the product, itself, is bunk. Oddly, this phenomenon of declaring a product as no-good is much more prevalent in the members that have been around here the longest, as well as in the new members. It seems like the veteran members, those that have been around a good while--but not so long as to be considered a venerable member--tend to look more at how the product interacts with them rather than to do a Mystery Men and fire off their Blame Casters.

I don’t know if any of this will help you personally, but when I’m considering a new product to try I look for certain things. First off, I look to see how many separate members have reported on the product. Sure, I’ll read the entire thread and consider each and every point; but if the core group of proponents for the product post lots and lots within the thread, I’ll count all of their contributions as a singular contribution. For a newer product it is to be expected that a couple or a few member will be the driving force in the thread for at least 6 months. I also look at the experiences that the individual members have; paying special attention to those members whose personalities seem to resonate with my own. Almost lastly, I look at the ratios between positive, neutral, and negative reports. Finally, I look in other threads to see how others talk about the product outside of the reviews threads.

I find myself paying extra attention to the negative views (and reviews) of the product. This isn’t because I’m focused on negativity, or that I eye each product with suspicion until proven otherwise; but because it is the mettle or the personality of the person giving the negative vibes that interests me. If 60 people like a product and a few people say it’s crap; what makes those few different. Why don’t they like it? It always makes me wonder what it is about certain members that makes them not like a product that so many others love. If I discover that my personal outlook and personality is opposed to the naysayers, then I’ll know that their experiences and viewpoints don’t necessarily apply to me. If I find that the naysing Mordreds are very similar in personality to myself, I’ll be better educated as to what I can likely expect from the product.

Myself, I’ve also tried plenty of products that were either totally lackluster for me, or just didn’t do squat when I wore them. I’ve never once externalized this and stated the product was bad or didn’t work. However, my keen interest in any hobby which I involve myself in has given me some insight as to why certain pheromone blends don’t (or won’t) work on myself, or any person in particular. So, without further gilding of the Lily Here are my top ten reasons why a pheromone product might not work for an individual:

10. You have unrealistic expectations
Most here know that pheromones only give you a few percentage points of advantage. Thundr himself stated that, at best, it is only about 10% above your baseline. This gentleman creates and markets pheromone products for a living, so he knows his stuff. He likened it to a new suit, or a manly version of wearing makeup: nothing more. So many guys try a pheromone product and expect it to move the world. It won’t move the world for you, but it will be a decent part of the lever that allows you to do so.

I’ve seen far too many guys read about the exploits of other guys wearing pheromones and then feel let down because when they wore it women weren’t throwing themselves at them. The reason why some guys have so much success when using pheromones is typically that they understand that the pheromones only give them a slight boost, not super powers. They continue doing what they do naturally, secure in the knowledge that their pheromones-weapon of choice is helping.

9. You don’t have the right dosage for you:
There is quite a bit of discussion about personal “sweet spots” for pheromone blends. Most manufacturers have a recommended dosage; but sooner or later each person will experiment and find the application concentration that works best for them, their body chemistry, and the way they operate. Just because Don Juan DeLovegod uses 6 sprays does not mean that dose will be right for you. There is a middle ground of lowest threshold of effects up to way too much (an overdose as it is called around here) . Regretfully, nobody can tell you what dosage will be best (or even work) for you; you’ll need to discover that on your own.

8. You already have too much naturally:
This may seem to be a bit counter-intuitive, but if you already possess large amounts of a trait that a pheromone product is adding, you might sabotage yourself. For example, it is well known that strong Alpha products boost one’s “Alpha Male” signature. If you’re already a pretty big and strong alpha and your natural signature already demonstrates this, adding half a bottle of a heavy alpha pheromone can actually have undesirable results. If one is already like that, supercharging it creates an initial signature that can be seen as intimidating, outlandish, or unrealistic.

Worse yet is the fact that pheromones all do what they do in a different way (from compound to compound and from company to company). Sometimes, adding a pheromone boost to a trait that we already have in spades won’t make us a lampoon of ourselves, but alter our natural signature to the point that it becomes muddled.

7. You don’t look the part:
While seemingly obvious, this is one of the primary reasons why members (especially lots of newer members) see no or negative results with pheromones. What good is it to ‘Mone-boost up to give the initial impression that you are James Bond when you’re dressed in a ratty T-shirt and wearing moldy flip-flops? Adding a rebel-vibe to yourself while having a frat-boy hair style and dressing in the latest styles sends a mixed signal. One cannot be a rebel and be totally mainstream at the same time; I don’t care what social media tells you.

If you’re going to project a certain pheromone vibe, it makes perfect sense to look the part. Replacing King Arthur’s shining armor for a conservative three-piece suit belays belief in the part. If you counter the aura your pheromones will give off, you’ll only end up sending the signal that you are either a fake, confused, or putting on false airs.

6. You are not acting the part:
This is the age-old lesson of acting congruent with the pheromone signature. While pretty much a mirror of number 7, above, this goes further than just how you act. Acting in congruence with your pheromones means that your voice, posture, gestures, movements, non-verbal communications, and attitude all need to align with your pheromone signature in order to make it seem a part of you, rather than a costume you’ve donned to impress a woman. You can neither be a sheep in Wolf’s clothing nor can you be a vile spiteful font of hate and pass yourself off as a Love God. Your pheromones are the ball…be the ball.

5. You are relying on the pheromones to do the work for you:
I know…the gilroy! While this is related to number 10 above, having unrealistic expectations, this is different enough to warrant its own entry. I’ve seen far too many reports where somebody puts on a pheromone blend, goes out and does nothing to even make them stand out and be noticed, and then declare that the product is weak-sauce. The problem typically isn’t the pheromones. If one doesn’t make themselves noticeable, they won’t be noticed. Initiative does not come to those that wait.

The main misconception is that pheromones will instantly work like some magic spell. Some of them do, but only for some members (we all have our favorite); but the spell didn’t work on Snow white until she ate the apple…you need to get that apple to her. If one does not look or act in a way that will get them noticed, in a positive light, by ladies, then pouring on some pheromones and continuing that same behavior won’t do much, if anything at all. Pheromones don’t work if don’t work them. You need to rely on yourself to actually take the steps and execute the actions. I know, I put the CUTE in exeCUTE. Pheromones don’t do things for you other than to paint you as a different sort of person. You still need to factor in yourself; not relying upon the pheromones to do the work for you.

4. You are misreading signals (positive or negative):
This particular point has been the subject of much conversation. Countless are the reports where guys have unwittingly outlined their scenario in which a woman was primed for seduction and dropping signals that she wanted things to go further , but somehow the guy ends his report with “so nothing there and nothing happened of course, this product sucks.” (I’m paraphrasing). If one wants to take full advantage of the opportunities that pheromones offer, one needs to be adept at reading signals and be socially aware.

Very, very few ladies are going to be so forthright to just blurt out that they’re horny and want you to seduce them (at least without the proper course of actions first). One needs to be able to read the measure of the wind and not sail against it. Legion are the signals that I’ve seen guys miss, and you should take an extra special effort to understand how women communicate things to you so you don’t miss out when the doors open for you.

3. You are an alphole / Your inner attitude repels:
I’m not pointing any fingers here, just finally saying it flat out. While it is possible to be a pathetic he-man woman-hater and possess an abrasive and caustic personality and still get some success with pheromones; you’ve heavily stacked and rigged the deck against yourself if this is how you’ve chosen to present yourself to the world.

I don’t care how right we might think we are, how noble and just our lofty stance may be, or how much we feel that we need to show others the errors of their ways and lead them into the truth; if you are a total alphole douchebag, only other douchebags will even bear to tolerate you. Simply put, if you cannot objectively look at yourself, apart and aside from your own self-image, and see the traits you show the world and (more importantly) how the rest of the world sees you; and then improve upon those shortcomings of (usually) negativity, then pheromones aren’t going to work for you.

Regardless of how attracted, initially, we might be to somebody; if our attitude and behavior is caustic to them, they will bail, pheromones or not. Pheromones will help to make you more likeable, but they will not make you likeable to begin with.

Nobody else will ever see us as we see ourselves. You can, however, figure out how others see you. If you are not seen in a desirable light, then nobody shall desire you. There are no pheromones that will counter a caustic personality. Your pheromones will never work if you give them nothing to work on.

2. You think you know everything:
I see this crop up primarily in two types of members. Some newer members that have tried a few products display this sort of posturing on pheromones in general. It makes sense because after using a half-dozen or so blends one begins to feel that they have a pretty good handle on how this whole pheromone business works. More so though, I see this in the elder veterans that have tried countless products, mastered some of them, have their own favorites, and really think they have a handle on each and every possible product that could ever exist. Myself, when I try something new I go from ground-zero, knowing that I know nothing about it.

Now true, having a very in-depth mastery of lots of pheromones will allow you to figure it out and perhaps master it much more quickly, but in reality, one must crawl before they run a marathon. The main issue, and any open-minded scholar will tell you this, we have with knowledge coupled with experience, is that it leads to preconceived notions and prejudices. We think that we know exactly what to do, what to expect, and how this or that will work because we’ve walked similar roads a thousand times before. This isn’t always, or even typically, the case. Just because I firmly believe that I have a solid handle on things, does not mean that I really do. The same goes for pheromone usage. If one thinks they already know everything, reality is usually quick to point out how mistaken they are.

1.You disbelieve (in yourself, and pheromones):
This one is a bit difficult to describe. I would rather have liked to call it “lacking faith”, but belief is perfectly appropriate as well. While internal, this typically results in an externalization of why a pheromone didn’t work for the user. What happens is that we all end up doing our particular research on pheromones and discover that the huge majority of the world, especially the scientific community, state that they don’t work. Sometimes we fail to comprehend that one person’s viewpoint is tempered for reasons that have nothing to do with the pheromone product itself.

Furthermore we have the seeds of doubt about ourselves sown from each and every event in our lives up until this point. What happens is that although we want them to work, we’re pretty sure they work – after all how could thousands of others totally be lying -- and we’re trying to get them to work; we still, deep down (maybe even to the point that we’re not aware of it), have some disbelief. All it takes is a minor replication of any of the points I’ve outlined above (or any other ones that I didn’t touch upon) to cause those seeds of doubt to bloom into a forest of disbelief. Whether or not this is conscious within ourselves is academic. In short, if you have disbelief about pheromones, or especially in yourself, nothing will work for you.

Now by no means are these all the reasons why a product might not work for somebody. These are just the most common, externalized, reasons that I’ve observed that can be cited as to why a product gets bashed as not working by some. In the future, if you try a product and discover that it isn’t working for you, look to yourself objectively and discern if you are inadvertently doing something that makes the product not bear fruit for you.

Of course, there is always the possibility that your body chemistry and overall personality just won’t mesh well with a product. However, this is usually the exception and not the rule. Keep in mind, just because Alphole McSourface doesn’t like a product and bashed it (or its users), that doesn’t mean that the product is bad; it only means that one person didn’t like it and made it their personal crusade to rail against it in that fashion. If you try a blend it doesn’t seem to move for you, first off check to make sure that you’re not causing it to not work for you first. Only after that should you look to check if it simply doesn’t work on you.

While that is not the point here, it is important to understand that sometimes a product just isn’t for us. The main point here is that by pointing out why pheromones might not be working for us, we can help to maximize our success by not replicating these things (whenever possible).

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05-19-2020 9:09 AM
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