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Which mone helped you land a job
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Checking out the place

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RE: Which mone helped you land a job
06-13-2019 11:10 PM

Back in the day it used to be the MX103 from Androtics that used to land me success at my job interviews. Also I had success at one interview where the 2 interviewers were younger women, combining a few drops of the 2007 vintage A314 combined with about 2 sprays of ammunition of the same year vintage.

Nowadays I run my own business, so it doesn't matter to me any longer.
06-13-2019 11:10 PM
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RE: Which mone helped you land a job
06-16-2019 8:15 AM

I have always used A314 REV32(a good batch) for interviews and have always have had good luck, but that was sometime ago and now save my A314 for special occasions.

I actually have an interview tomorrow for an electrical training program at work which is an opportunity of a lifetime!

What I have been doing is testing the last 2 weeks some combos and thought I would share.

1. Alpha Treasures&Swoon

2 drops AT to 3 drops swoon. I live in AZ and it is getting hot out, but this combo is very SMOOTH to say the least. The Swoon compliments the AT nicely and really rounds things out being the AT is more None based. This is a very FUN commanding setup. A ton of attraction in this signature that will hit women especially 35+ hard. Even when things were going very wrong at work, I was able to put together a plan and fix everything. Both my supervisors were asking my opinion on everything all day long. I was given reports to do that were normally given to someone else to do that is much higher than me. I was seen as more capable of doing things.

Only downside is the attraction can be a but much and what I mean is one of my bosses is about my age 40 and could have any guy she wanted as she is about a 9 according to most. She came by and kept pushing her chest out and adjusting her bra. She did this 2 or 3 times throughout the day. Well the 4th time she came by her zipper on her shirt was almost all the way down and she made sure I got a look at her! She just would not leave me alone. So while this combo is great, it does have hard hitting attraction qualities to it which depending what you would want this is an excellent combo.

2. Ascend&P96

More than likely this is what I will wear to my interview tomorrow. I have the spray version of ascend and like 3 sprays to 20MCG of P96(which is Androtics version) which I have in 10MCG a spray and use 2 sprays over the ascend.

This is more appropriate to me for an interview because it is much more serious and the attraction is still there no doubt. The P96 seems to take enough of the slight to serious of a vibe off of the ascend and instead smoothes it out. I forgot to mention I have ascend in the regular cop version that it comes in. The cops in it to me are just the right balance and have not found any negatives with men and women and in fact to me is what makes this setup so great because the attraction is there, but not over the top and why I will probably go for this signature tomorrow is that it will hit much harder and faster in my interview as there will be a LOT of candidates there tomorrow and I HAVE to stand out to get this thing.
06-16-2019 8:15 AM
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