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When was your OMG-Pheromones-DO-Work moment?!
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RE: When was your OMG-Pheromones-DO-Work moment?!
03-23-2012 9:52 PM


Instant shine on my arms. Turn Up The Heat on my chest. And IO on my neck.

I rediscovered mones after a couple of bottles of athena didnt convince me. Knew a breakup was on its way. Gf comes into my room gives me a hug from behind. Then i see her inhale as she follows the trail on my arm. Wow you smell good she says.

Same girl who freaked out on me the week before when i was smelling her neck while cuddling. Wtf are you doing she says...

Lol. Then we have a sexy moment just playing around as she straddles me.

I hadnt had an intimate moment with her in a while so this was definitely all the proof i needed.

At that point my bank account knew they worked. Big Grin

5 drops npa will be my standard answer if I dont think you read anything.
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03-23-2012 9:52 PM
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RE: When was your OMG-Pheromones-DO-Work moment?!
04-10-2012 8:30 AM

Mine came on the fist night I used pheromones. About an hour before work I was sitting in my chair feeling very down about myself and life in general. I opened my new box and pulled out a bottle of IO,IH,and Turn Up The Heat. I squirted the IO once in the air and took a sniff. yuk!. I reached for the bottle of IH and before I could pull the cap off I started to feel good, I mean reeeeal good. I squirted IH and Turn Up The Heat in the air and sniffed them. I felt a little nauseous
but I couldn't wait to get to work and talk to someone, ANYONE! So 1 spray of IO, 1 Spray IH, and 1 spray Turn Up The Heat and off to work I go.

After i got to work I walked into a small room where 5 women were sitting there looking rather bored and not talking. Without saying a word I milled about the room putting my coffee here, pick up the news paper over there, lean on the counter over that way. Within two min. those women were talking so fast and loud that I almost left the room. I'm glad I didn't because that is when the "wow" happened. A sixth women entered the room and leaned against a printer about four feet from me. Around one min. after she started looking at her feet,flexing her toes and got this big sleepy smile on her face. Then she slowly stepped in front of me,almost touching me,with her back turned towards me. Then she tilted her head to one side and began stroking her long brown hair.

What makes that a "wow" for me is that I had known this woman for six months and she had never shown any sexual interest in me, most woman that pretty weren't even looking in my general direction then, and she is twenty six years younger than me.
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04-10-2012 8:30 AM
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RE: When was your OMG-Pheromones-DO-Work moment?!
04-10-2012 8:51 AM

Hi Guys!,

I'm new to forum here is my journal.

New Stash: Glace & Alfa Maschio, with Nude Alpha & Androstadienone on the way.

Subject My female co-worker "Alpha Btich"

History: We hate each other

I hate her because she told me I needed to talk like I had some balls in front of friends at the office a few years back. I have a low voice. I then threaten to kick her out of the partnership if the chance ever came so she threaten the same.

Thursday I found out I was going to be stuck in the car on a road trip for the next few days while visiting some potential investments. Lucky for me my Mones from Alpha dream arrived for the trip that Friday.

I sprayed 5 blasts of Glace on 20mins before she came to pick me up.

Where: 1 spray to each side of the neck
1 spray to the throat
1 spray to each wrist

Effects on me:

Felt like I had to smile all the time for some reason. Like being happy without knowing why. It made me speak my mind. I like it!

Effects on alpha btich:

I said hi she said hi and that was it. 15minutes into the ride and she just couldn't not talk to me. Normally we can ride in the car together for hours without talking. But now she just had to talk. She wasn't talking about nonsense but just about things & people I had no ideal about because we don't hang in the same social circles.

When she realized I wasn't replying to her as I was just saying "oh, ah, & that's cool". She says what's wrong with you & I say YOU!!! I don't really like you to be honest so lets just do what we need to do and not pretend to be friends. "I really don't know where the fcuk that came from. I never let my true feelings be known to people." I shocked myself by saying that.

I thought she was going to kick me out the car to be honest. But she didn't. She turned down the music and asked my why I didn't like her and I explained. She then practically spent the next 6 hours of the drive telling me how great a guy I was and how she could be such a Btich because of her childhood issues. I mean she wouldn't stop talking. Nonstop she had infinite topics to discuss with me.

I was her hostage. This is a woman I have worked with for 3 years and never had any kind of conversation outside the office. Now she was pouring out everything to me.

This continued so much over the next few days that I actually cut down to 2 sprays but it still continued. She would even knock on my hotel door for me to come out to have drinks. I was to afraid to try Alfa Maschio because I thought she would force me to bang her if it worked as well as Glace was working and she is married.

Effects on Others:

Meetings went much longer then expect "by hours" because everyone just wanted to get out every ideal they had on their mines. Waiters & waitress would be very nice but once I opened my mouth they would just ramble on about how much their sucked, & what they did the night before.

I would have to end conversations with comments like "Well I'm going to eat my food now before it gets cold" or "The line is getting really long maybe I should leave now."

I could tell that they were disappointed for me to end the conversations. I would say "Hi how are you?" This would open flood gates. I got a lot of invites to be shown the city by people. I didn't noticed any sexual attraction though. Or maybe it was to subtle for my feeble mind to detect.

Glace works beware. It actually turned my co-worker & I into friends how weird. Now she calls texts me all the time at the office and we go to lunch together.

Effects on Innocent bystanders:

I could tell people I were sitting around that didn't know me had the look as if they were dying for me to saying hi to them so they could talk. I made sure not to do this as I really didn't need more motor mouths interrupting my meals.

WARNING: NEVER EVER wear glace if your not in the mood to talk

Co-worker stats:
race: white
Height: 5'9
Looks: 8.5/9
personality: Maneater

my stats:
age: 30
race: African
Height: 5'6
Looks: 7
Personality: Beta Male but changing to alpha day by day

P.S. Sorry for my grammar I have Dyslexia

This was the first post in my journal. It was my OMG moment.

My Journal: http://pherotruth.com/Thread-Nice-guy-to...My-journey

My Survival Course & Thread (GET IT & THRIVE): http://pherotruth.com/Thread-The-Modern-...#pid108462

"We can delude ourselves into thinking that ALL WE NEED is one more product, one more seminar, one more "thing" and our lives will be set. But the truth is that our lives are on a continuous path that NEVER peaks. We just keep getting better and better or worse and worse."
04-10-2012 8:51 AM
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