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Understand and controlling your natural pheromone signature
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Understand and controlling your natural pheromone signature
04-24-2012 2:38 PM

I found this awesome old gem post on love-scent that seems to have been skipped over. It correlates between your body type (Mesomorph, Endomorph, Ectomorph) and output of pheromones in your body.

Quote:Male pheromones primarily are 16-androstenes, 5alpha reduced (related to DHT/androgen).
Now knowing the position of current marketed pheromones we can look at the nutrition/pheromone signature connection.

Currently the theory on ratio of None to Nol(3alpha or 3beta) is based upon 2 things conversion from their precursors by bacteria, and the amounts of their 5alpha metabolite precursors produced. These precursors can be produced from any Cholesterol based steroid(seen it done from pregnenolone, dhea, andro, test etc.)

From observations on work I have done(unrelated to current research), I have noticed that while utilizing DHT Precursors there is an increased Alpha male effect. As well as none reaction(older women becoming more sexual(even younger women at a point(they seem to be more shy about embracing their sexual nature)) Theory is that utilizing DHT precursors shifts more production to the none side of pheromone precursors. Now I have also noticed this effect utilizing anti-aromatase products, however not as pronounced as the DHT precrusors. What does this all mean? That there is most like a direct correlation between Androgen to Estrogen Ratio, androgen levels, and Androstenone to Androstenol ratio.

Now for androsterone, androsterone is primarily found in excretion as compared to none/nol. Which leads me to believe that it gives off more of the \"territorial\" signal.

Territorial :land or sea, which is considered as belonging to or connected with a particular country or person.
In relation to male animals urinating to mark territory, Including on their female mates. I believe it also leaves the sense of Protected, safe emotion to women. Most studies show that it is produced in larger amount from testosterone(but still 5alpha reduced).

The key to understanding your signature is first knowing your body. are you athletic, average, or overweight.
Athletic would mean more on the healthy side(with more muscle than average), higher androgen levels, and a better androgen to estrogen ratio. leading you more towards the -none side. Average would put you in the middle, and balanced. Overweight might lean you more towards the -Nol side. (adipose tissue is a source of aromatase, more adipose more aromatase, more aromatase less Test, Less Test = less circulating DHT, less DHT less -none(-nol although also produced from the DHT metabolite, also seems to shift more to other steroid precursors like DHEA/S.)

At this point in the theory, if you change your physical appearance(by reducing adipose tissue, reducing aromatase, to increase your level of androgens) you essentially could shift your signature more towards average. If you go all the way, with higher than the average test you can lean towards more none.

Or by shifting androgen/estrogen ratios via DHT precursors

At this point you can start to check of boxes in a charts of your characteristics to help you find what items you should be using and in what ratios.

Next is psychological observation. Although all women will have different responses, you might be able to track a more general response. This might give insight into what pheromones women might be sensing on the first impression.

For example, some women WILL not talk to me. They are afraid to look in my eyes, they tend to stare at specific parts of my body(just like men tend to stare at specific parts of a woman\'s anatomy). They also give cues of sexual attraction(looking me up and down(mirrors can come in handy when they walk by you). For some reason pregnant women ask me to walk them to their cars(again this is a statement that I make them feel protected, I\'m an alpha male booyah). These are just a few examples of heavy none/nol ratios, and some -Androsterone present. Probably a product like Scent of Eros , or from what I have read WAGG would better suit me than The Edge, New Pheromone Additive, or PI. Although, using a little -none to increase sexual response in contrast may not be a bad mix(but in Low Low amounts).

Thoughts or opinions on this matter? I know it's not totally backed up by concrete scientific evidence but when I look back on the kinds of response that I've received when I was fat, average and built, I can't say I would dismiss the OP's observations.

[Image: PfuXON0.gif]
04-24-2012 2:38 PM
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Street Psychologist

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RE: Understand and controlling your natural pheromone signature
04-24-2012 7:26 PM

I've been thinking about carrying around a sprayer of Androsterone as a territory marker, like for when I want to save seats.
04-24-2012 7:26 PM
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