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Tip for making your posts more searchable
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Tip for making your posts more searchable
08-15-2009 12:27 PM

Well, with the Googlebot firmly established here at Pherotruth, I thought I would look at some tips we as posters can use to help put our forum on the map.

It turns out the very best way to be more visible on search engines is simply remember that we are not only posting to each other. We are also posting to searchers.

Rule one is to just be yourself, searchers are looking for real people posting real reviews of real pheromone products. Don't change your style just to make your post more visible.

There are 3 things that you should keep in mind. Inclusion and spelling of keywords and over using acronyms. Let's say a user is searching for information on Primal Instinct. they are going to type 'Primal Instinct' into their search box. 'Prima Instnct' or 'PI' are not going to get hits. Writing out the acronym need only be done once in a post, in fact it's good to refer to a product by it's acronym on occasion because experienced users will of course include acronyms in their search terms

I've reworked one of my posts to give an example of including a key word and writing out the acronym.


Remember be true to yourself and your own style, but don't forget completely about our buddy the googlebot.

The Androstenone Discussion
08-15-2009 12:27 PM
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RE: Tip for making your posts more searchable
08-16-2009 2:29 AM

Great post renny Big Grin

I have quite a bit of experience with marketing. I have worked on other forums in the past and part of my job was increasing the membership.

It is going to be harder for us because we dont market a product but it can be done. Now I will be honet we will never top Androtics. They spend a lot of money on adwords.

I have a few suggestion I will talk over with the other administrators on things we can do.

What members can do and I should boot myself in the but for not thinking about it earlier is when you talk about a company or a Pheromone spell the whole word out.

Dont say mones say Pheromones

Dont say Love Scent say Love scent.

You can piggy back off other peoples advertising once the google bot hits. This is something I am working on for my husbands current business. Goggle bot is looking for popular keywords

Think about the terms people will be searching when looking for information on Pheromones. Use those terms in your posts. Negative words can draw people to. Androtics has done a excellent job drawing people in by using negative advertising. The word scam is a major draw and with that one word which is searched thousands of times a day when it comes to Pheromones they have helped themselves move up in the rankings to number one.

It takes time but we will get there. I have had a busy weekend but once I catch up on a few personal responsibilities I will start to work on that. If we put are heads and efforts together we will be ok.

08-16-2009 2:29 AM
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