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The road til now~
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Checking out the place

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Tongue The road til now~
09-13-2018 3:00 AM

Alright gentlemen, it would seem I have yet to make a post and am therefore still a new user. Guess I got so caught up in research that I've failed to actually make a contribution aheh :headscratch:. My sincerest apologies.

Thus far, over the past 5 or so years I've been utilizing PXS, PT, and Alpha-Dreams products, upon frequency in that order. As most of you already know, PXS has proven quite potent/pure, well-balanced and reliable (all putatives, and each blend from Xist to Evolve to taboo). The only personal issue I've had with Pxs products is, due to the potency of their blends, the "cat-piss" is damn near unconcealable, most notably in Evolve oil and of course Naked Gun(duh). I myself am not sensitive to the scent, but many individuals in my test runs have noticed it even with various cover scents. Despite this matter, the reciprocation of targets to the effects of PXS's mones despite the perceived "stench" have all been positive save for a bit of shit testing, which imo means they're working as expected. All-in-all, in my 3 or so years dealing with them, I give PXS a 100+% recommendation, due not only to a reliable product, but also to exceptional customer service and SteveO's commendable eagerness to assist and guide me in selecting the proper selection for my goals.

As for Pheromone Treasures, after Xist sadly proved to carry too heavy a noticable scent for my targets and testing environments, I made a weighed decision to take GOA for a ride in combination with a few select PXS putatives. I can with confidence say that despite any other persons opinion, GOA is a PHENOMENAL blend not only for fallout (esp in combo with putatives), but also for those sensitive to -dienone. I went ahead and rocked this one for about 6 months (2-3drops), no more than 5 days a week and only experienced very mild Androstadienone depression at about my 3 week mark. Took 2 days off (clean) and had no further issues thereafter. For clarity, because I suspect it matters, I am a 25yr old AA male. 2nd gen Jamaican immigrant, and if it makes a difference, my Great Grandfather's full blood German. So consider me 3rd gen mixed I guess. Either way, I'm not overly Androstadienone sensitive, although wearing Cohesion for 2+ weeks did cause me moderate unshakable depression. Because I knew what the cause was, I was able to steer it and adjust my dosage, but it is worth mentioning that I haven't yet had to do this with GOA. Possibly because it's less potent?

I also received THU as a tester from PT and didn't get to test it as I'd wanted to (was/am still noobish). I did however ride with GOA and Evolve oil for a while to great success. Although the Evolve in this heat where I live still carried a noticeable stench, the ioi's and interactions with women of various ages were worth continued usage. I determined this after a blatant display by a customer (married Caucasian woman, ~30yrs, shopping with her husband and young son) as I manned the greeter position at my store. I hadn't spoken to them, but had passed by a few times in the roughly 40min they were in the store, caught her gaze a few times and as they left after checking out I decided to post up in their path. As they walked out, she stayed behind her spouse and child, then as they exited, she stopped at a mannequin and bent 90° at her waist to apparently look at the shoes it was wearing, and gave me a lookback not once, but twice. I smerked, she gave a sly look and strutted out, end of interaction. But it was enough for me to determine the function of this combo.

Since then, I've been rocking GOA solo, probably been about 3 months. Idc what anyone says about GOA solo, it's highly effective. Just gotta steer it. Though it hasn't proven to be a highly effective sexual, I've felt that as the breakdown occurs, around 5-7hrs, it can be steered that way quite easily. Follow up with a fast acting subtle sexual, think maybe Turn Up The Heat (though I have yet tested this one), and we may have pherogold on our hands. But, what do I know?

Recently (today) my order of THU came in. So after running GOA solo long enough to better understand it, and generate some decent fallout, I finally have the pleasure of experiencing of THA-HUG. PT did also send a tester of Treasureful Shine, although thats not the tester I requested ;p, don't get me wrong though, they did fulfill my request of filling a status hole in my collection. Wanted to test AlphaTres, got TresShine. After a brief, however enlightening night of testing this one, I can say it may become a staple. Really liked the social selfie I received, as well as the seemingly spotlighted effect it gave me to others. Started with 1 tester spray to each wrist, and followed with my usual 2-2.5 drops (finnicky dropper sometimes) GOA to either side of the neck. My friend's sister whom I've had phero fallout experience with in the past and had to phero-friendzone myself with (that was fun) clearly was caught off guard and reacted differently to me. More in a "I'm getting to know you much more" kind of way than a "OMG, where have you been" way. She was getting ready to head out with another friend so I decided WTH, and did a spray of THU to my chest/neck (broad sprayer lol). In the brief time she was exposed while getting ready, it had enough of an effect to be recognizable. Took the "I'm getting to know you" to a "I want to know more". When there's more time for exposure, I'll retest with only THA-HUG and report back..... maybe. Not sure if I wanna take that one there heheh. As for my 3 male friends, had 1 of them shit test, but no more than he has attempted in the past, and it turned out well. I'm more the alpha in our circle, he's the idgaf. The dynamic works well, tempted to put him on to the -mone game. We watched some football, had some drinks and talked for a while. I didn't feel more talkative than usual, but anytime I did say something, it was well received and recognized. Felt like the wiseman for a little bit lol. Later, one a said friends offered me a ride home and we continued a conversation we'd started earlier. He's in the past responded noticeably to my mone signatures. From experiencing Androstadienone depression :s, to riding the wave of a stolen cloud or two. Our natural signatures and personalities seem to be very similar, so he's proven to be an unexpected constant through which to cross-perceive my selfies etc. Though for ethics sake I've refrained from exposing him to my clouds whenever possible. He's married and our close social circle includes his wife and a few of our lady friends, anything could happen, would rather keep it all clean lol.

From here, I've little else off the top of my head other than, since February, I've utilized GOA with a specific target of interest who already had exhibited attraction to my natural signature. GOA most definitely has enhanced this, and led to a very interesting situation. I'll not get into major details here, but I will say that many false though reasonable obstacles have been overcome using only GOA. If you don't have it, I recommend testing with putatives.

OH! And Alpha Dreams... I haven't ordered from them since the whole blend change and web order fiasco, but when I was using AM and Corporativo, the two were great hits. AM did prove to be quite -none heavy for me to use daily (was in my phero-infancy), but whenever I did wear it, the ioi's and my interactions with women were fairly polarized. More on the positive side than the negative. Actually, now that I think of it, even the "negatives" were typically shit-testing that I, being a young guy who didn't quite match the signature at the time, could have steered much better. But that's where I grew I suppose. Corpo was just a great status booster, and compared to Ascend (my other primary stat), it was more "business exec/Professional" than "this guy's the GOAT. Both were great. Also used L2K me for a while. Should've stuck with v1. V2 felt too intense for me, don't know why I got it tbh, v1 worked just fine the first time I got it. Although I did have a 9/10 ebony ~35 stalk me around the mall one day... Actually, v2 got me a ton of cougar catches. Just didn't fit my vibe. Mind you once more, I'm a 25yr AA, I'm active, and quite sure my t-count is up there. Do with that information what you will.

Know that's a lot, but be relieved, that's all for now lol

PS. The vanilla scent from PT in THU is amazing.
09-13-2018 3:00 AM
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RE: The road til now~
09-13-2018 1:25 PM

Welcome and thanks for the post.
09-13-2018 1:25 PM
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