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The Next Generation . . .
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Alpha Dream - Banned

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The Next Generation . . .
02-21-2012 5:50 PM

The Next Generation . . .

I'm an open source type of guy, so I'm sharing this based upon the theory that while other companies may copy last year's ideas, they won't be able to keep up with newer ones..

Introducing a new theory in the molecular evolution of pheromones "“ "Molecular Volatility Enhancement by Simplification"

The concept is simple "“ the more carbons and hydrogens contained within a substance, the lower the volatility. Volatility is primal to the mechanism of action of human pheromones.

Pheromones (human) are dry, crystalline substances which do not easily evaporate into the air. Most insect pheromones however are Volatile Organic Compounds (light oils) which are easily airborne. Why are insect pheromones capable of influencing other members of a species from up to miles away? . . . Volatility!

When you consider Receptor Theory, and the lock-and-key mechanism of substances, you can imagine that pheromone receptors are like a lock of a specific size and shape, which are unlocked by keys - the keys are molecules of a certain size and shape, which fit into the receptor just like a key fits into a lock, and opens it.

Think of the molecule and the shape of it as if it were a key. The key has to have certain fingers (or "teeth") in specific locations to open the lock. However, if a key has more fingers, or "teeth" than necessary, the lock may not notice them, and may open anyway considering the grooves are the same.

Going back to the concept of Volatility, I believe that human pheromone compounds are larger and more complicated than necessary to activate the pheromone receptors (and essentially open the lock), and this unnecessary bulkiness of the compound results in a substance which is not easily evaporated, and therefore much less effective and efficient than theoretically possible.

The procedure tied into this hypothesis is to simplify the pheromone molecules, and remove unnecessary bulk, making the compound far more volatile.

Introducing the concept of SK-6,7,15 "“ which is derived from Androstadienone. From my calculations, the compound would be an oil (like insect pheromones), and have many, many times the range of traditional pheromones, if the effect of the compound is similar (which I believe it may be with some tweaking)...

[Image: SK.JPG]

This concept was born out of the relationship on a molecular level between diethylstilbestrol and estradiol. They both activate the same receptors, except that one is far more simple and volatile than the other (notwithstanding the problems associated with diethylstilbestrol).

Testing on this theory will begin in the next six or seven months, after we have our chemist friends develop a way to synthesize this.

Your very well appreciated support of Alpha Dream funds this research, and drives my ultimate ambition to bring to you all new pheromone technologies. Whatever valuable findings there are will always be yours to purchase, and open source.

Chris @ Alpha
02-21-2012 5:50 PM
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