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Syn and Phero's blind testing experiments
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Syn and Phero's blind testing experiments
06-23-2012 9:03 PM

I hope this is the right area for this post - it is research after all! Smile

A few weeks back I sent Pheroman a bunch of phero samples labelled with code names for him to report on. We've been conversing about these via PMs, but I think the results are interesting enough that they are worth sharing here. Here are snippets of our conversations.

For reference, here are the products I sent with their codes:

Beatnix – Oleander the Great in spray form (60/40 alcohol/oil)
Venue 505 – Scent of Eros for Women
Diesel – Pouncing Potion (contains Essence of Woman copulins)
Brass Monkey – Mara's Rocket Fuel III (contains Super Sexy for Women phero blend)
Blue Note – Passion in Pink (contains Heart & Soul phero blend)
Ian Moss – Alfa Donna in Tangerine Dream fragrance

Pheroman Wrote:Got it!
As per usual LPMP stuff smells different to everything.
A couple smell similar to ones I have. Maybe girl version.
And you changed the names lol
What you marked "Ian Moss" is the close to a commercial scent, i like it.
The one marked Beatnix gives me the dheas effect. Similar to my Alpha dream products. Strange kinda smell.
Blue note is the wierdest scent i ever.Diesel is similar to something i have and smells like awesome icecream topping.
My sense of smell has gone wacky now, and that beatnix is giving e a "spacey" vibe.

Synergist Wrote:See if you can guess which is which!! You have until next Tuesday to report back with your findings

Pheroman Wrote:oh stop that, woman! Lol
I will mix them and wear them during the days, but not on the weekend as I have some quasi dates coming up.
And hopefully no blokes want to hump my leg...

Synergist Wrote:You said Blue Note was "weird". What is weird about it? What are the two notes in it?

Pheroman Wrote:It's a strange smell, also reminds me a little of making homemade wine (yes i did).
Just a very different kinda smell for me.

Synergist Wrote:How does Ian Moss smell? I expect a guy would be affected by this.

Pheroman Wrote:It smell like a classic ladies perfume. Well dressed and elegant.
Definitely like that smell on a lady.

Synergist Wrote:Try wearing Beatnix and let me know how those around you (men and women) respond - you can wear a reasonably high dosage of this.

Pheroman Wrote:It's pretty girly, need to mix it up. Will try on in a busy shopping centre.

Synergist Wrote:What are your thoughts on Venue 505? You didn't mention this one. What do you think of the smell? How it makes you feel?

Pheroman Wrote:Smells fresh mild young woman scent.
After it warms up i think i smell androsterone

Synergist Wrote:Explore the scent of Diesel a bit more. Any self effects? Can you have a female smell it and compare how it makes each of you feel?

Pheroman Wrote:It smells like my Summer Solstice 2011. Like it would go well on vanilla ice cream lol
I have not worn mine yet, will give it a go.

Synergist Wrote:How good does Brass Note smell? I love this smell. It morphs well on me too. Can you try it on a girl and see how you like the smell on her? And just for kicks, try it on yourself and see how it compares?

Pheroman Wrote:This one seems to morph. It like "i smell clove....hang on...floral...no something sweet...no clove...floral".
A bit heavier and darker than the others. Feels formal, strong/alpha but seems to mellow as it wears down.

Synergist Wrote:Hehe, ok I'll spill on what they are
Blue Note = Passion in Pink with Heart & Soul.
I get deep pink sweetness with a very strong pepper. The two notes are quite distinct and separate on me, and at different times different ones amp, overall I like it but I am a little afraid of the smell because it is so different. I was wondering if the H&S blend in this did anything to you - it softens and "slows me down".

Ian Moss = Alfa Donna in Tangerine Dream.
I'm glad to hear you like this one! I also think it is one of the most delicious, and I'd like to think guys like it as well. I really want to work with it more.

Beatnix = Oleander the Great with Swimming with Sharks.
Hmm, it's not supposed to be girly, it's supposed to be a subtle, unisex fragrance. Personally I love it and think the sweetness is to die for. SWS is also a great work mix. It's GGG now and I think it is brilliant, so if you don't want to use it please trade it on to someone who will appreciate it!

Venue 505 = Scent of Eros for Women
Interesting that you think you smell androsterone - is that in the men's version? I really wondered how this would compare given I've never smelled the men's and women's version side by side.

Diesel = Pouncing Potion with Essence of Woman copulins
I have to admit I really don't like this smell, it is supposed to be chocolate + peach but to me those two notes don't go together. I've already traded mine away. Wondering if the cops did anything for you though.

Brass Note = Mara's Rocket Fuel III with Super Sexy for Women
I LOVE the effect of this on other people, especially guys Please try this out, just to see what reactions people give you, both men and women! I'll bet they have no idea what to think lol

Pheroman Wrote:Scent of Eros is androstenol + adrosterone, i cant smell nols but definitely Androsterone.

I have to try these one by one, it's hard trying to smell multiple products.
Even my normal stuff I usually try solo for about a week to gauge effects.

My favs are the classic scents one being Alpha Donna, classy and elegant. Perfect for a dinner for two overlooking the harbour/beach.
Rocket fuel which is a little more raunchier, night out dancing.
After 30-60 mins the rocket fuel settles into a nice feminine scent.
I washed it off my wrist last night, but my pillow (and me) smells like "the day after" lol
and i did wake up felling a little randy.

I can't smell cops in any of them.

Synergist Wrote:Scent of Eros for Women is only androstenol and copulins, so you shouldn't have been able to smell any androsterone.

Funny... the Alfa Donna should be more instant sexy/horny, while the MRF I have found is much more of a popularity sexy rather than sexual.

Alfa Donna, Scent of Eros for Women and Pouncing Potion all have cops. Nice to know they are well covered up!

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06-23-2012 9:03 PM
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