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Swoon Review...
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RE: Swoon Review...
07-19-2017 11:40 PM

(07-19-2017 11:35 PM)kocik2000 Wrote:  Hey doc. This one is obvious and you quite possibly already done it (think I read you were playing around with iso e) but would ISO e possibly help with longetivity when making the alcohol sprays out of oil?

From my understanding it does it well for oils(example with bandit right above) and I also think I heard thundr was putting it in his alcohol mixes so in theory it should also work in this case

Affirmative. It does increase it. Smile
07-19-2017 11:40 PM
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RE: Swoon Review...
07-20-2017 1:35 PM

(07-19-2017 4:37 PM)Data4 Wrote:  Also, I got it in unscented, and it really is unscented for me. I smell none of the other mones in it. Anyone else notice that?

I agree with you, I don't smell anything strong in it either in my unscented.

thegentleman Wrote:Young women want a guy with lots of energy, someone who is fun, has big lofty dreams and is on his way to becoming that man. When they think of the value that you bring to a relationship, they think in terms of the experience you're going to give them. So wear something that makes them feel upbeat, and create positive emotional experiences with them that they will feel they can't get elsewhere.
07-20-2017 1:35 PM
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RE: Swoon Review...
Yesterday 11:44 AM

Hello Gang,
Swoon: 4 drops to elft inner elbow spread all theway to left inside wrist.
Evironment:Govt office
Demographics: mukticukture latinas, white, asian, vietmikfs, middle eastern
Climate indoors 70 degrees

So today I decided to log in aome findings.
Latina milf the one playing hide and go flirt with me. Comes by my cubicle to show me some sun tan from her vacation. Although is was the shoukder area she let me caress her shoulder. Was in my cloud for a minute then split. Comes back and offers me a bagel. I take although I am ot going to eat it. Kind of like a cat bringing its master the prey after a hunt. I was on the phone and said thank you. Then she gives me those bedroom seductive eyes. She is swooned my dear brothers. Iv been palying with Swoon and it comes theiugh once you learn to gauge how it hits people. Im sure this MILF is going to show me her kitty soon. I will definitely report on ny other developments.

Also, earlier another larina milf got me starbucks and was so compliant. One thing for sure is that it is SMOOTH, no bumps on hard patches with SWOON.

I also didnt report on an earlier experience with my SIL. She texts me out of the blue. This chick never texts. She has been exposed to swoon and THU combo too on about 5-8 occassions. I know she hs gotten really comfortable with me. Although, I will see how it works on her for the sake of science and give everyone here the ammo/intel on the hits and applications.

Just to point out again Swoon is slick and really is working just be patient and let the sig and your body chem adapt. Then you will start seeing results. Also start talking and be normal alot will develop just being yourself.
Till next time brothers keep calm and Mone On

NUDE unscented,
VOODOO standard hippie scent,
AQUA VITAE unscented
With samples of primitive, lucky 7

New Pheromone Additive amber bottle, black top
A314 bought in early 2016

PHEROMONE TREASURES: Swoon and THU cold water scent, and GOA unscented.
(This post was last modified: Yesterday 11:55 AM by AMMO5680.)
Yesterday 11:44 AM
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