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Swoon Review...
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RE: Swoon Review...
05-22-2017 8:43 PM

(05-22-2017 8:38 PM)Dblr619 Wrote:  
(05-22-2017 9:05 AM)TheManInTheFedora Wrote:  Hi,

Does anybody have the unscented version of Swoon?

I bought both GOA and Swoon unscented so as to have versatility of cover scents which in my case is usually an alcohol based perfume/edt cover sprayed from a distance of 6 inches as a fine mist upon the application sites.

With Swoon, I use about 3 - 4 drops; 1 under each ear, one under adam's apple, one on the back of neck.

Although I did post a massive hit with Swoon a little while ago, so far I have not seen much with GOA.

I will still keep giving it a shot in the appropriate situations now that the temperature has significantly warmed up which should guarantee better diffusion of these oils.

Has anybody seen a difference between unscented vs. scented?

I wonder what kind of hits you're looking for in goa.
I can almost assure you, in my experience, goa IS working.
I have had many experiences where it was working (HARD) under the radar.

I personally like my mones unscented.
I think it's critical to use scent. Not just to cover but diffusion as well.

Snoop and Ekscentra are VERY well versed in scent if you ever needed guidence.

Yup, GOA works under the radar. The results are subtle. It's best to change to a different blend after using GOA for a few weeks to start noticing more blatant hits.

Aside from that, after reading your experience, I'm excited to try out Swoon real soon

Products Tested:
Grail of Affection - Oil, 30 ml
The Hookup - Spray, 10 ml
Captain - Spray, 10 ml
05-22-2017 8:43 PM
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Getting comfortable

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RE: Swoon Review...
Yesterday 7:24 PM

(05-09-2016 7:18 PM)V-nice Wrote:  Brightens my day and I like how everyone else is in a good mood.

astaxanthin that this contains increases serotonin levels in the hippocampus, frontal cortex, striatum and hypothalamus. So we should see antidepressant effects on self and others when serotonin is low similar to effects from taking a SSRI antidepressant a bit.

Swoon hits seeming like a social increasing chattiness and friendliness. Then seems to instill some bonding and trust right away. This can lead to deeper conversations and feeling a connection. Got hugs from females that werent close or hugged before. I have seen them be more open to kino as well. There is a bit of disinhibition, where they do not hold back what they would say. There is a higher alpha/manly status, a guy today making a sandwich said ok, boss man. (Androsterone likely). In the bedroom there is some enhancement to sex. Initial Attraction, getting #'s on one time exposure to set up dates, and seeing you sexually seem to be possible, but I'm very used to harder hitters like M3X, Alpha-Q, Aqua Vitae, old Mag etc so its hard to compare the two approaches. If you can get #'s and set up dates, its all good lol.

Ex disinhibition: A conversation with a mid 20's girl I've know awhile and my mom, she talked about going to a FEMALE strip club, then my mom said she's been to a strip club. Both normally never talk like this, especially around me and my step father.

In testing they said: They know you’re fun, friendly, and exciting and there is so much about you that they’re going to enjoy and they want to spend as much time as they can exploring you even though they’ve never met you before. Some people approached and want to get to know you. Assume this is how your coming across regardless of how they are coming across to you. Look at their pupils.

There is imprinting as well, I imagine females you will see several times will likely be a better target on this product then a one time only exposure. The imprinting will go a long way toward making a woman see you as dating material. So far seems to be great for a daily wear, social with family, friends, events, parties etc, and hints to wear on dates.

(05-21-2017 8:35 PM)DataDragon Wrote:  What I found with swoon was that besides the social uses it does generate romantic/fun casual boyfriend feelings and does have imprint and fallout properties such as texting, calling, or just wanting to hang with you. Sometimes they wont act on this but they are thinking of you for at least a couple days.

It doesnt seem to say MARRIAGE/Long Term Relationship type of serious boyfriend, nor I want to fuck him, but instead a fun person to date, a potential fun sex partner, and the age range that probably would respond best to that vibe is 18-25 imo. It does hit older as well but not as a SERIOUS boyfriend/Long Term Relationship type. I get more serious dating vibe with GOA. The socials give it flexibility to use around family, friends, social gatherings and parties etc and not just when you have a target to approach or 1-1 dating. If you want to project a fun casual boyfriend vibe which can lead to a sexual relationship and not something serious or heavily sexual that can be used in most situations or around family and friends, this seems like a good choice. There is some enhanced sex effect as well as a bonus.

I posted this elsewhere, just copying it here:
Mothers Day I wore as a social around family:
Swoon solo that day 5 drops. 1 each side neck, 1 ea wrist, and back of neck. 70s short term outside and hour exposure across from table indoors in my nieces case. People who knew me but no established relationship gave hugs (VERY unusual) when meeting and seemed to trust/more comfortable with me. Chatty and open and fun vibe. Iois from strangers, seater, and some waittresses mostly young 20s. Not really feeling highly sexual like I get from an e-none product, but interested, perhaps like I'm a good boyfriend type. Mood Lifted my stressed out sister. Was using as a social that morning, not looking for meeting women that day. Later in the day sex seemed enhanced with a girl I've known awhile which I wasnt expecting from this.

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Yesterday 7:24 PM
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