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Subliminals usage?
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RE: Subliminals usage?
10-14-2018 9:25 PM

(08-21-2018 11:40 PM)eternitys_child Wrote:  Honestly, I find that Real Subliminals is not as good as subliminal shop. 've used primarily sub shop over the last 4 years. But subliminals are like pheromones to me. Use it every day for a desired result. As is working out, eating healthy, learning new skills, etc. Basically, any result that is worth having in life requires dedication and time commitment.

There's a new subliminal company called subliminal club out there that has a free subliminal. I personally used the Ascended Mogul by them and it really helped out during a stressful time at work. There was a time where I had to work 13 hour days and it gave me a second wind at 6pm so I could work all the way til 10 pm. Not only that, but business was booming at that time which is why i needed to work that late in the first place lol.

Here's the free subliminal:


DMSI is taking a very weird course in its development. It seems it's more and more being geared towards the outliers aka heavy resisters / stonewallers than the general population. And it's extremely interesting that according to the creator, "the script would work.... if you execute it" and then calling those who don't execute resisters. I don't like this because it's a cop out from admitting the program isn't working as intended. Yeah it's experimental, I get that. but don't go around saying that your customers are at fault for not getting results. AM6 and SM3 were solid subs though, and I stand by them despite their enormous price tag. Worth every penny and more. Same with E2, which is seriously worth its weight in gold. I used it for a month after the girl I was seeing died. It really helped speed up the grieving process and let me get back to my regular life. It didn't numb my emotions, but actually helped me heal me from my core.

to all the skeptics, please continue being skeptical. do your research, and if you decide to program your mind with something you can't hear, make sure you know the company you're dealing with. I stand by Subliminal Club and Subliminal Shop. sub club is making huge moves in the sub-space though.... and fast. check out their free sub which is a teaser of their regular ascension program.

I am liking Subliminal Club Emperor quite a bit after running it for more than six weeks. No unbelievable transformation but I am more grounded and confident with better sleep and greater dream retention. Biggest downside is that my temper is on a hair trigger.

Just started the new sub called Sex and Seduction which I have added to my Emperor playlist.

10-14-2018 9:25 PM
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