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Sprayers, Scales, and Syringes
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RE: Sprayers, Scales, and Syringes
03-12-2012 10:36 PM

(03-12-2012 10:13 PM)Fly So Hi Wrote:  Precisely. You see, at this thread Chris tell us to use 1/100 part of Alpha-THDOC for this particular mixture. Probably due to it's potency or sedative effects. If you dive a tip into A-THDOC concentrate, then the same tip dives into A-nol concentrate, for example, it would cross-contaminate both the concentrate and the final mix.

I think you misunderstand what I was planning on doing though. I was planning on having 1 tip per bottle, and only ever using the same tip for that molecule. So the A-nol tips stay with that (and only that) A-nol bottles, the A-THDOC tip stays with that particular A-THDOC bottle, and so on and so forth. I was planning on changing tips anytime the molecule or concentration changed. So this isn't a concern of cross contamination from residual, I'm asking whether the pipette tips work as well or measure as accurate of amounts after multiple uses. I could see small amounts of crystals building up at the tip possibly affecting it... so probably best to change as often as possible anyways. They're cheap though I guess. Would be interesting to see what it would take for it to change its own tips. Right now no practical designs come to mind, but its late.

Also I was planning on changing the bit of rubber-like sealing material (still haven't decided what to use exactly) for that section of the grid anytime the bottle for that slot got changed. I don't see the need to change it more often than that. Part of me is slightly concerned though about drips building up from evaporation on the material. If they did, that could be a HUGE problem for my lid that slides off like a drawer, or any lid that did anything but go vertically. The obvious solution though would be to keep it in the fridge. Besides that, all I can think of right now would be some kind of "drop shield" to slide underneath the sealing lid after lifting the sealing lid, but before sliding it away to intercept any drops falling from the sealing parts of the lids.

(03-12-2012 10:13 PM)Fly So Hi Wrote:  By "go to +1" i meant that the plunger should go into "negative motion" to expel the residual liquid that eventually hangs into the pipette tip. That would be the equivalent of the "push beyond the first stop" you saw on the video at 4:54.

That's what I figured, and I agree. I was planning on using the extra room I would have created for slack in the gears to compensate for the slack in the pipette all in one, and that ought to work. Would just have to make said "slack taking" movement slightly larger.

(03-12-2012 10:13 PM)Fly So Hi Wrote:  
(03-12-2012 9:45 PM)gentlmentlemen Wrote:  Trust me I understand. Your digressions are much appreciated though, and have been very helpful, so thank you!

Smile Ah, good!

Hitting the pillows now, talk to you tomorrow.
Haha see ya in the AM! Oh wait it already is! Hahaha

Great discussion. If only we had actually heard back from the vendors on which spray bottles they use...

I suppose I could also do some searching to find out what spray bottles are supposed to be most accurate, regardless of if they are sold by pheromone vendors.

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03-12-2012 10:36 PM
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