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Sprayers, Scales, and Syringes
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RE: Sprayers, Scales, and Syringes
03-12-2012 9:45 PM

(03-12-2012 9:22 PM)Fly So Hi Wrote:  Oh, i did a technical in Telecomunications some years ago. Messed around with some electronics there and sometimes with my father when i was a child. I'm rusty, but if you need i can help with some simple things.

Cool! I very well might... I actually have much less expericience with the circuitry and much more with the programming, but because I'm only used to a few microcontrollers, I'd have to learn a new program, but generally speaking that isn't too hard. I've had to do that a few times with absolutely no outside help. One didn't even have a forum or anything when I was trying to learn it, and the help was terrible. Fortunately the guy had programmed the SDK aspect of it (which was otherwise terribly made at that time) such that things were color coded, and it was c-based. I didn't know c, but I had just started a class n java, so I figured it out. Thats probably the hardest time I've had learning a language though, and I expect it always to be. Not that the conditions of learning another one might not be worse, but that was my first experience like that, and it really hardened me for more.

I also got some experience from my father (step-father really), and I could ask him for help, but then I'd have to deal with all the questions as to what its for hahaha.

(03-12-2012 9:20 PM)Fly So Hi Wrote:  The whole descriptions sounds great. The part that i'm worried is the needle/tip that gets in contact with the liquid. I mean, the pipette tip MUST be changed after it gets in contact with any liquid. So maybe, after step 7 (return to 0) it should blink a led or something for you to change the tip.

Must it? That's a little dissapointing, but not killer. But ya, I was thinking it would need some led lights for things anyways, so not a big deal to add another one from the pack. If I use the computer I could also easily add a 'ding' type noise when it finishes.

Why is it that the tips must be changed though, if there is one tip for each molecule? Just so risidual doesn't build up and mess with the measurements?

(03-12-2012 9:20 PM)Fly So Hi Wrote:  P.S.: Make it return to +1 THEN to 0 to make sure ALL the liquid is expelled.

Is this just to let the last bit of liquid settle at the bottom before finishing it? And ya, I was planning on doing so, because I was planning on taking it up to +1 at the beginning for taking up slack, but I suppose if there is an additional reason to stop, then keep going, I could just push it down to +2, then 0, or something like that.

(03-12-2012 9:20 PM)Fly So Hi Wrote:  And yes, the atomiser is the weakest link in the chain. At http://www.sunburstbottle.com where i buy my bottles, they say it's 140mcl per spray for the normal sprayer bottle. It's always best to keep things as precise as possible, but remember that the essential here is the ratios/proportions among all the molecules. So the machine needs to be as precise as it can be.

Very good point sir, +1 interwebz to you! I hadn't thought about it that way. I still will probably focus on the sprayers first though, because my automated sprayer is already setup.

(03-12-2012 9:20 PM)Fly So Hi Wrote:  P.S. 2: Ever saw briefcase PCs? Maybe in the future you could make the machine fit into a briefcase. Portable mixing anywhere you go, wow, haha. Makes me think of conspiracy/special agents movies where everything cool is inside a briefcase!



Actually for practicality purposes, that would be great for going on vacation, there's just the tiny bit about putting a briefcase with a ton of bottles with fluids and electronics through airport security...

But now you really have me thinking... would there be a way to get that through airport security if it wasn't a carry-on? I've only been flying a couple times and never had the issue of taking mones or electronics with me haha.

(03-12-2012 9:20 PM)Fly So Hi Wrote:  Sorry, i digress, as always. Blame my ADHD.

Trust me I understand. Your digressions are much appreciated though, and have been very helpful, so thank you!

I will spread the love and come back to you later! Damn love, always needin spread... hahaha

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03-12-2012 9:45 PM
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