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Spoiled lime oil?
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RE: Spoiled lime oil?
06-20-2017 10:09 PM

(06-20-2017 6:58 PM)Jimmycrack Wrote:  Ah a fellow lime fan. I find it so refreshing. I blend it with Creed's OV. It picks me up mentally and calms me too. Too much seems to turn women off - like a cleaning agent smell. But I can never have too much. I didn't know it could turn. I've been considering a briny blend with lime... calone, salt, liminol/lime, vetiver, titch of musk and cocounut. Here's to the limey bastards!

I've been talking to some people and apparently limonene has a really unstable double bond that degrades. Citrus oils seem to break down within two years, and are pretty unstable. It's worth the effort. I just need to be more careful, apparently.

@Dr Chocolate If you're going to use alcohol base you need to include some sorts of fixative. Monolaurin. DPG. Otherwise, it's going to evaporate in a flash. One nice thing about using a fresh lime peel is that the material of the peel will naturally slow diffusion.

[Image: Example.jpg]
06-20-2017 10:09 PM
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