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Socializing with Glace, Corpo, TL and TAC
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Socializing with Glace, Corpo, TL and TAC
04-23-2012 5:30 PM

I've been playing with new combos as of late and wanted to share this one. Now my intent is the quality of time and enjoyment of the moment as opposed to getting laid. With that being said a good night is one that holds a true to a positive atmosphere, filling a room with good vibes and being the center of it. Being the man of the hour so to speak.

Lately I've being testing at cottage parties and karaoke bars where everyone can be potentially your friend if everything works right. Last night, to put into context when playing with this combo, I was already really burnt out from a weekend of partying at a friend's cottage. Dead tired, voice cracking up, hands got a bit of shake to them and in no mood to socialize.

My friend who is a natural with women said that there was a special promotional night at a new karaoke place we discovered, I had to make a showing. So I decided to make the effort.

I put on 3x Glace, 1x Corporativo to the front of my neck, 1x True Love to the back of my neck, and 1x TAC at 10mcg to my chest to reduce my shakes and maybe help my voice abit.

30min after application and entering the place the theme of the night was established, people wanted to buy me drinks. Within 5min of entering the place an acquaintance insists on buying me a beer even though I have one already. Next a group wants to drink tequila with me. Then buddy and a girl we just met is buying me more. I think I had 5 free drinks that night before I started declining people!

The energy me and my friend were exuding was electric, we filled the place up. Him being a natural with women and myself being more self-taught I definitely felt on the same level as him that night. Smooth talking with a lot of people on a much higher level than I would normally.

The girl my buddy just met was flirting with us equally, playing pool dancing on stage when we went up for karaoke offering to buy us double rounds of drinks. This girls energy was on the same level as ours with an anything can go sort of vibe.

When it came time to pick a song I thought, screw it.. let's see how I can sing in my worst state. I picked Piano Man by Billy Joel. The female Dj put me into to sing right away even though she said it was an hour wait. I rocked the mic, sang it the best that I can recall and had the whole place clapping for me. Everyone giving me props when coming off stage and for 40min after. Just so awesome.

This point my buddy is getting very drunk, we decide to go. The girl is suggesting getting a hotel and she will pay for it. But once we get back to the car my buddy passes out. So me and the girl are chatting while I'm driving and she's commenting on how awesome we are and feeling so safe with us. Says she's a Russian Italian mix and her red hair is natural, very unique find.

I ended up dropping my buddy off at his place after some barfing pit stops. I was concerned that he wouldn't be able to take care of this girl and would just want to go home but he managed to get inside and motion for her too. The girl insisted on me coming inside too. At this point shes smelling me because I commented on not being able to smell and don't even know what I smell like. She said she really really liked how I smelt.

I made sure they made it inside ok and I left, it looked like they wouldn't be having fun until morning and in reality all I wanted was to get introduced to the new place. Preved

All in all a very good mix for socializing and for those who want more it's definitely there!
04-23-2012 5:30 PM
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