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Single Molecule Testings, findings, and favourable combinations #1- Epindrosterone
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I'm so meta, even this acronym

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RE: Single Molecule Testings, findings, and favourable combinations #1- Epindrosterone
08-20-2014 1:45 AM

(08-12-2014 6:21 AM)Paradox Wrote:  Vendors are super stubborn about this and other feminine molecules.

There was some argument as to whether the world was flat or round. Only time told the true story.

The unfortunate part of all of this confusion is that the people who are laughing and dancing with women while wearing Epi do not realize they are a girl in the other girls eyes.

I have used up to 30 mcg's of Androstenone to try and counter the effects of Epi...with no success. 30 mcg's of Androstenone is close to my Androstenone rage limit.

Epi does not "go well with", "soften" or in any way improve any male sexual mix. Epi and other feminine mones (estrogen based mones) kill male sexual mixes.

Men do not naturally give off feminine signatures.

Just look at every mix out there. Have you found any that worked? Check the ingredients. LIIK has Epi. It also has Androstenone and DHEAS. Most of the stuff that Hax produces has EST, which is great it you want to give off a womanly vibe. Hax products also contain Androstenone. Do HAX products work? Does giving off a "slightly female signature" work. These products have Androstenone but the Androstenone does not seem to help the products work well with Epi and EST. Mixing Epi and Androstenone does not make a winning combination. It makes the male signature girly.

I could go on and on about products with Epi and EST that don't work. One last example is EROX. Remember them? Their product was saturated with EST. They have not been active here for about 2 years.

What are the best products? Those that are on everyone's top 5 list. New Pheromone Additive, certainly makes the list every year. No female ingredients in there. A314 always makes the list. No female ingredients in there.

The people want to interact positively with women. So guess what? It has been discovered that Epi and EST will make this happen. The only downside that the vendors have never told the consumer is that Epi and EST turn you into one of the girls because you are sending out a female scent signature.

I have recently started testing putatives. Not because I want to become a vendor but because I want something that works.

I am tired of spending $25, $55 and up to $80 for bottles of stuff that doesn't work.

Companies can only fool the people for so long before they collapse.

Maybe I'm wrong...logically you would think that adding a female scent to a male scent would produce something like a soft male scent but I don't think that this is how it works in the world of pheromones.

In any case I want to be a man's man and smell like a man. I don't want to smell like a woman.

"A314 always makes the list. No female ingredients in there."
How do you know, for sure? I wouldn't be surprised if one of the versions (too lazy to look, now) has some EST, based on reactions I got.

Men DO produce estrogen. You'd be in a lot of pain if you didn't have any. Healthy men just aren't estrogen dominant. Just because women have long hair, doesn't mean you have to shave your head.

I'm not weighing in on epi here. I'm just talking about what a natural male signature would include.

Also, beta androsterone is an androgen, not an estrogen. The "A" ring is not aromatized.

[Image: Example.jpg]
08-20-2014 1:45 AM
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