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Scenting Pheromones with fragrance oils from suppliesforcandles.co.uk
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Scenting Pheromones with fragrance oils from suppliesforcandles.co.uk
08-15-2019 1:54 PM

After being absent for some time I’m back now to the forum and want to report, as I promised, my findings on some of the fragrance oils I bought back in January 2019 from https://suppliesforcandles.co.uk/

I like to scent the Phero’s myself therefore I was looking for an alternative to The Fragrance Shop (USA) here in Europe in order to avoid high taxes and other unnecessary expenses (e.g. huge shipping costs). This hobby is expensive enough, for me there is no need to spend even more money on high overseas shipping rates and customs. I rather invest my money in, ...well, even more mones Whistle3

Please note: this post is about how good or bad the fragrance oils cover the pheromone stink and not about hits or something like that.
I don’t get anything out of it, this is just for the Community, for those who like to scent their Phero’s/Blends themselve like I do. For those who are curious whether the fragrance oils suppliesforcandles offer can do the job.

The Shop
After coming across the site and doing some reading I found out all of the fragrance oils have an IFRA CONFORMITY CERTIFICATE (INTERNATIONAL FRAGRANCE ASSOCIATION) for download, showing you the maximum amounts of fragrance you need for e.g. perfume/cologne, body lotion, bath bombs, etc.

You will also find an ALLERGEN DECLARATION for download showing you all the ingredients and its concentration in % for every fragrance oil.

Just navigate to your preferred fragrance oil, scroll down a bit and click “data sheets & attachments”. Here you will find all the documents for download you may be interested in.

And here you will find a designer fragrance oil dupe chart: https://suppliesforcandles.co.uk/content...dupe-chart

Shipping from UK to Germany was GBP 10.00 for 2-30 Kg, not too bad. Meanwhile it got a bit cheaper. Shipping costs vary within Europe, click Help then Delivery to find out more about shipping costs for your location.

On my shopping list was:
Amber Noir
Aventos Male
Black Spice
Musk & Sandalwood
Sandalwood & Black Pepper
Seaweed & Juniper
Tobacco & Oak
Tobacco & Vanilla
Silver Mountain Water

The Pheromones
For testing the fragrance oils I decided to use Alpha Dreams Corporativo and (mainly) LaCroy NNPA, two very smelly Pheromones. The NNPA I had left was not enough and I had to order two more bottles before I could start the experiment. Sometimes I used some LPMP Pherotines in DPG oil as well to see how the fragrance oils will mix with the DPG.

Once I mixed the fragrance oils with the pheromones I’ve let them age for a minimum of 4 weeks, giving ’em a little shake once or twice a day. Storage temp was between 8 - 10° Celsius and protected from sunlight.

The scents
I have tested the mixes under several circumstances/weather conditions started beginning of March with normal humidity and temperatures about 12° C until August (with sometimes very high humidity in June and July) and temperatures up to 40° C. Location: somewhere in Germany.

Aventos Male (Aventus dupe)
The maximum amount recommended is 10% but I decided to start with 5% using Corpo.
Using 5% Aventos with Corpo is the ideal ratio. It covers the Corpo stink excellent and using more would just be a waste of fragrance.

The scent itself is so freaking close to the original, it’s just unbelievable if you take into consideration that it contains the pheromones now.
And it lasts, I have never had the situation where I could smell the Corpo. Even after 12+ hours, no issues.

Aventos and NNPA
The same as above but this time you will need the full 10% ratio and you will be safe.

Aventos and LPMP
Since LPMP blends are more lightweight pheromone content wise I used a maximum of 5% fragrance oil. It mixes very well with the DPG and here as well no issues after 12 hours of application.

If I feel I could wear a bit more fragrance on me I use my original Aventus and adjust it to my needs.

Projection/Sillage: Very good!

Amber Noir
This scent is hard to describe. It is round without edges, mild and soft, beautiful and sophisticated, warm, almost like a spicy honey.
Imagine a beautiful piece of amber and now imagine how it would smell like.
This one is usable at 100%, it is pure oil. And it’s so god damn inexpensive Yahoo

I mixed Amber Noir with NNPA at a 1:1 ratio. I’m sure it would cover the NNPA smell even at a 1:2 ratio but that would be on the expense of the beautiful scent. And in order to have enough fragrance on you to smell good you could easily overdose.
I find the 1:1 ratio perfect because 1 drop of the mix contains 1/2 drop NNPA and with 2 drops of the mix you already smell sooo good Pleasantry

This is a scent for spring, autumn and winter but as well wearable in summer in case it is not too hot and humid.

I did not test this fragrance oil with the LPMP pherotines. But feel free to do so.

Projection/Sillage is medium to good, depending on temperature and humidity, and no NNPA stink detectable after 12+ hours.

Little side note: Amber Noir combined with NNPA is a slow hitter and creates a more natural attraction vibe, because it is by far not as blatant in your face like in an alcohol fragrance mix or without any cover.
The higher the temperature and humidity is the faster it hits due to better evaporation.

Tobacco & Oak
An excellent fresh and green scent, reminds me to an Irish landscape on a cloudy day. I would say it fits perfect from spring to autumn and it has a very good projection/sillage, I used the fragrance at the recommended 10% maximum. Used NNPA for testing and had no issues, even after 12+ hours no NNPA stink was detectable.
This one Blends very well with the LPMP Pherotines.

I like this scent so much I created my own cologne for phero free days.

Tobacco & Vanilla (Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Vanilla Dupe)
I don’t know what the original Tom Ford smells like thus I can’t compare these two.
I used NNPA and Tobacco & Vanilla at the recommended 6:4 ratio (max. 40%).
Well that was too much, a weaker ratio scent wise like 8:2 will do the job as well.
A powerful scent, even one dap of this mix is enough for a very good projection/sillage and no NNPA stink detectable after 12+ hours. Using two daps of this mix at this ratio and I would become the cologne guy. Reminds me scent wise to Cinis Labs Whiskey-Tobacco-Malt, just without the Whiskey note.

Not tested with LPMP Pherotines, but due to its power I don’t see any issues why it should not mix very well.

Silver Mountain (Creed Silver Mountain Water dupe)
I used the recommended maximum of 2% fragrance oil to NNPA.
Scent wise it is really close to the original Creed scent but as well as the Creed Silver Mountain Water this one has a poor projection and sillage as well. At least in my opinion.
After 10 hours I could smell a little hint of NNPA, that was in March. In June I could detect the NNPA smell after 6 hours.
For me this one failed! SorryCry

Did not test with the LPMP Pherotines, to precious to waste them on poor projection/sillage.

Final thoughts:
So far the fragrance oils I’ve tested, with one exception, cover the NNPA stink very good. I had no issues even after 12+ hours and the scents do last a long time.
What is important to mention as well is that a little goes a long way with this fragrance oils from suppliesforcandles.

The fragrance oils do come in plastic bottles and I filled a part of each fragrance oil to old and cleaned euro dropper bottles because this makes accurate dosing a lot easier.

I decided to order PXS A-C-E Pack next week, when Silvia is back to the EU-Hub, to check out how good the Aventos Male covers the stink of Ascend with Cops.

That’s it so far. More to come as soon as I find the time to do more testing on the rest of the fragrance oils I bought. New Blends are already mixed and stored for aging.

I hope this was a little of help for those of you in Europe who like to scent their Pheromones themselve like I do.

By the way: once the parcel was dispatched it took four days from UK to Germany by DPD.

If anyone has another supplier in Europe offering high quality fragrance oils to scent our pheromones please feel free to post it Bye
08-15-2019 1:54 PM
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RE: Scenting Pheromones with fragrance oils from suppliesforcandles.co.uk
08-15-2019 2:18 PM

Excellent information! Thank you for going through the effort (and also giving me a few colognes to try). Cheers! Beer

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08-15-2019 2:18 PM
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RE: Scenting Pheromones with fragrance oils from suppliesforcandles.co.uk
08-15-2019 2:50 PM

that information was Eeeexcellent, Smithers!


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08-15-2019 2:50 PM
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