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Samples have arrived! So begins the review(s)
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Samples have arrived! So begins the review(s)
05-04-2012 2:00 AM

Well, that was quick. The folks at Laid shipped out my samples on Monday, and they made there way to me by Thursday morning, via USPS. Not too shabby, considering they came outta Texas (BTW don't mess with Texas, or so I've been told).

You'll have to take a mulligan with respect to my day one review of Laid bodywash/shampoo and hair paste. I had to work out the kinks of using these products for the first time, plus there were some unexpected bumps in the road, albeit not at Laid's expense.

As has been reported before the bottle of bodywash/shampoo is sturdy as hell, and you'll have to unscrew the bottle top to pour out the product. I didn't find it very sudsy and lathery at all, but that was mainly because I was trying to use a minimal amount to start. The sample bottle is quite small, and my thinking was I wanted to be able to get a week's worth out of it. Basically, I was taking a cheapskate/hoarder approach to it. I quickly wisened up and applied a second, more liberal amount in my hair and on my sponge. That did the trick, and the product lathered up just fine. The scent was very subtle and not overpowering at all.

After jumping out of the shower and towel drying my hair, I proceeded to apply the hair paste. Now the folks at Laid definitely did not skimp on sample size with respect to their hair paste. The container was just a smidge smaller than the container of my Sumotech pomade. The scent of the paste is even more subtle and poses no threat to those planning on applying scented mones and/or cover scents on top. There will be no scent conflict with the bodywash/shampoo and hairpaste.

While working the paste into my hair, I noticed that my mop was overdue for a trim. So I made my way to the local SportClips and had them give me the ol' triple play, which involved a shampoo after the cut, thus washing out the paste I had just applied only an hour earlier. Like I said, mulligan. A speed bump to be sure; however, I remedied that upon returning home by re-applying more paste into my freshly chopped mop. It was during this application that I had an epiphany (at least that's what I'm referring to this moment as). Why not maximize coverage by applying the paste on my forearms like a lotion? I'm a man, so I've got hair on me forearms, so why not have a go with it? And so I did, smearing a modest amount on both forearms. I know, it's not as God intended, but how you gonna know if you don't go? Maybe this was a self/side effect of the product. jumpy

On to the testing ground, my favorite mone testing gauntlet, a crowded gym. As some of you know well know, this is where both AV and Wolf proved their true worth to me. If a mone product can succeed in a testosterone heavy environment, where the guys generally outnumber the girls, then it can succeed anywhere. So without further ado...

It's strange that a product with such minimal scent overall could work, but it was working. When I mean minimal scent, I mean that as compared to Wolf or AV, Laid is practically scentless. Got plenty of head turns from the girls in the cardio section. My initial observations with Laid are that it definitely hits like Wolf, minus the deer in the headlight and intimidation that sometimes accompanies victims of AV. Mind you, it's still just day one, so don't hold me to this. The ink is hardly dry.

I didn't feel any of the energizing self-effects that have been described by others, but then again, I was still working out the kinks as far as application amount was concerned. I plan on being much more liberal tomorrow. With mones, I find it necessary to OD on it in the beginning, in order to establish what is too much, until I hit my personal sweet spot dosage. I think the size of the shampoo/bodywash sample bottle threw me into a minimalist/conservation mindset as far as application amount was concerned. In order to give this a fair shake, I'm gonna have to apply it with more gusto next time. Hell, it's a FREE sample, for crying out loud!

Well that's day one. I know my observations as to its effect on others was short and sweet, but it was my first time. Again, I don't think I let the product breathe properly, given my application hiccups. Expect much more intel in my Friday report.
05-04-2012 2:00 AM
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