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Repeat PXS Customer - Company Review/Testimonial
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Thumbs Up Repeat PXS Customer - Company Review/Testimonial
09-08-2018 11:32 PM

Okay, last review for the day!

If you want a company similar to Androtics but also different, welcome to PXS!

1. A WIDE variety of products; from mixes to putatives to research blends to...God knows what!
2. PXS has its own forums, of which the more (relevant and useful) posts you create, the more possible discount you can get on future PXS orders. Furthermore, PXS associates (and sometimes the owner) will engage forum users from time to time.
3. Orders arrive very well packaged, with 2-3 samples, candy/goodies, and a hand-written thank-you by the PXS service department!
4. Clean and clear looking bottles with nice labeling; easy to determine how much pheromone is left in a given bottle.

I know PXS isn't heavily talked about as far as solo mix mones go, but they have MANY, good products that give you the power to test and research for yourself. Their customer service is excellent and caring, and the forums (and forum users) are very welcoming.

Shipping note: As far as shipping times go, they are above average most of the time, and their email, order updates will put a smile on your face Buba
09-08-2018 11:32 PM
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RE: Repeat PXS Customer - Company Review/Testimonial
10-15-2018 5:45 PM

I recently participated in a sale PXS just had. I think it was last weekend (not just this last). Pretty significant discounts available for that sale so I decided to replace my 10ml Cohesion that was all used up and also get a new 10ml Bliss and 10ml Evolve that will be running out sometime in the near future.

I guess there had been several orders for Bliss that put my shipping behind normal time while they whipped up a new batch. I received an email stating it would be going out Friday. I didn't care to respond as it didn't matter to me that it was a few days later than their normal lightning quick mailings.

I got my package Saturday and I scored big with some rather large 'samples' of Naked Gun and Brute along with my order. I hadn't ordered from Steve-O in quite a while because I had ordered so much product from him and everyone else that it's actually quite difficult to get through all that I have.

These three that I have re-ordered I feel are all very competent blends with varied results. It is also easy for me to recommend the customer service Steve-O and Co provide.
10-15-2018 5:45 PM
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