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Product Freebies and Phero Testing
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Important Product Freebies and Phero Testing
05-26-2012 6:59 PM

This post is not applicable to all members and for those that either haven't received free products, have not been involved in product testing, or that have done so and fulfilled your commitments on testing and reporting, please don't take offense.

In every instance, when vendors have offered free products or molecules to our members, those offers were made to you on the condition and commitment that you test and report on them. And, every time a minimum of 30% of the members received the products and ignored their obligation to report!

Recently Steve from MassageXS sent 11 members free bottles of phero products, and each of those 11 people commited to testing and reporting their observations. All members have now had those products for over 1 month. ONLY 1 HAS FULFILLED THEIR OBLIGATION TO TEST AND REPORT!!!

In the PureMones product testing 5 members were each sent 4 products to test and report on, and only 2 reported on all 4.

In the latest Blind Molecule Testing 7 members were sent molecules to test, and 2 of them accepted the products and never reported at all.

We have asked and practically begged members to test and report and our pleas have gone unheard.


Steve has provided a list of all members that were sent free products and promised to report, and the dates that they received the shipments. If those reports don't start pouring in over the next 2 weeks all members that received products and have not reported will be ineligible to participate in any testing programs for 1 year, and their usernames will be posted in a public thread listing who is not eligible to participate, so that vendors know who cannot be trusted to report, as promised.

And, in the future any member that commits to testing and reporting in exchange for free products and fails to honor their commitment to test and report within 2 weeks of receiving it will be permanently barred from participating in any future testing programs.

And, if the problem still persists, we will stop making these offers available altogether.

If this sounds harsh, then so be it, but promising to test and report in exchange for free products, then receiving those products and ignoring the commitment is not much better than common thievery. It is not only irresponsible but also disresectful to the vendor, forum and to the other forum members, discourages vendors from wanting to make the offers, and will not be tolerated on this forum.
05-26-2012 6:59 PM
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