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Private area
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Private area
09-02-2019 4:02 AM

i had this idea to create a Private area only for people who are active in this forum to talk about pheromones, reactions and feel comfortable to post some real information about their own targets.

I don't post pictures of my "affected targets" and messages because i fear they can find out about it, as it's public.

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09-02-2019 4:02 AM
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RE: Private area
09-02-2019 7:17 AM

That's why its private....

The journals seem to be what you describe. though I wouldnt post pics or identifying information.

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09-02-2019 7:17 AM
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RE: Private area
09-05-2019 4:47 PM

Most of us are real careful about not outing those we interact with. Imagine, if you will, the fallout and repercussions (legal, emotional, reputation, etc) of some innocent lady discovering that you not only used her as a pheromone experiment, but then also posted her pictures and personal data without her permission.

But, as the caped crusader of pheromones hath stated, the journals that certain members keep can be pretty detailed.

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09-05-2019 4:47 PM
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