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Policies for Vendors and manufacturers
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Policies for Vendors and manufacturers
12-17-2010 7:15 AM

PheroTruth strives to maintain an uncensored and unbiased venue for the discussion of pheromones, pheromone companies and their products. We realize that pheromone vendors and manufacturers have much to contribute to these discussions and may have unique insights to offer.

As such, we welcome vendors and manufacturers to register and participate in discussions on our forums, but, we also realize the potential for conflicts of interest, and must establish certain policies applicable to vendors and manufacturers that do wish to participate in our forums.

Legitimate pheromone vendors and manufacturers are welcome to join PheroTruth and enter into discussions concerning their products, and answer any member questions concerning those products, but we ask that vendors and manufacturers do NOT discuss companies or products other than their own, and we ask that they do not enter into any discussions in threads about other companies or products.

We ask that pheromone vendors and manufacturers that wish to register on PheroTruth make it clear to our membership that they are a vendor or manufacturer and limit their representation on PheroTruth to one (1) registered member. We would also prefer that you register using your company name as username, but this is not a requirement. We also sugggest posting an introductory thread in the "Pheromone Companies, Product Reviews & Links" forum.

We ask that upon registration vendors notify the forum administration that they are a vendor by sending an email to admin@pherotruth.com, so we can change you member status to Vendor and clearly establish that they are a company representative. Vendor status also grants access to a private vendor only forum where vendors are free to enter into discussions with other vendors.

Also, we do not allow member signatures to be used for advertising or posting links.

If we do not have a forum established for your company in the "Pheromone Companies, Product Reviews & Links forum, let us know and we will create one for you, and we ask that vendors and manufacturers do not enter into ANY discussions in other companies forums within the "Pheromone Companies, Product Reviews & Links forums.

Vendors and manufacturers are also asked not to use this forum solely for the purpose of marketing or promoting their products. Please understand that while PheroTruth is open, uncensored and unbiased, we are not an advertising platform and we will not tolerate anyone attempting the use the forum in such a manner.

PheroTruth will also not tolerate vendors or manufacturers attempting to attack, slander, defame or otherwise hurt any individual, vendor or manufacturer in any way.

If any vendor or manufacturer feels false or inaccurate claims or statements have been made by another vendor or manufacturer, or that another vendor or manufacturer is causing them harm in any way, we ask that you PM an administrator and advise us of the problem or false claim and we will look into the matter.

If we find that reported problems can be substantiated, any threads or posts involved will either be flagged as disputed or inaccurate, or deleted.

Finally, if you've read this far, you have probably already registered or are interested in becoming a member and participating, so we'd like to welcome you to PheroTruth.

If you would like to offer special incentives or discounts to PheroTruth members, or are interested in beta testing new products with our members, we are interested in talking with you, and can probably put something together that's beneficial to all. To explore any such possibilities, please contact me by e-mail or telephone. You can reach me by e-mail at mark@pherotruth.com, or by telephone at (214) 810-8332.
12-17-2010 7:15 AM
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RE: Policies for Vendors and manufacturers
12-21-2010 6:59 AM

Thank you for setting this policy in place. It motivates me to get prepared to sell "The Mind's Eyes" product.

James V. Kohl
12-21-2010 6:59 AM
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