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Pheromone Review Sites & Affiliations
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Pheromone Review Sites & Affiliations
02-11-2012 2:38 PM

There are a number of websites these days providing reviews and/or information on pheromone products and offering buying suggestions. Some of these sites may be completely legitmate, but many are nothing more than affiliate websites promoting only products they receive commissions on from companies that pay for sending them business.

While, there is nothing wrong with companies offering to pay commissions for sending them business, and as most of you already know, even PheroTruth has several affiliate agreements, we do not consider it to be honest or ethical to mislead visitors by providing inaccurate or false information about a company or product to encourage people to buy those products just so they can earn a commission, or to write the most favorable reviews for the companies that pay them the most.

So, how you you tell whether a pheromone review site is legitimate or not? As it is in just about any situation, its buyer beware! But, the good news is that there are several warning flags to look out for that could indicate that any reviews or information provided may be from a less than reliable source:

1. The reviews and information porovided for the products are written solely by the website owner.

2. Visitors are provided the ability to write reviews, but those reviews are not posted immediately, which very likely means that the website owner has the ability to screen reviews and only post those that are likely to affect a positive buying decision, or to edit them before posting.

3. There are reviews or testimonials written from a number of people, but on closer scrutiny it becomes clear that the writing style is very similar in each of the reviews.

4. Reviews on the website are limited to just a couple of companies and/or products. A TRUE review site should contain information on a number of companies and include both positive and negative reviews.

5. Pheromones that have the highest reatings are on those that are questionable or have established bad reputations.

6. The wesbite is listed in Search Engine sponsored listings, meaning that it is a paid for advertisement.

7. Testimonials or references are made to single statements or reviews from several other websites. Even the worst products on the market are likely to appeal to somebody and it's not hard to find a single glowing review among many bad one ones.

We cannot definitevely state whether or not the websites listed below are reliable, trustworthy, and providing accurate and unbiased reviews and information, but each of them are known to have affiliate agreements with all or most all of the companies discussed on the sites, and might be worth digging a little deeper before taking anything stated as gospel.

In the end, you'll have to decide for yourselves how relaible any site is, but we hope that armed with the information provided you're better able to sort out the legitimate ones from those that are not.

Known affiliate sites:


















The above are just a few websites participating in affiliate marketing and providing reviews of companies and products they have agreements with. More will be added as discoverd.

We are not suggesting that these sites may not be entirely legitimate and providing accurate and unbiased information, but only that before taking anything as gospel, further investigation may be warranted.
02-11-2012 2:38 PM
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