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PH Parfume Reveiw
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PH Parfume Reveiw
09-16-2018 8:42 AM

This will not be a very long review of this. I just received this as a freebie and want to post what I got out of it.

This reminds me of more a daily cologne then a pheromone blend. I would describe it is a more a night or spring scent with a smooth yet bold scent to start. Very cool type of scent, reminds me of a nice cool morning in the spring time. I can detect hints of Basil and suede that is very distinctive to me in this. Very bold scent and is very powerful to start with silage being a 7 out of 10. The scent hit hard for the first 4 hours solid, then dropped of a little and this lasted 6-8 hours total. Everyone men and women seemed to like this scent and I had a lot of compliments from both.


Now to me this is tricky and I can`t find anything on the content. To me if I had to sum it up, I would call it attitude in a bottle. I wore 2 sprays with every test, and my attitude would change from the nice guy type, to more an arrogant I am the man type. So this does something and is very intriguing. This is about all I got out of this solo. Kind of like a heavy Androstenone of some kind, with some Androstenone. The wonderful scent drew people in no doubt and really that is where this stuff shines. What was weird is the self effects of the arrogance and cockiness seemed to only effect me as others seemed to perceive me with this on really well, with respect and good eye contact.

The pheromone content is fairly low in this and believe that it does have the nols, as I got slight better eye contact and people were ever so slightly more open and talkative. With the attraction I got out of it, I attribute this more to the great scent as the primary and the Androstenone/Androsterone as the secondary. The reason I say this is to me it is very distinctive when women just find that you smell nice verse the pheromone effects of the Androstenone. Women(and men) would comment more on the scent, and then the light IOI`s would come in.

Solo, I get very light effects with not much else but the nice scent. TBH I don`t know even which one I got the CK, Armani, or the Paco one. I normally do not wear anything but ADG because the Hedione and the scent everyone likes, so for me this was a nice change.

Cover Scent

Now this is where it really shines, and in fact this is what I think this is what it was designed for. I made my own version of Ammo with the 2.5MCG of the Androstenone/Androsterone/A-nol, but with no scent. I used this as a cover and this really embraced the effects of my home made Ammo. This actually gave the Ammo more and in this order to,

1. Status
2. Attraction
3. Very slight more chattiness

I think they designed this as more a top off pheromone to blend everything together as there is a synergistic effect as the pheromone content is very light, but enough to really top off a blend/mix.

I decided to try this with a more generic mix I am familiar with which was True Trust from True Pheromones. I spray 2 sprays of the T Trust to my neck and let sit for 10 minutes, then I spray 2 sprays of this right over the T Trust.

This topped off the T trust nicely. Added the status that is missing from the T trust and amped up the attraction. The T Turst is much more social than anything, so this complimented this nicely. The Ph really helped with hitting more cougars, while not losing the ability to open up the younger women which was very nice.

Overall Thoughts

I really wanted to test just solo and report back, but I know it shines when used as a cover. I even seen a post by Paulius somewhere about using it for this, so while I wanted to test solo, I did not get a whole lot out of it until I combined with other things. I think it is about $13 right now, and I would buy again as I got enough out of it at this price. I think as a standalone people will be disappointed, but combined with unscented spray pheromones is it where it will shine.

I wish I could post more about it, but this is what I got out of it. I don`t even know who makes this as on the bottle it reads


so I am not sure if this is a research company kind of like steraloids that makes perfumes for other companies or what.
09-16-2018 8:42 AM
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