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P83 and then P83+NA
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P83 and then P83+NA
10-21-2013 8:55 AM

I recently played with P83.

First Day: 2 sprays of P83 on my arms @ 7.5 mcg per spray (neroli light)...1 hour later, 2 more sprays.

Reaction: I felt like I had a buzz. Not drunk, but a buzz. I felt detached and very relaxed. I didn't notice much from other people, but many reviews say that P83 must be worn with other products to see reactions.

I simply wanted to see what it was like alone. I kind of felt like a philosopher (all zen like) and felt more of a buzz when I added the last two sprays.

I also felt clumsy. I dropped things and bumped into things...My fine motor skills were off. I probably wouldn't wear this when driving or if I had drinks, but that is just me.

Second Day: 2 Drops of Nude Alpha in a conference setting for 2 hours (to see baseline reactions)...Then 3 sprays of P83 at the 2 hour point.

Reaction: Nude Alpha is a great product that I feel very comfortable wearing. I got social engagement and dilated pupils (1 or 2 Deer in the headlights) consistent with what I have seen before. Respect from men and a nice social back and forth from everyone.

After I added the P83, it seemed to intensify the earlier reactions. Those mildly dilated pupils were full on Deer in the headlights...It seemed to make things more serious. I actually saw guys with Deer in the headlights's which I don't recall seeing much of in the past. Conservative types mostly...Women ranged from early 20's to mid 50's...I could see pupil dilation in almost all of them...This wasn't the case at first.

They became (mildly) clumsy too. Bumping in to tables. A few people even ran in to me...Not in a sexual way...It was like they couldn't judge closure and distance very well.

The people that would approach me the first 2 hours now had to be approached before they would talk to me. Once I spoke to them, they closed the distance (European like...I had a German friend who would get 1 foot away from me..like that) and they seemed very happy to talk to me.

There were side looks and many who gave me full on eye contact (for more time than expected).

This was a conservative setting so I didn't expect crazy reactions, but I do believe that P83 intensifies the feelings people have around you. I seemed to be able to control myself better on the second day, but I was still little clumsy. No real touching except for the few people that ran in to me.

A couple of ladies did follow me around and stand about 2 to 3 feet away from me.
10-21-2013 8:55 AM
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