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Oxytocin hormone and asbergers syndrome
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Oxytocin hormone and asbergers syndrome
08-31-2016 9:32 PM

Guidelines and articles I can find to "describe" Aspergers do it extremely vaguely, and a lot of them contradict each other.
Common traits are:
considered a defining characteristic, is the obsessions or "special interest".

This can give asbergers an incredible ability to develop skills and knowledge bases but may make affected ones very boring to talk to.

The reason there is so much contradictory information out there is that Aspergers is a whole suite of characteristics that is experienced very differently by each individual.

Trouble picking up on hints, sarcasm, body language or other subtle forms of communication are common.

May have a tendency to take things (very) literally and respond more to logic than emotional language.

Can have depressions caused by the inability to follow social norms,and also loneliness.

Can become overwhelmed by certain sensations or situations and need time alone.
May seem " stiff",(not smile often).

Aspergers (and PDD-NOS) have now been merged by the DSM under one umbrella term of "autism spectrum disorders" because of the difficulty in separating them. Countries that don't use the DSM still have separate diagnosis terms.

The main aspect that differentiated Aspergers from autism was that autism required a delay in language and Aspergers did not, and impairments in communication were not required to be diagnosed with Aspergers (although they could be present) whereas they were for autism. In that sense - people diagnosed with Aspergers tend to have milder difficulties in communication than those diagnosed with autism simply because that was the diagnosis given to people who met the rest of the criteria but not the communication criteria, but this isn't a definitive rule. Which is why they're now moving to merge them as a single diagnosis.

According to wikipedia:
A nasal spray formulation of oxytocin branded Syntocinon is under development by Retrophin for the treatment of lactation deficiency and as a novel treatment for autism and schizophrenia. As of October 2014, it has reached phase III, phase II, and phase II clinical trials for these indications, respectively.



08-31-2016 9:32 PM
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