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OVERDOSE Pheromone Gel... uh, oh, what the heck is this?
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RE: OVERDOSE Pheromone Gel... uh, oh, what the heck is this?
06-02-2012 10:39 AM

Overdose Gel Review:

Anyone who has read anything I've ever posted knows that I call like I see it, no frills, straight up no chaser. So with that being said I'm going to be honest and say I need a few more days with this stuff to really get a good grip on it. Here's what I have so far on beta testing of OD:

The gel is a bit like hair sculpting gel and dries like such. I wear my hair short in warm weather and I speculate I will try this method of app soon.
5 glops into my left elbow pit spread down each forearm, neck, chest, and lower abdomen. Monday morning quarterback mentality says I think I would have been ok with 2 or 3 glops. Perhaps product may be age dependent on how many glops used (higher age= higher dose,idk yet). Go big or go home so I started at max application. This is product is called OD after all...

I applied and felt nothing until 20 minutes after application. I began to feel a bit "loopy" as the website claims. I wondered if I was indeed too a victim of placebo, hype, or my short time in mones had something to do with it. A slight disorientation is true as claimed. It goes away after about the same time it takes to sneak up on you and the pseudo-dizzy feeling is replaced with an OVERWHELMING emotion of "I don't give a F about anything." This lasts the rest of the evening.

My preliminary social observations so far is that this stuff is a major respect hitter at 5 glops. You get alot of social attention with this product. I noticed DIHLs for both male and female in this regard. Social respect hits that are as blatant, frequent, and obvious you would have to be Ray Charles not to see them. Here are a few examples:

My first stop was the bank. Biggest hits at bank were 1. I observed ppl slow down just enough so that your task is more important than theirs (superpoliteness), kinda like they are letting you go first in every scenario. When you reverse this and let them first they nervously scurry as fast as they can to get out of your way, or write as fast as they can so you can have their pen and not someone elses'. Its not intimidation but its politely weird and I am interested to see if it continues on later tests.
2. the largest hit was evident when I was standing in the front of the line waiting for a teller and the manager lady pulls the cute drive thru girl to come open a new station to complete my transaction. Ok, now I was standing a good 6 feet from manager lady and questioned if my cloud was being projected that far. If so, OD has a giant aura. We finished and she went back to the drive thru window and went about her business as normal. I walked away and looked back, got waved to by 2 tellers and the drive thru girl. I waved back and left the building thinking that was strange. This has never happened before and the bank was not all that busy.

Next stop was to go see the blonde bombshell at her work. The place was packed and I sat at a table by myself to finish some paperwork and have a beer until she had some time to let me kick it to her. Within 5 minutes a couple asked to come sit with me. WHAT?! Um ok there were 3 empty tables near me but sure. The lady was cute and her dude were both talkative and friendly. I got up to use the bathroom and got snagged up by a large group of bikers on the way. Next thing I know they have me spinning around and contorting to look at my tattoos. I have 35 of them and it was getting a bit time consuming so I hurried things along and quick told the story how I got 3 of them simultaneously from 3 artists just to see how much pain I could endure at once. I had them laughing and slapping me on the back and then asked me to have a drink with them. WHAT?! Did I really just accidentally take over a table of bikers? I get along with everyone but that was just strange. I respectfully declined and broke my own rule and quickly number closed a girl at work. I figured it was ok bc blondie asked me to come up there. It was time to go bc she was busy and I didnt come up there to chill with bikers and swinger couples. I will see her tonight.

I went to dinner with some friends then we went out to the club. I could break it all down hit by hit but they were all similar to the examples I provided above. Superpoliteness. Near the end of the evening I started to wonder where the sexual edge of this product is and is it merely a social enhancing respect hitter that seems to make ppl overly polite? IOI's were decent yet subtle, not as blatant as the respect hits, and you need to act on them or they went away as fast as they arrived. Maybe I had too much on for my age? There are alot of things running thru my head today concerning this and I'm interested as to the sexual/social nature of OD. I am going to drop app down to 3 glops today and see how that works out. I'm going to need a few more days to figure the depth of this product out.

06-02-2012 10:39 AM
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