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Newbie with DP on my Mind Advice needed!!
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Checking out the place

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Newbie with DP on my Mind Advice needed!!
09-02-2015 5:19 AM

Hello All,

New to forum and world of Pheromones, few weeks ago saw an article somewhere which got my attention so did some very fast very basic searches and purchased(more of an emotional buy than anything) the following:

1. Dirty Primitive
3.Edge Unscented
4.Musk Unscented
5.Chkara Unscented
6.L2K/LIIK V 1.0 leather and steel

After buying and everything arriving I decided to dig a bit deeper and thus found the forum and have been reading for past 48 hours almost none stop (literary have not gotten any work done)
About me:

a: 34
H: 5'8
i am a bit on the overweight side of the spectrum and average looking

I am fairly comfortable around females in general once we've had more than one interaction which eventually takes me direct to the friend zone and even worst "you remind me of my brother so much!!" . Have always had major issues with approaching girls that I like as well as struggles with closing the deal, that is not to say that i blank out but more of on the bellow 50% success ratio.

Planning on going out to meet some friends tonight at a club/restaurant/bar like environment, going to be a good mix of females there, including some that i would love to bed.

Reading through the Forum I am excited about the DP based on reviews and experiences others have had so am 100% going to try and use it, but before diving in head first wanted to get you're advice and recommendations on usage, and maybe mixes:

1. Would DP+LIIK or Chakara or Edge be a good mix? (logic would be to have the dirty effect but tone down the Alpha side of things a bit really don't want to scare anyone away or get into a fight with other Alpha's)

2. What would be dosage and where to apply?

3. How long before the event and in what process.

4. Usage of any regular scented Cologne with DP(currently have in hand Versace Man and Bolvgari Man, might have a bottle of cool water around as well).

5. Signs to look for as far as how it is effecting me and others around me?

Any thoughts, advice, recommendations you can give is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.
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09-02-2015 5:19 AM
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