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New Product Triple X Review
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New Product Triple X Review
08-11-2018 9:18 AM

I order this a little while back and here is a report of what I got so far. I am not done fully testing, but wanted to report what I got.

Initial Thought

I made my order and received this maybe 3-4 business days later in good order like I am used to with Copulins X. I open the package up and take the bottle out and inspect everything, and no leaks and everything is good so far.

The bottle is a 7.5ML just like the regular cops. It has a black label, but for some reason the contents look darker than the regular Cops bottle from them. It looks more of a clear viscous type of fluid than the thicker regular cops. Seems much thinner.

I carefully unscrew the top and take a whiff, and whoa this is very heavy on the ethanol and could seems that this stuff could easily be up in a spray bottle instead. I was expecting a heavier cop scent, but the Androstenone comes thru more. The Androstenone is very high quality and would compare it to Stevo`s Pheromonexs. I am very intrigued because the Androstenone seems to blend perfectly with the cops.
As far as scent from the bottle seems to go in this order to me anyways.

1. Ethanol
2. Androstenone
3. Cops

1ST Run/2 Drops

I got this one a week day and of course could not wait to test this out. I applied to neck and waited 10 minutes to write down what I feel. This is a very heavy Ethanol base for a dropper bottle IMO and could be put in a spray bottle. The Ethanol scent dies down very fast and there is this unique scent of the Androstenone/cops to where about 70% of my 10 minutes the Androstenone came thru more than the cops. I am having a slower ramp up of the energy surge compared with the regular X cops. With regular X cops it is a massive surge of energy, but with this it is more of a steady ramp up. I put on my cover scent which is ADG over this and head of to work, yes work out of all places!

On the drive there the energy is steady increasing and finally peaks in about an hour and just holds there.

I walk in and everyone greets me and I say high like normal. We work with a Dyke kind of butch chick, she is 37 Hispanic and she has some issues with people in general and can be a total bitch, but with me she has not had her attitude at all which is a nice change. In fact her pupils are dilated and she is offering to help me which is very weird for her.

Next one of the guys I work with I don`t notice much from as far as hits, so no change here.

I have to get ready for an Audit of the work place and 2 women will be joining me, both white one of them is 60, and the other is 22.

We meet up at the office and right away the older lady lights up and even puts her hand on my shoulder and is more excited than normal to see me. The younger one I have never met before, but she is somewhat shy and after shaking her hand she drops her clip board and seems borderline intimidated. I work on the younger on to put her more at ease, and within an hour she is opening right up.

Most of the audit over 2-3 hours the older one can touching me a LOT, and giving me a lot of compliments, which is out of the norm for her. The younger one kept giving me a lot of smiles and IOI`s, by hair flipping and biting her lower lip, especially when I would talk to her. They both kept looking at me to take charge of everything even though they are both in a much higher position than I am.

After all of this I went to work at my normal area and I work with an Hispanic women maybe 50, about an 8 as she is very pretty by most standards.

I start working with her like normal and with an hour she is just being very antagonizing and making comments, like "I don`t think you like working with me", then she would say "You need to stay up her and be a team with me and the hell with everyone else". I laughed about all this at first, but over about 2 hours she was getting pushy and really frustrated(at this point I honestly forgot I even had this XXX on), so it really thru me off.

At the end of the day this got so bad, that I told her "you know what you do your job, and I will do mine, how about that". She then stops talking, then I leave for the day.

I was driving home and now it is about 9-10 hours after I put this one in the morning, and the Androstenone/cops hit me and then it clicked I just got shit tested hard! I have had this happen before, but to no where to this degree!

So just to give everyone an idea my norm day to day mix is 2 drops of True Alpha, to 3 drops Swoon. So what I did is take a break and go back to my normal mix for the next day and it took me about an hour and everything with this women seemed back to normal.

2nd Test

After that first initial and break for a day, I decide to really dial this shit up to see how far I can take this women at work before she does something!

So I go for 4 drops! 1 each wrist, and 1 each side of neck and then my ADG as a cover. My goal is to really piss this woman off and replicate the shit test, and then put her in place and have no fear doing with even though this is where I work. The tough part is her husband is the main HR guy to! More about that in a minute.

So I am feeling very powerful, like King Kong now! I get to work and everyone is friendly like normal and I am getting major IOI`s especially from all women 40+, but I had very limited interactions with them to write anything solid yet. I get settled in and go work with the lady from the last test.

I get there and slowly walk and greet her with a smile and sit at my desk and begin work. We work in a very small office maybe 12X15 with 2 desk, so the mones are really strong in the room. Right away she starts being fidgety and looks very flustered. I look over and she is giving me nasty looks. The more she does, the more I smile.

I let this build up for about 20 minutes, then I try making small talk with her and she starts in again about how she thinks I don`t like her. I laugh about it, then she mentions about her husband being a big guy and in HR. I laugh and say "I don`t care how big he is, or what he does and if there is a problem lets go see him".

Then she shrinks back and just stays quite for the next 3 hours and starts making small talk with me and I go with it. Over about a 5 hour period she transitions from trying to be an Alpha standoffish woman, to being very playful and giving me IOI`s like the smiles and giving me compliments on the CB radio.

By the end of the day she was in a good mood and happy and upbeat.

Conclusion so far

I really like this stuff and for me put this in category of a power mix and put it in the same class as,

1. True Instinct
2. Turn Up The Heat
3. XXX

not necessarily in this order, just in the same class. This stuff can be useable for day use, but I highly suggest some steer others. I am by far NOT DONE TESTING, as I am waiting for my wife to get over that time of the month so she can test it to.

This is a solid product, and will more than likely be using this in very small doses for a lot of mixes. The Value is very high for this product. For $40(I think I spent $46 shipped) as the effects are clearly there and at 7.5ML bottle the price point is great. I like categories and this is up there with

1. Swoon $68 for 30ML bottle
2. GOA $40 for 30ML bottle
3. XXX $40 for a 7.5ML bottle

My top 3 value mones are these and in this order for me right now. I go off of quality, effects, usability(Why Swoon is #1), cost, length of effects. This is more of a thinner liquid than an oil. The Androstenone/cops actually blend to gether very nice and BAG has done a great job of this. What I really like is the slow ramp up of energy and I did not have any crash and with a cover I easily got 8-10 hours out of this with no crash. It seems the Androstenone to me is responsible for helping make this happen.

Hits women very hard and all the signs where there and this hit almost all women in some way I encountered. I am not done testing and this is a more preliminary report and not a final of what I got so far.
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08-11-2018 9:18 AM
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RE: New Product Triple X Review
08-13-2018 12:38 PM

Love your findings, Mister InTime! Drinks

I am MORE than a sausage with feet, but you, Miss, since you're sexy, you can treat me as such if you want! ALL NIGHT LONG!! Preved
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08-13-2018 12:38 PM
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